Something New

Going to try something a little different while warming up and trying to get back into writing.  A week or two ago I read the blog of a gal who said she was looking in different places for blog writing ideas~thought that sounded like a grand idea.  Have gone onto Pinterest and have saved several ideas~so here we go!  

What are my Top 10 Favorite Movies?  This will be a challenge being I’m not a big movie fan~one has to sit for too long~something I’m not good at without having something to do with my hands.  

#1- LONESOME DOVE~my absolute favorite of all time!  The Old Boy will actually watch me during certain scenes knowing I’m going to cry every stinkin’ time.  When Gus dies and when Woodrow reflects on his life at the end…UGLY CRY.  The character of Augustus is so my dad in so many ways~hence the reason Bubba’s middle name of Augustus.  

#2- The Breakfast Club~to this day I cannot pass by when I see it’s on without stopping to watch.  Actually had Bubba sit and watch with me in the past year…15 years old, he was not impressed.  

#3- Mommy Dearest- seriously, is the wire clothes hanger scene not the best ever?!  Several years ago I had The Girl watch it with me~she had to get up and leave during the above mentioned wire hanger scene.  She was done.  Actually have my own dislike of wire hangers…hmmmm.  

#4- Gone With The Wind~I remember watching it with my mom when I was little when it would still be on regular television every so often.  I love Rhett and Scarlet and myself am named after the character of Melanie Hamilton Wilkes.  Fun facts, a fine of $5,000 was paid in order to use the word Damn at the end of the movie and neither Clark Gable nor Leslie Howard wanted to do the movie.  

#5- White Christmas~a Christmas movie I can watch anytime of year.  The singing is great but the dancing…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  

#6- Wizard of Oz~love all this movie except the part at the witch’s castle…always scared me as a kid.  

#7- Any Shirley Temple movie she made as a small child.  The cuteness and the dancing~have never seen one I haven’t liked.  

#8- Davy Crockett~the old Fess Parker movie~he was also great as Daniel Boone.  Davy Crockett was a movie we went through several VCR tapes of when The Girl was little.  It was one of her favorites and definitely rubbed off on me.  

#9- Any movie with Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly or Bing Crosby.  Have yet to see a movie any of those gentlemen made that I haven’t liked.  Classic!  Why can’t men be like them anymore?  

#10- The Man From Snowy River~ a classic in our home.  The scene where Jim goes down the mountain on his horse, sexy as hell!  

This activity was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Try it!  


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