Monday 18. September 2017

Had a grand day today!  Met up with my high school art teacher for lunch, guessing the employees at Olive Garden LOVED our taking up a table for two hours.  Ms. H. was one of my most favorite teachers during my grade school years, we bonded and was always able to talk to her about any and everything.  We’ve stayed in touch on and off over the 26 years I’ve been out of school, she was at my wedding and she invited me to her wedding.  She’s kinda awesome!  One of the few people in my life who has always been blunt and point blank with me in any issue.

Been bonding with my cousin Brookie the past several days, being busy we hadn’t talked all summer.  Was pretty funny, about a week or so ago Bubba asked if Brookie and I were fighting, he said we hadn’t had any of our epic three hour phone conversations in ages.  Boys, they don’t get that the best of friends can get busy with life and go months without talking and then have time to get in touch and it’s like three months haven’t passed. 

During Hurricane Irma my father-in-law send Old Boy and others of us in the family this app called Marco Polo…if you haven’t tried it, it’s AMAZING!  I’m not a big fan of texting, it takes too stinking long and that speech to text thing doesn’t work for me since the damned thing seems to have issues understanding the words I’m spewing.  It’s a virtual walkie talkie, you hit the record button and can talk to your little heart’s content, hit stop and it goes to the person you want…and if they are on the app at the same time, they can listen to you in real time, or listen to at a later date.  Brookie and I have been having way too much fun talking at each other the past several days!

Sadly, woke up Saturday morning to read that a guy whom I rode the school bus with for many years and whom graduated from high school with my brother, passed away overnight of a heart attack, he was 51 years old.  One of the few guys whom Brother would have over from time to time, was always kind to me.  Really hating this getting older thing.  Daily I check the obituaries on line and hope to not read a name I know.  It’s getting harder and harder.

Now is time for my new daily thing to look forward to…have discovered a channel that has two episodes of Barney Miller on five days a week.  So loved watching those reruns when I was a little kid!  Comes on at midnight, perfect ending to the day, only wish it were on seven days a week.  Might have to order the DVD’s from Netflix!  It’s the little things in life, right? 

Take Care!  Peace!

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