30 Day Challenge…Day 1

Once again going to try something new to try and get my writing juices flowing again.  Looked up lists of ideas on Pinterest and found one to start with. 

30 Challenge

Day 1~ Put you ipod on shuffle.  List the first 10 songs that play and how you feel about them. (don’t have an i-anything, so my playlist on Google Play) 

1-Creep by TLC~Makes me feel like dancing. 

2-Johnny Cash by Jason Aldean~Do you see me dancing around the kitchen and singing in a way that will embarrass the kids!

3-Party Crowd by David Lee Murphy~Makes me want to grab a drink and sit and visit with old friends.

4-Amanda by Waylon Jennings~Brings me right back to my childhood and makes me wish I could sing well and pretend that I can!

5-Past The Point of Rescue by Hal Ketchum~Oh, this one I can feel in my chest, a heavy ache, remembering times of a broken heart.

6-Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias~This one has me singing my heart out and gives me the want to get the Old Boy up and dance.

7-Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana~This one brings me back to my early 20’s and discovering a different kind of music.  Another song to dance to while cleaning.

8-How You Remind Me by Nickelback~Another one that brings back memories and can make the chest ache.

9-Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls~Absolutely LOVE this one, gets the blood moving. 

10-Honey, I’m Good by Andy Grammar~This one definitely makes me want to dance around the kitchen!

I am a huge music lover and of many types of music, think it comes from all the years of dance as a kid, we danced to all kinds.  I’m a person who feels music in my soul, in my feet. 


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