30 Facts About Myself

 1) Named for a character from “Gone With The Wind.

 2) Youngest of three siblings.

 3) 5’7″, blond and green eyed.

 4) Have lived in three states.

 5) Lived at home with my folks until my wedding day.

 6) Married my high school sweetheart/family hired man two weeks after graduating college.

 7) Have a degree in Ag Business.

 8) Have been an assistant tap dance teacher, a food prep/dish washer for a tea room, worked at a truck stop diner, worked at Wal-Mart when they still closed at 9 p.m. and have worked at a small town gas station.

 9) I crochet.

10) Have been a stay-at-home mom since December 2000.

11) Am a hillian.

12) Love old movies where there’s dancing.

13) Am an Old Time Radio Nut.

14) One of my favorite smells is fresh cut alfalfa.

15) Believe family is family, we take care of and stand up for one another, no matter what.

16) Love to hand write letters.

17) Love fashion styles of the 1940’s.

18) Love, Love, Love The BeeGees!

19) Can drive a wagon with horses.

20) Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

21) Don’t believe in decorating for Christmas until the start of December.

22) Ancestry nut.

23) Have seen every episode of Barney Miller and The Roy Rogers Show.

24) Very old fashioned beliefs.

25) Don’t like change.

26) Would love to live in the early 1900’s.

27) Not a big fan of increased technology.

28) Refuse to get rid of my land line!

29) Lover to dance.

30) Love to learn.

What are some of your personal facts? 30 was actually fairly tough.


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