Monday 27. November 2017

Really hoping this week doesn’t go anything like today…seriously one of those Mondays.  Frustration, anxiety, irritation and a little bit of joy thrown in.  

20171127_2031221953323756.jpgFinn being so helpful while I’m working

The good news, my sister-in-law received the call to head to Omaha last night…after over a year wait she should as of now have her new kidney!  So many prayers going out to the family and loved ones of the person who lost their life…one of those happy occasions but then again, our happiness means another family is in mourning.  Shell has been in such rough shape for so long, really hoping and praying this kidney takes. 

The not good news is this morning Old Boy’s dad went to have his first radiation treatment, shortly after it ended he became nonresponsive.  CAT and MRI, again, he had this happen a few weeks ago while at home…don’t know the result to the MRI but the CAT came out showing nothing.  Grampa was admitted to the hospital for the night for observation.  Really wish and pray something will be found out soon.

This aging thing has really hit home, we are no longer the little kids…we are our parents and our parents are now the grandparents and the adjustment at times has not been so easy.  Thankfully our mothers are both healthy and going strong.  Old Boy’s dad has this cancer crap going on and he just seems to keep getting weaker and weaker and paler and paler.  The doctors seem to be befuddled as to these spells he’s been having. 

My dad has dealt with crap since coming home from VietNam, he’s one of those lucky ones having been dealt the Agent Orange card.  He came home in 1968 or 69, I was born in 73, so have never known him to not have raw patches on his body, wasn’t until the mid-1980’s when someone finally refered him to the VA and some answers started to be answered.  He was told he wouldn’t make it to see me graduate from high school…my oldest has graduated college.  Oh, dad is in better physical shape than the rest of us around her at age 73, still farming, but he’s started having issues with cancers popping up on his face.  The doctor just keeps hacking away, thankfully each time the spots heal real well.

Wouldn’t it be great if time could just stand still?


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