Tuesday 23. January 2018

Snow, snow and more snow.  We were hit with our first blizzard and major snow of the season yesterday.  No school yesterday or today, it’s been a long weekend!  We were lucky to have little to no wind today so the highways and blacktop roads are all good, not sure about the gravels, those tend to take a bit longer to clear.  We are lucky we live an eighth of a mile off the blacktop and Old Boy can easily clear our road and get us out.

Again, long weekend.  Our Bubba turned 16 on Saturday.  The boys were up and off to the city first thing so they could be at the Driver’s License Station when it opened up at 8:00. There’s something new since The Girl got her full license, Old Boy was given the option to sign a paper that for the first six months Bubba can have only one non-family member under 18 with him at a time.  He did and Bubba isn’t thrilled about it, but when you think about it, it’s a good idea…especially with these gear head buddies of his.

We let him dink and diddle for his birthday.  He and his friend Chey were all over the county.  He wasn’t thrilled that we had a small birthday party with a Cake Lady cake…but he knows in our family birthdays are a big thing and he doesn’t have to like it but he has to pretend to like it!  On my side everyone but my folks had plans and Old Boy’s family didn’t come because Grampa with his cancer and his sister and her kidney transplant still need to watch being around a lot of germs, so it was just Old Boy, Leo, Chey, my folks and myself, so not too painful of an experience for him!

Today I hit 45 years on this earth, but I feel more like 35…so I’m 35!  Years ago I used to have a melt down on my birthday, the whole getting older thing started really bothering me when I turned 22…had nothing else to look forward to but Black Balloon Birthdays. We’re talking bawling on my birthday and ripping the heads off people who dared mention the day.  When I turned 40 I had a revelation that changed my way of thinking.  Actually, Old Boy had been saying it for years but that’s the age I was when it hit…age is nothing more than a number of how years a person has been alive, has nothing to do with how old we feel.  So, this year I hop from 29 to 35.  My knees creak too much to be 29.  Guess if I’d listen to my doctor, my chiropractor and everyone else who hears my bitching about my knees and stop sitting cross legged for hours at night while doing my stuff…pry wouldn’t have that problem.  Sitting any other way just isn’t as comfortable, so I’ll just continue to torture myself.


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