Monday 29. January 2018

Another grand January day~way below freezing~but the sun makes it feel and seem warmer.  Dogs are wound tight and are underfoot~wishing it was warm enough for them to go out in the play yard~the chihuahuas can’t take the cold.

Had us a weekend.  The big kids came home from Nebraska for a visit~it was time for the annual Cattlemen’s banquet and dance again!

Used to be the one thing we looked forward to every year~the only time of the year I allow myself to drink.  The one time of the year we’d go out and shake a booty~dance the night away and visit and laugh with friends we see only once a year.

Old Boy didn’t want to go this year~said the last few years were no fun.  The Big Kids came home mainly for The Cattlemen’s~I wanted to go and visit and dance.  He was pissy because he wanted to stay home~set the mood for the evening.  I had as good a time as I was able to.  Was able to get Old Boy out for one slow dance and we were home by 10:00.

What I’ve come to enjoy so much about this annual ToDo is that it was evolved over the years from a Rowdy Brawl where everyone knew there’d be one good scuffle to a more low key social family event.  Most now bring their teens who are involved with the family farm, 4H and FFA.  Nice seeing the new generation mingling with the older~learning the ropes.

NorthWest Iowa during thrashing…my great grandfather and neighbors.

We met up Sunday morning with some family for brunch in our small hamlet~was nice to get together and visit and support our neighbors in their new venture.  It’s been ages since there has been anyplace in our area to go for brunch on Sunday.  The neighbors had heard that from a number of people and thought they’d give it a try.  Sounds like it’s going really well!

A year or so ago two local Catholic churches in our area were closed to merge with another small town Catholic church in the area.  Originally it was said the churches were going to continue to be used for funerals and weddings.  The one in our hamlet was decommissioned and sold.  Our neighbors over the hill bought it and have really done a wonderful job with the building while respecting the building was a church.  The kids moved their few year old business up the hill and have really done well thus far.

Was so nice having The Girl and DingBat home for the weekend.  With their being so far away and busy with their work and livestock and us not having anyone we really trust to take care of the livestock and our dogs, we don’t get out to see them as we should.  Bubba and I could go out out more than we do.  Old Boy and I don’t dare leave him in charge to go out to visit~we’d come home to Lord knows what mess.

When The Girl was her age we could leave her home overnight with a friend or two and knew they were responsible enough to get chores done and make sure the dogs were properly cared for.  Bubba is no where near ready for that kind of responsibility, even with the neighbors keeping an eye on him.  Crazy how differently boys and girls mature. It’s frustrating at times.

We are trying to talk him into going to The Sweetheart Dance at school in a couple weeks. He’s never gone to a school dance and just knows they are stupid.  Trying to get him to step out of his comfort zone.  Get him to realize if he steps outside his box he may have a good time, or may not, but he’ll never know if he doesn’t try.  At homecoming he and his best friend went deer hunting instead.  They think they maybe would think about going together and just check it out.  UGH!  He loves to socialize, he loves the girls and has a bunch after him…he could just go and see what happens.  Don’t know if I’ll ever get boys. Gotta love them though!


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