Sunday 11. March 2018

Going through withdrawl…watched the last of the episodes of Father Brown that are available on this side of the pond.  Hoping season six finds it’s way over here sometime soon.  When it popped up on my list of shows that I might like and wasn’t sure about giving it a shot…love me some Father Brown! 

Started a new show tonight on TLC, 3 Wives, 1 Husband…it was on just after Sister Wives.  Not big on watching reality type shows but always interested to learn about different ways of life, different peoples, different areas of the world. 

I find polygamy to be rather interesting…not the Warren Jeffs kind of thing, the type where the folks involved can actually choose whom they marry.  I don’t get it, after almost 29 years together I still get ugly jealous when any woman stands too close to or talks too much to my Old Boy.  Intrigues me how anyone can share a spouse, sounds like too much stress…Ol’ Girl doesn’t share well! 


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