Wednesday 21. March 2018

Spring is finally here~the cob webs seem to be freeing themselves from the corners of my mind~have been thinking of so many things to write about.  Feeling an excitement unlike I’ve felt in quite sometime.

We have been so fortunate here in the midwest of the United States.  Although we are sick and tired of winter~we really haven’t had all that bad of winter.  The weather didn’t turn until a couple days before Christmas.  We did have some really ugly spells where school was even called.  We’ve had mountains of snow~but mostly in small spells.  Definitely nothing near what our friends out east have been getting.  Have actually been able to hang laundry out to dry the past two days and was able to crack open a few windows in the house for a few hours this afternoon.

Messaged a friend out by Boston today.  She said they had about 20″ of snow last week and looking at maybe 10″ from the system hitting now.  She has little dogs and said she has to keep scooping an area in her backyard to let them out to pee.  Hoping the east gets a break soon.

The Girl called this morning while doing some running to various yearly doctor appointments~sometimes one still needs mom to calm the nerves.  She was up in Ogallala for a dentist appointment and told me about a sight she was going to try to get to before heading back to North Platte for another appointment.  This place she told me about I’d never heard about…when I mentioned it to Old Boy and my mother they both said…oh, Lake McConaughy…how had I never heard of this place?  It’s on the list of places to visit when we head out west this summer. 

Lake McConaughy is Nebraska’s largest reservoir.  In the 1930’s the Kingsley Dam was built~creating this beautiful lake~underneath this lake the ghost town of the original location of Lemoyne.  Think of the end of the movie, “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”.  The Girl said she and Dingbat have gone out on the lake with one of their buddies from Ogallala~he told them that on a really sunny day one can take a boat out and go out to the location and see remnants from the old town through the clear water.

Have been to Ogallala once~way back when we lived out west and I was pregnant with The Girl~1994.  That was a few years ago.  So~now I’m researching~looking for some historical places in the area to visit this summer.

Summer trips are starting to come together.  A few days trips here in Iowa with Gramma, The Boy and my niece Lu~a trip to western Nebraska to see The Girl and Dingbat with The Boy and possibly Gramma and a big trip with Old Boy from northeast Iowa to southeast Iowa along the Mississippi River to several historical places I’m aching to see.  Also, fingers crossed…he’s going to see about getting to visit an Amish family in southeast Minnesota he buys cattle from.  If all goes as planned~this could be the best, most productive summer we’ve had in years.

Got to thinking earlier today~it’s been 29 years since Old Boy started coming out to the farm with my brother on Sunday afternoons to help fence and whatnot.  Man, the crush I had on him!  Sure doesn’t feel like 29 years.  Time flies when you’re having fun~right?  Or something like that!


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