That Time of Night

One of my top five favorite artists…broke down and bought the new album a couple days ago. Not sure yet, but there are two songs I’m pretty into…Dirt To Dust and Rearview Town. Takes me awhile to get into new music. Ask my kiddos, I listen to the same music over and over and over….they really love the old stuff! They both learned young, tell mom what she wants to hear and life is good!

Peace and Sweet Dreams! Mel.

2 thoughts on “That Time of Night

  1. I’m still stuck between Waylon and Pink Floyd, Then I only listen to them then someone else sound good, who my kids have never heard of…either


  2. Ah, love Waylon, one of my absolute favorites! Like Pink Floyd also, 16 year old discovered them not long ago and really likes them. Love The Bee Gees, and love to terrorize the kids by listening to them…they’ve gotten to the point of humoring me when it comes to their music!

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