4 thoughts on “In The Shade

    1. Mel Pete Post author

      Two days in the 80’s, thankfully…the previous five days or so bounced between 95 and 103, a big shock to the system after no real spring. Could definitely handle 80 being on the warm side! 60-80 is perfect!


      1. bluerooster

        85 is intolerable with Danes crying for clouds and rain.then after two days of rain they’ll be crying for the sun. I was used to 105 to 110 in Sacramento when I lived in California. The next few days might reach 85, but thunderstorms might just be possible.

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  1. Mel Pete Post author

    Oh yeah, I would completely melt out in Sacramento! My mom has always said us pale Scandinavians can’t take heat. My olive skinned sister has always loved the heat, will go out running when it’s hot as blazes where my brother and I get faint like. Thinking visiting your direction this time of year sounds perfect! 90+ again today.



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