Happy Father’s Day

I have most definitely been blessed with one of the best dad’s out there! Few things bring me as much joy as giving him a hard time…keeps him young! Or something like that!

Always letting me ride along, letting me get away with things we both knew wouldn’t fly with mom, even taking the blame sometimes when mom was angry about something he saw as nothing to get worked up over. Maybe spoiling me more that my older siblings.

He taught me all I know about horses. He taught me how to give shots when working cattle and always said I was the best shot giver he ever had. He taught me how to sort and move cattle and how to get them in. Taught me how to fix fence and drive the tractor and how to drive a team of horses. Never treated me different than my brother out on the farm. Stood up for me when his father said I should study something besides agriculture in college.

This man wasn’t supposed to live to see my high school graduation day….he was in Nam and Agent Orange has been a part of our lives as long as I can remember…he’s too bullheaded, still works harder than the rest of us at age 74. So, I do know how fortunate and blessed we are to still have him to harass!

He’ll be out team roping today for Father’s Day, as he always does. So proud to call this trouble maker my dad!


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