Rainy Monday

We have finally hit complete ground saturation, rain more on than off all day yesterday. We have water all over, north of here rivers are coming out of their banks.

We’re still good to the west, quite high, but still good.

A rare bright moment in the day. The arena is swamp today. The sun is out and no rain in the forecast for two days.

Ruby and I got out and about late afternoon, had to get out of the house.

Tess got a haircut last week.

Told her we were going to Gramma’s. Gramma wasn’t home…have never seen a dog search a house for a person like Ruby did yesterday. Grampa and I were amused.



3 thoughts on “Rainy Monday

  1. Aren’t those the woes of being a farmer? Too much, or too little. In Denmark it has been so dry that a number of areas are described as “Tørkeramte” drought affected. In the north we’ve been a bit luckier, but the temps have climbed into the 80s once again. The farmers here are worried about their crops, but what can you do if Mother Nature won’t cooperate?

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    • It is. This one kind of snuck up on us, 1/2″ here, 3/4″ there. What kind of crops are grown in Denmark? We are mostly field corn, soybeans, alfalfa and oats. Where K is out in western Nebraska they grow cane, milo and winter wheat. Always interests me, different areas, different crops.


  2. Winter Wheat and Spring Barley comprise about half of the crops. Then grass (some clover) corn, then barley, rye and sugar beets for animal feed.Pretty much just grains but potatoes and rape seed can be seen, especially with fields of yellow in the early summer.

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