Too Long A Week

I have been a day off all week, each one a day behind. Hard to get much accomplished on weeks like this.

Has been a fairly good one non the less. More running from here to there than anything.

Accomplished some baking. Delivered to those family members who are always telling me I don’t get cookies to them near enough.

We’ve seen a bit of sun this week, more than we did last week. North of us must really be getting it worse than we have, some flooding and roads closures about 15 miles north and getting close about that for south.

This pathetic pooch had to ride with me to town today, her father had to work without her help today. She pouts terrible when she can’t go with him. She has such a tough time of it….air conditioning blowing on her, vehicle left running with the air on while I run into the store quick.

Looking to be a long day tomorrow, big list of errands and it’s supposed to be hot and humid. Tess will have to stay home in the air conditioned basement.


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