What A Week

(Tess, thinking she’s getting away with something, relaxing on the couch)

Thankful to see this week come to an end…thankful that we don’t have crappy weeks like this too often. One of those weeks where it seems like if one thing isn’t going wrong, then it’s another.
Today we had a bit over an inch of rain and a cold front moving through, we’ve had crazy unbearable heat and humidity this week…definitely most welcome! The past two days we’ve had 90 degree plus temps with heat index over 100. The type of heat that sucks the energy right out of a person.

Made the mistake of making the trio of chihuahuas vet appointments at the same time for yesterday. One loves to go, one doesn’t mind going but doesn’t want anyone looking at or touching her and another with extreme anxiety when it comes to going in a vehicle. The almost one hour drive each way left me with a headache before we even made the two miles to the highway, Finn does this aweful high pitched anxiety yap the entire time he’s in a moving vehicle, would make a silent monk cuss! Finn’s high pitched yapping made the little Gypsy Rose cry…Ruby just took it all in stride as she always does. The drive home was better, had all three in the kennel together, Finn’s constant anxious yapping wasn’t so high pitched as the drive to town. They are done with shots for the year, so we’re all good.

The first really hot day the air conditioner died, was 84 degrees in the house before we realized the fan was running but the outside unit was not running. Bubba spent the night with a friend, Old Boy, the dogs and I slept on and off with three fans blowing on us. Was a long night. Luckily the fix it man was able to come the next afternoon and had the part we needed, took several hours to cool down, but it was all good by evening!

The same evening we lost water. Old Boy went down into the well and was able to get it going again long enough to shower, was out again by the time I went to bed. The well man came in the morning and was able to get it patched up and feels it will be good until the new part comes in sometime this coming week.

The same evening as the air conditioner and water decided to take a vacation was the evening the bull snake told me I didn’t need to be out weeding the garden and when I went to the cellar that evening to watch my shows and crochet there was a big ass wolf spider on the wall….like the old Hee Haw songs goes…if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all, gloom, depair and agony on me….had been a really long time since we’d had such a crappy ass day.

On the plus side I was tickled beyond tickled that I was able to give my Uncle Peter Tim a grand surprise! Several months ago I’d taken some papers to my dad’s youngest brother, he’s a genealogy buff as I am….at the time he showed me an old family photo his mom, my Oma, had given him of her great grandparents, the writing in the back was in Dane, so we had not a clue…the beginning of the month I happened to remember friends of ours from our days living in northern South Dakota who moved there from Denmark….I contacted the wife and asked her if she’d be willing to translate and she did! Sometimes it’s the little things in life, right?

Looking for a good weekend. The cool front is supposed to stay with us for several days, that alone will make things so much better!


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