Zoo Day

It was obvious from the start, not everyone was excited tosee be going to the zoo.

This guy was right on the money with naptime! I was kinda jealous.

Moods were improving.


The aquarium is always one of our absolute favorite places.

If not secure with heights or have a queasy stomach, stay on the ground. Two of the five of us enjoyed…these two and myself were the queasy ones.

But the views were wonderful.

Views from the skyline.

We really had so much fun at Stingray Beach…these animals are so…..fun and silly…if you ignored them they’d tap you with their bat like wings!

This guy had popped up from the water to tap Emi’s hand. Look at his mouth.

Never was able to talk Bubba into touching.

Our animal lover was in her element.

90 minutes of peace on the drive home.


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