Heritage Days 2



3 thoughts on “Heritage Days 2

  1. I’ve been reading the National Park Handbook lately, “Custer Battlefield”. It covers a lot of the territory that encompasses Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, etc. and kind of reminds me of the “historical” items and places that you show on your site. You do seem to have a lot of history around where you live!


    • So much history in our area that I also had no idea we had. Read a book last winter in things to see around Iowa that I’d never known…that’s how I learned of the Danish Museum! When we were out visiting the daughter was surprised at how many things there were to see around Ogallala, Nebraska and surrounding counties. Want to go to Deadwood, SD to see the cemetery where Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok are buried. A couple two/three years ago we were at a team roping on a reservation along the North and South Dakota border, was miles from where there was a famous battle…drawing a blank on which one…and the guys wouldn’t take me, that one I really wish I would have pushed for them to take me, thinking it was less than a dozen miles out of their way.


  2. My wife and I drove across the US before moving to Denmark. We started out west then did the National Parks of Utah and Wyoming, then drove across the Mid-West. We saw John Wayne’s birthplace in Winterset then John Deere HQ in Davenport, then did Lincoln’s birthplace in Springfield Ill, then turned south towards the Grand Ole Opry, where we saw a little known Garth Brooks perform.

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