Sunday 30. December 2018

Another day down in the books~about time to get ready to call it a night. Trying to get myself back into writing before heading back to school in a few days. Trying to form some type of after school until bedtime routine that can help me be more focused when not at work and feel accomplished on the homefront.

We had us a beautiful late December day today~the sun came out and we made it above the freezing mark! Continued washing the mountain of bedding and clothing Bubba finally brought out of his room~picked up and vacuumed the living room~snuggled with the Chihuahuas while watching baking shows on Netflix AND Ruby Pearl and I made a trip to Gramma’s with some baked treats. A non-busy/busy Sunday.

Looking forward to the going on for the week~thankful it’s going to be a slow start getting back into the full swing of things.

Two more days off! Wednesday we have teacher in-service~not quite a full day. Not really wanting to go and many aides have opted out of going but I want to go and take in what I can learn to do my job better~to be able to help my kiddos better. So~only two full days with the kiddos to get back into the swing of things before the weekend.

Time to start moving and try to get some sleep!

Peace Out!


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