Tuesday 7. April 2020

Are we having fun in quarentine yet? As an introvert and a person who enjoys being home, this is even getting to be a little much for me. Being farm people we are able to get out and do things, the guys more than me, be feeding time is more enjoyable now.

The guys have started fertilizing at Gramma and Grampa’s, keeps the boy from getting too stir crazy. We would hate to have to work on school work…

The weather has warmed up and the few rainy days we had have passed, so getting outside and doing a little picking up around the place…another nice thing about being out in the country, our nearest neighbor is half-a-mile as the crow flies…so it’s just me and the dogs.

Being one who doesn’t get too worked up about these type of things, haven’t been worrying, but have been being cautious…watching how things develop. We are thankfully in an area of the country where we are having cases of the virus but not many, less than 10 in our county and less than 10 in the county to the south of us…haven’t heard on the other surrounding counties. Think it may give some of us a false sense of being able to get out more than we should.

I try to continue to look at things on the “glass half full” side…at least at this point. It is a scary time, but I continue to pray…what else to do but look to the Lord for guidance and comfort.

Until Again,


Monday…I think it’s Monday

This no school for at least four weeks is really starting to feel real…getting to be like summer vacation, have to look at the calendar on the wall to double check what day it is.

We have been pretty fortunate out here in the boondocks…only one case of the virus here in our county. There are several in our state, mostly on the other side…thus far not too many on our northwestern side.

Cannot get over the craziness of it all…I completely understand the severity of the situation, but I feel like so many people gone off their rockers…just as so many have completely ignored the seriousness of the matter. I’m standing in the middle saying, I just need a half gallon of milk and one four roll pack of tp and we’ll be good for a week or so.

Part of me wonders, as a believer, if this isn’t God’s way of thinning out the herd, so to speak…and trying to teach us something.

If nothing else, 2020 has started off as a real shit show…the world is in shambles, my marriage has fallen apart, my job sucks (not working now that schools are out) and I feel as though I’ve lost every ounce of control in my life.

Calgon, take me away….