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Monday 27. November 2017

Really hoping this week doesn’t go anything like today…seriously one of those Mondays.  Frustration, anxiety, irritation and a little bit of joy thrown in.  

20171127_2031221953323756.jpgFinn being so helpful while I’m working

The good news, my sister-in-law received the call to head to Omaha last night…after over a year wait she should as of now have her new kidney!  So many prayers going out to the family and loved ones of the person who lost their life…one of those happy occasions but then again, our happiness means another family is in mourning.  Shell has been in such rough shape for so long, really hoping and praying this kidney takes. 

The not good news is this morning Old Boy’s dad went to have his first radiation treatment, shortly after it ended he became nonresponsive.  CAT and MRI, again, he had this happen a few weeks ago while at home…don’t know the result to the MRI but the CAT came out showing nothing.  Grampa was admitted to the hospital for the night for observation.  Really wish and pray something will be found out soon.

This aging thing has really hit home, we are no longer the little kids…we are our parents and our parents are now the grandparents and the adjustment at times has not been so easy.  Thankfully our mothers are both healthy and going strong.  Old Boy’s dad has this cancer crap going on and he just seems to keep getting weaker and weaker and paler and paler.  The doctors seem to be befuddled as to these spells he’s been having. 

My dad has dealt with crap since coming home from VietNam, he’s one of those lucky ones having been dealt the Agent Orange card.  He came home in 1968 or 69, I was born in 73, so have never known him to not have raw patches on his body, wasn’t until the mid-1980’s when someone finally refered him to the VA and some answers started to be answered.  He was told he wouldn’t make it to see me graduate from high school…my oldest has graduated college.  Oh, dad is in better physical shape than the rest of us around her at age 73, still farming, but he’s started having issues with cancers popping up on his face.  The doctor just keeps hacking away, thankfully each time the spots heal real well.

Wouldn’t it be great if time could just stand still?


Monday 20. November 2017

Walking through the mall yesterday afternoon brought on one of those sadnesses that thankfully doesn’t hit too often. 

The girl was born a month before I turned 22.  The pregnancy went really well, but the having her part was so horrible that I swore never again.  We were a good five hours away from family and I was so alone.  No one came to the hospital to see us until we were checking out 24 hours after K was born, a cattle buyer Old Boy worked with.  We have always said it was a good thing she was born on a day off work because Old Boy’s boss wouldn’t let him off work the day after, so I was literally alone the entire day after K was born. 

Six years later I changed my mind, Old Boy was happy because he wanted another but knew the having K part was so tough that he wasn’t going to push it. 

K and Bubba are seven years and one month apart in age.  I remember telling Old Boy that I’d changed my mind about having another when we were at the hospital, he told me it was a little too late to change my mind.  Thankfully, the boy was much easier than the girl, what a difference having a pleasant hospital staff makes. 

Old Boy chose to get fixed about five or six years later even though I was starting to think we should try for one more.  A few years ago I had a partial hysterectomy, so we are and have been done, done for quite some years now. 

There are times I get the strong feeling that we have a missing family member, like we were supposed to have three kids.

Walking through the mall yesterday I happened to see a couple teeny tiny brand new babies and it really made me sad.  I’m only 44 and my oldest is a month from turning 23 and my baby will be 16 a month after that.  I really feel there is someone missing, guessing that’s why I treat my Chihuahuas like kids.  Much to the irritation of my human children! 

Sadly, Our Girl, at this point in time feels no want to ever have a child that isn’t a dog.  She feels this world is too scary a place to bring a child into being.  I wonder how much of that decision has to do with the birth control method I implemented when she was 16 and I found she was being a normal 16 year old.  The last three years of high school I made her help with church youth group for pre-school through fifth graders.  Almost 30 yahoos wound tight after a full day of school, perfect birth control for any high schooler! 

Sometimes I wish, but I know it’s too late for me. 


30 Facts About Myself

 1) Named for a character from “Gone With The Wind.

 2) Youngest of three siblings.

 3) 5’7″, blond and green eyed.

 4) Have lived in three states.

 5) Lived at home with my folks until my wedding day.

 6) Married my high school sweetheart/family hired man two weeks after graduating college.

 7) Have a degree in Ag Business.

 8) Have been an assistant tap dance teacher, a food prep/dish washer for a tea room, worked at a truck stop diner, worked at Wal-Mart when they still closed at 9 p.m. and have worked at a small town gas station.

 9) I crochet.

10) Have been a stay-at-home mom since December 2000.

11) Am a hillian.

12) Love old movies where there’s dancing.

13) Am an Old Time Radio Nut.

14) One of my favorite smells is fresh cut alfalfa.

15) Believe family is family, we take care of and stand up for one another, no matter what.

16) Love to hand write letters.

17) Love fashion styles of the 1940’s.

18) Love, Love, Love The BeeGees!

19) Can drive a wagon with horses.

20) Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

21) Don’t believe in decorating for Christmas until the start of December.

22) Ancestry nut.

23) Have seen every episode of Barney Miller and The Roy Rogers Show.

24) Very old fashioned beliefs.

25) Don’t like change.

26) Would love to live in the early 1900’s.

27) Not a big fan of increased technology.

28) Refuse to get rid of my land line!

29) Lover to dance.

30) Love to learn.

What are some of your personal facts? 30 was actually fairly tough.


Sunday 19. November 2017

Time to sit down for a bit and try to focus.  We’ve definitely hit the busy time of the year and am starting to feel overwhelmed.  Was just this afternoon that it hit we are only days away from Thanksgiving.


Looking forward to Bubba having only a three day school week.  A four day break from the morning fight will be so nice.  Old Boy has never been one to be involved with the getting going for school morning thing and neither Bubba nor I are pleasant morning people.  Doesn’t help that Ma is old fashioned about dressing for school and Bubba is the exact opposite.  Gets really old saying, “You are not wearing farm clothes to school, Go Change!” and then the stomping that sets me off, we didn’t dare stomp in our house growing up!

Excited for Old Boy’s family gathering this year being his folks are home and Grampa had some great news from the cancer doctor last week and he has already begun to perk up just knowing there is more hope than there was a week ago.  So much to celebrate! 

Really tickled that this year I’ve been included in the planning for the get together.  Actually the one aunt said she’d take charge of everything since everyone else is so busy at the moment and she asked me to help.  Really touched to be able to be included in such a big way being this family is a tough nut to crack as an outsider. 

Not doing anything official on my side this year.  My sister’s family are doing their own thing and my brother’s crew are headed to a cattle show for the extended weekend.  Mom told me last week that she doesn’t really like to celebrate Thanksgiving anymore being the white man took the Native’s land.  I get it after seeing so many history programs over the past several years. 

However, I want to do a little something Friday or Saturday being Our Girl will be home and she won’t be home for Christmas.  I bought a half smoked turkey from our local butcher, so we’ll just have to make mom cooperate!  I can pull it off, doesn’t the baby of the family and the first born grandchild usually get their way?  In this family, more often than not the answer would be Yes! 

Having an on and off excitement about Our Girl being home for a few days.  We’ve been having an on and off frustration with one another lately.  She’s going through a phase where it feels like she’s forgotten the importance of family and I am such a family first person, it caused some friction.  Kids! 

Well, with that all being said, the time has ticked by and it’s past my bedtime. 


30 Day Challenge…Day 1

Once again going to try something new to try and get my writing juices flowing again.  Looked up lists of ideas on Pinterest and found one to start with. 

30 Challenge

Day 1~ Put you ipod on shuffle.  List the first 10 songs that play and how you feel about them. (don’t have an i-anything, so my playlist on Google Play) 

1-Creep by TLC~Makes me feel like dancing. 

2-Johnny Cash by Jason Aldean~Do you see me dancing around the kitchen and singing in a way that will embarrass the kids!

3-Party Crowd by David Lee Murphy~Makes me want to grab a drink and sit and visit with old friends.

4-Amanda by Waylon Jennings~Brings me right back to my childhood and makes me wish I could sing well and pretend that I can!

5-Past The Point of Rescue by Hal Ketchum~Oh, this one I can feel in my chest, a heavy ache, remembering times of a broken heart.

6-Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias~This one has me singing my heart out and gives me the want to get the Old Boy up and dance.

7-Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana~This one brings me back to my early 20’s and discovering a different kind of music.  Another song to dance to while cleaning.

8-How You Remind Me by Nickelback~Another one that brings back memories and can make the chest ache.

9-Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls~Absolutely LOVE this one, gets the blood moving. 

10-Honey, I’m Good by Andy Grammar~This one definitely makes me want to dance around the kitchen!

I am a huge music lover and of many types of music, think it comes from all the years of dance as a kid, we danced to all kinds.  I’m a person who feels music in my soul, in my feet. 


Tuesday 14. November 2017


We’ve added to the family, this is Tess, a seven month old Australian Shepherd.  Long story short, she was given to us a few weeks ago by friends who just didn’t have the time to give her, after one of Old Boy’s visits and her absolutely loving on him each time she saw him.  She is an absolute handful and the Chihuahuas don’t love her, but they are making progress and she is so sweet…just one more piece to our craziness!  

Friday 3. November 2017

Been busy…last night had an impromptu get together with my aunt and uncle and their daughter’s family and wound up bringing two little girls home wo spend the night.  Our Boy and one girl were still up at 2 a.m.  Old Man was gone for work, so it was The Boy, Two Girls and four dogs…mass pandemonium.  Haven’t had so much craziness here in ages and it was much fun.

Yesterday, my day two of Thankfulness has to do with the kindness of a complete stranger.  Guess I mentioned it shortly in my last post, but there has been a development.

The backstory is my Great Uncle Booty was killed during WWII in Europe.  I am an ancestry buff, have been working online for years on Old Man and my genealogies.

Two nights ago I received a message through my ancestry account from a fellow whom was going through his father’s box of letters and such from his time in WWII.  My uncle’s name was in two letters, one from one of his sisters and one from a soldier whom was with my great uncle when he was killed.  Funny thing, this guy lives maybe two hours from here.

Yesterday morning the man messaged and asked if I’d be interested in a copy of either letter, but warned the letter from the soldier whom was with my uncle was a tough read.  I said I would very much like a copy, I have a connection with my great uncle, cannot explain it, but I’ve felt it for some years now.

I was emailed photos of the letters.  The letter from the soldier was tough.  I thanked the man, sent him best wishes while going through his father’s papers which he’d said had given him a heavy heart and many tears and an understanding of why his father never spoke of his time at war.

I called my cousin Bobbie and asked if she was going to be around and if she could call her dad (historian of that generation) to see if he would be around, that I had a gem I knew he’d love to see.

We spent a few hours with family photos and Uncle Tim filling in blanks I hadn’t been able to and brought me new questions to try to find answers to.  Such a wonderful gathering!

Love my extended family and from those of whom I came.

Today I am so thankful of the time spent with my cousin’s 10 year old daughter.  Timmy and I ran to the city to pick up my new glasses.  She was such a hoot!  Been a long time since I’ve had a little girl to visit and shop with.  We hit Hobby Lobby and bought her a bunch of things to build a snowman and walked through the toy department at Target and looked at dolls and all those fun girl things and bought her a fun little treat.  It was just a lot of fun!  Made me realize all the more how much I really enjoyed Girl Time now that My Girl is grown up and doing her thing a state away.

Seems as though the older I get the more I realize just how important family is to me.

Peace to All!