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Monday 19. June 2017


Enjoying summer at the homestead, going whichever the way the wind blows lately.

Have been enjoying taking over cattle chores.  The four longhorns aren’t very nice to Herman, our little guy, don’t like to let him up to the bunk until the corn is gone…have been bonding with him, Kirk would say SPOILING him, such a sweet little guy!

Slowly getting the weeding done among all the flowers, loving watching them start to bloom.  The lilies are going crazy right now.

Enjoyed an entire weekend to myself this past weekend, the boys had a two day roping in southern Iowa.  


Tuesday 16. May 2017


When you realize…after over 25 years…that you’ve given and given and given to the point of losing who you are…having given up on all your hopes and dreams to give your all to your family…to make them better…to make them happy…that they wouldn’t do the same for me….another mother/wife taken for granted…awesome feeling!

Wednesday 3. May 2017


Watching/listening tv last night and found myself shaking my head quite a bit.  Another one of those instances where I find myself thinking that I really was born too late in time.  

KathyLee and Hoda yesterday covered the MET thing from the night before, blanking on what it was actually called.  Seeing video and photos of the “celebrities”.  I understand that weird seems to be what many are going for but I don’t get it.  Why?  One more event for these people of whom so many don’t understand the ordinary man and woman. Why these God awful get-ups?  Seeing a handful of the interviews I was shocked at how arrogant some of these people were.  

Recently, well not really recently, not all that long ago I decided I was done with supporting Hollywood by not going to the theater to watch any movies.  One reason is that it seems like there are so few of what I would call “good movies” being made, just more of the same old mindless plots that we tend to not have enjoyed at the end.  

The main reason if that so many actors/actresses have made such fuss, temper tantrums or whatever you’d call it, over things where they seem to feel like they know all and we are supposed to listen and do as they say, like in politics.  If I’ve seen you saying people who disagree with you are wrong, well, I have no want to watch you do anything.  

Years ago I stopped watching anything Jim Carrey, can’t see him and not remember his trashing Charleton Heston in that horrible video he made.  There are a number of these people who have gone so over the top that I can’t sit and watch or listen to their music without thinking of their trashing people who think and/or live the way I do.  

I get so angry at times watching video of people like Madonna, Ashley Judd, Rosie O’Donnell, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, ect., who seem to feel that their thought processes are the only right ones and alienate so many people.  It’s gotten to where my blood pressure rises so much watching and listening that I have to shut it off. I honestly feel as though these people are contributing to the increasing divide happening in our country…I’m a firm believer of, you know, no one is 100% right or wrong and GOD is the only one to say what is right or wrong…everyone is different, having a difference of opinion is a good thing.  What they hell happened to working together to come to a middle ground?  

Then there’s the Bill O’Reilly, Jesse Watters and the media thing.  So glad we have the freedom of speech and the right of being innocent until being proven guilty.  I’d love to watch the news or political shows again and not be able to tell which side of the table the reporter sat on. I’d love to just watch the news and see what has happened in the world without the reporters take on whether or not they agree or disagree or like or not like the person they are reporting on.  Tired of the calling to be fired or boycotted each time someone says something others don’t agree with.  What the f*^k has happened to our country?

It’s time like this I wish I were better at words, more eloquent.    

Okay, now that I’ve raised my blood pressure…  

My beautiful Oma would be 99 today if she were still with us, lost her nine years ago this past March.  Grew up being told today was a National Holiday!  Happy Heavenly Birthday Old Ma!  Hugs and Mooches!

This Old Boy’s birthday is today too.  Another one of those, where did the years go kind of moments.  Have known Kirk for 28 years, next month will be 28 years since our first date.  Definitely doesn’t feel like 28 years.


Tuesday 2. May 2017


Headed out the door to take Bubba to school and to the city to have the stitches in my hand taken out…FINALLY!  Two weeks of restrictions have made me crazy…have maybe yes or maybe no followed the rules of leaving the bandage on and not using the thumb…

Everyone takes their house phone with them when they leave the house, right?  Guess we get so used to our cell phones, was still on the phone with my husband when Bubba and I headed out of the house in the morning.  The kids like to tease me when I do this.  If one of the cordless phones are missing, check mom’s pickup.

Heading to the city to doctor appointment, 8:15ish AM, so happy the rain has finally stopped and not understanding why so many people are moving so early in the morning.  

Waiting and wondering whether or not the doctor is going to get after me for replacing my bandages.  Was thankful I’d brought my tablet, waited for over an hour.

Had a tension cyst removed a couple weeks ago.  Looks good for following only one of the rules which was to not get the stitches wet. Doctor didn’t say anything about not following the rules. 

Feels so good to have my hand feeling air again!  Feels good in general! Hope to not have this issue again.  

Ran to the mall to grab a few things afterwards, went into the bathroom at Sears and washed my hands just to feel the cool water on my hand, wouldn’t think such a little thing would feel so grand.  

Such a good day…just no rain and the sun being out was so wonderful! Haven’t had much of that lately.  Still had to run the furnace a bit in the evening to get rid of the bite in the air.  

Wish I had a picture, Leo and friend Keaton started building down the road at Keaton’s grandpa’s last night.  Keaton’s step-dad is going to teach the boys how to ride bulls, the boys are building the chute.  With no help from the adults they did a good job for 14 and 15 years old. We’ll see how far they get with riding.  Casey is going to start them with heifers less than 1000 lbs.  

Have to love farm boys and what they come up with.  Keaton’s mom picked the boys up after school and stopped by our place for Leo to change before heading over to grandpa’s place.  We had to wonder what these two yahoos will come up with next!