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Zoo Day

It was obvious from the start, not everyone was excited tosee be going to the zoo.

This guy was right on the money with naptime! I was kinda jealous.

Moods were improving.


The aquarium is always one of our absolute favorite places.

If not secure with heights or have a queasy stomach, stay on the ground. Two of the five of us enjoyed…these two and myself were the queasy ones.

But the views were wonderful.

Views from the skyline.

We really had so much fun at Stingray Beach…these animals are so… and silly…if you ignored them they’d tap you with their bat like wings!

This guy had popped up from the water to tap Emi’s hand. Look at his mouth.

Never was able to talk Bubba into touching.

Our animal lover was in her element.

90 minutes of peace on the drive home.


Out And About

The Boy and I will be heading out on a day trip tomorrow with one of my favorite cousins and her girls!

(Discovered this oldie of The Boy and I earlier this evening…neither of us like to be pictured…so it’s very rare. )

Excited for the day, even though she is making me be up and functioning by 8, about 7 1/2 hours from now….I’ve been a bonified night owl for a couple decades plus…told her I’m going in my robe and slippers…she said I was goofy, thought I was being rather serious!

It was time to get out and do something fun with The Yahoos before it’s back to school next week.

Will share some fun shots at day’s end tomorrow.


My Love

My wedding day doesn’t even hit the top five of best days in my life. We should have gone with our first instinct and have eloped and had a big party later…someone’s mother had a fit that her only son was not going to elope…so we gave in.

My favorite photo from our wedding, with my paternal grandfather…one of the biggest loves of my life. 19 years ago he left us, still one of the biggest influences of my life.

We have few pictures from our wedding…only one roll of pictures our photographer took turned out…the rest had somehow been exposed. This one a friend took, it hangs on our fridge.


Wednesday 8. August 2018

Enjoying a peaceful evening (now) with Finn, working on my 1994 temperature afghan, playing a little solitaire and watched tonight’s new episode of Yellowstone!  Can’t get much better than that!

Had a pissed off 16 year old earlier in the evening…told him he could stick around home for a change and told him he couldn’t take the ranger out driving on the gravel roads at dusk.  Too stinkin’ dangerous and his buddies were down at a spillway not far from here and I said no because that’s too dangerous.  Yes, let’s play where there’s runoff from the fields, so basically, let’s go play in some herbicide and pesticide…fun times!  Boys!

Fair has been over a few days now, had much fun getting to go and visit…I tend to be a bit of a Chatty Kathy when I get out and about, spend about five hours walking and visiting on Saturday afternoon.  Old Boy called as I was leaving to see if I’d been abducted.  You know, as a stay-at-home mom it’s such a treat to get out and have a chance to socialize. 

We’ve had such a scare as of late, an Iowa college gal has been missing for over two weeks and it’s brought information out into the light about just how many Iowans have come up missing recently.  It’s really scared many in the area and has us keeping an even better eye on our kiddos.  Our Girl was planning on coming home for our fair and wound up not coming being her boyfriend was in the field bringing in wheat and traveling I80 has gotten so scary that she decided to stay out west.  As much as we missed her getting to come for a couple days, we agreed with her decision.  It’s gotten her to finally locate a concealed carry class.  I’ve had mine for years and never travel without my safety net….thankfully have never had to get it out. 

Had a good laugh today, after being startled…


Tess was barking up a fit, thought it was another snake being the bark was the same as the day she stumbled upon one not far from where I was weeding in my garden.


A damn bird came flying out after I walked out onto the porch…


Since she discovered this this afternoon, she’s been irritated…keeps going back and barking like a crazy kid.  Must be pretty new, hadn’t even noticed the sticks peaking out of my old boots.  Crazy how a little bitty bird can get these could sized sticks stuffed in there…would neat to see just how they do it.

Have two weeks left of summer vacation.  Been a couple decades since I’ve had a summer as this…no Girlie and Bubba has been going all summer.  Has actually seemed to have gone past quick.  Have enjoyed seeing the boy grow over the summer, not just to six foot, but in his work ethic.  Had wondered, being he’s 16 and has his license…he has a couple buddies who farm with their family that he’s helped most of the summer when he’s not working here or for Grampa.  My hope is that it carries over to school, he loves school for the social aspect, getting him to do and turn his work in is like pulling teeth…hard kid to make do what he doesn’t want to do without riding him constantly. 

There’s always something going on….