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Happy Father’s Day

I have most definitely been blessed with one of the best dad’s out there! Few things bring me as much joy as giving him a hard time…keeps him young! Or something like that!

Always letting me ride along, letting me get away with things we both knew wouldn’t fly with mom, even taking the blame sometimes when mom was angry about something he saw as nothing to get worked up over. Maybe spoiling me more that my older siblings.

He taught me all I know about horses. He taught me how to give shots when working cattle and always said I was the best shot giver he ever had. He taught me how to sort and move cattle and how to get them in. Taught me how to fix fence and drive the tractor and how to drive a team of horses. Never treated me different than my brother out on the farm. Stood up for me when his father said I should study something besides agriculture in college.

This man wasn’t supposed to live to see my high school graduation day….he was in Nam and Agent Orange has been a part of our lives as long as I can remember…he’s too bullheaded, still works harder than the rest of us at age 74. So, I do know how fortunate and blessed we are to still have him to harass!

He’ll be out team roping today for Father’s Day, as he always does. So proud to call this trouble maker my dad!


The Little Mermaid in Kimballton, Iowa

There’s a nice little place to visit in Kimballton, Iowa.  Each statue goes with a story written by Hans Christian Andersen.  Gramma and Bubba were pooped from our afternoon at Elk Horn and didn’t want to stop…I told them they were getting out and they were going to like it.  

They did, they cooled off next to The Little Mermaid.  


We Are Perfect

Visiting Elk Horn, Iowa yesterday, Danish community with an actual Danish windmill, museum and si Mich more… will post pictures in a bit.

Had to share because my mom and I had one of those moments….my dad and his brothers and us cousins were raised by our Old Ma us believe we were Petersen’s and we were perfect. Was in my early 20’s when it hit me that we were far from perfect.

So, it’s an actual thing and not just something Oma made up. Must be something she grew up with! Our kids have been raised on the myth of Perfect Petersen’s and knowing we are not, but to get a good chuckle. Oma loved us!


Wednesday 30. May 2018

Summer vacation has begun!  The kids last day was this past Friday and we are already loving not having the morning 7 am struggle.

The month of May has really flown by for this family.  Has been so nice to be able to get moving outside again.  Haven’t gotten much accomplished yet, but getting going.  If we can hold the rain off a few more days I may be able to get my garden in.  I’m always late getting it in.  Run on my own clock!

Our Girlie was able to come home the last two weekends!  We were so tickled she was able to get a couple days off work to be able to be home for FOUR NIGHTS!  It had been ages since she’d been able to be home for such a long stretch.

My brother’s twins graduation party was one evening, my sister’s oldest son and our dad’s birthday the next evening.

Although we missed her other half not being able to come back, was so nice for Girlie and Bubba to be able to have some much needed brother/sister time.  Little Brother has struggled quite a bit the past year plus with his sister being so far away and always having to share his time with her with Bonehead.

The past weekend Girlie was home to throw me and Old Man a party for our 25th wedding anniversary.  Bubba had her to himself an entire day before Bonehead came for one day, he was able to sneak away from planting for just a bit.

Our party was supposed to be a surprise, but our kids tend to have a hard time keeping secrets from mom.  They told me with hopes I could keep Old Boy from going roping, they also roped two of his roping buddies into keeping him from planning anything.  He wound up figuring it our a few days ahead of time.  They didn’t want him to know being he doesn’t like a fuss and feared he’d make them cancel it.

We had such a nice evening, although the mercury hit over 100 degrees that day.  The newly remodeled shelter house in town has a kick ass new air conditioner!  There was great foot, wonderful cake from our local Cake Lady and so many family and friends.  Many more people than we imagined would come.  Great night of visiting!  Something we should do a few times a year for no reason at all!

My dad’s sister gave me a beautiful gift that my great grandmother’s sister made…


Terrible of me to say, but so tickled her kids don’t like these family mementos…last year she gave me the same great grandmother’s china.  Yes, a little spoiled!

Memorial Day was uneventful, we had another 100 degree day and it was just too miserable to get out and visit the cemeteries.  I felt and and still feel badly about not getting to everyone, but about five days of 95 degrees and up, just couldn’t do it.  It’s nicer now, so hoping to get to see everyone this week.

Now, making plans with my mom and Bubba for a day trip to southern Iowa next week to a few towns I read about over the winter that I feel the need to go see.  Will fill in on that afterwards, my Danish friends may enjoy!

Much Love and Peace To One And All!