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Monday 19. June 2017


Enjoying summer at the homestead, going whichever the way the wind blows lately.

Have been enjoying taking over cattle chores.  The four longhorns aren’t very nice to Herman, our little guy, don’t like to let him up to the bunk until the corn is gone…have been bonding with him, Kirk would say SPOILING him, such a sweet little guy!

Slowly getting the weeding done among all the flowers, loving watching them start to bloom.  The lilies are going crazy right now.

Enjoyed an entire weekend to myself this past weekend, the boys had a two day roping in southern Iowa.  


Tuesday 2. May 2017


Headed out the door to take Bubba to school and to the city to have the stitches in my hand taken out…FINALLY!  Two weeks of restrictions have made me crazy…have maybe yes or maybe no followed the rules of leaving the bandage on and not using the thumb…

Everyone takes their house phone with them when they leave the house, right?  Guess we get so used to our cell phones, was still on the phone with my husband when Bubba and I headed out of the house in the morning.  The kids like to tease me when I do this.  If one of the cordless phones are missing, check mom’s pickup.

Heading to the city to doctor appointment, 8:15ish AM, so happy the rain has finally stopped and not understanding why so many people are moving so early in the morning.  

Waiting and wondering whether or not the doctor is going to get after me for replacing my bandages.  Was thankful I’d brought my tablet, waited for over an hour.

Had a tension cyst removed a couple weeks ago.  Looks good for following only one of the rules which was to not get the stitches wet. Doctor didn’t say anything about not following the rules. 

Feels so good to have my hand feeling air again!  Feels good in general! Hope to not have this issue again.  

Ran to the mall to grab a few things afterwards, went into the bathroom at Sears and washed my hands just to feel the cool water on my hand, wouldn’t think such a little thing would feel so grand.  

Such a good day…just no rain and the sun being out was so wonderful! Haven’t had much of that lately.  Still had to run the furnace a bit in the evening to get rid of the bite in the air.  

Wish I had a picture, Leo and friend Keaton started building down the road at Keaton’s grandpa’s last night.  Keaton’s step-dad is going to teach the boys how to ride bulls, the boys are building the chute.  With no help from the adults they did a good job for 14 and 15 years old. We’ll see how far they get with riding.  Casey is going to start them with heifers less than 1000 lbs.  

Have to love farm boys and what they come up with.  Keaton’s mom picked the boys up after school and stopped by our place for Leo to change before heading over to grandpa’s place.  We had to wonder what these two yahoos will come up with next!  




In The Beginning #8 (and the last…)


Sometime the week after THAT DANCE and spending time over the weekend together I received a phone call from THE EX, Renee~she wanted to talk.  Something needed to be done about Kirk~he was going to keep playing the both of us if we let him.  As she put it~neither of us were immune to him~all he had to do was wiggle his little finger and we came running.  She was right.

While visiting we did some comparing of love letters he’d written and not only did he have the same nickname for the two of us, but our letters seemed to say the same things.  We decided to meet in Their Town at the school parking lot to exchange our letters and talk more.  

Thankfully mom was working or I’d never been allowed to town again on a school night.  Dad let me go into town with my go to reason, to swap clothes with my friend Missy.  

Renee and I met and exchanged letters, the lighting was so poor we decided to drive uptown where there was better light.  

Not knowing if he’d come into town, which she was hoping for and I wasn’t, I told her I’d run to Missy’s and call him and see if he could come into town.  

I went to Missy’s and called.  I told him that if he loved me as he said he did, he’d stay out of town and let me handle things.  When pressed for information I only repeated myself and told him I’d call him later.  Don’t know why I thought that was such a good idea…

Renee and I went downtown and sat on the bench outside the bar~across the street from The Game Room.  Several kids were there that night and had to laugh and wonder what they were thinking and saying while making no attempt to hide the fact that they were standing at the big front window watching every move we made.  I’m sure we were a sight.  This is a town of less than 500 people, so pretty much everyone in town knew everyone.  

Reading one another’s love letters was a mixed bag of emotions, it hurt that her letters read the same as mine.  

Hell on four wheels came flying down mainstreet~Kirk pulled up to the curb~got out of his vehicle and bluntly asked “what the fuck is going on?”.  Guessing the kids across the street were dying to know what was going on on our side of the street.  

Remembering what my mother had said weeks earlier I said that we should go back to the school parking lot.  Renee and I got back in my car and vowed to stick together and stay strong.  

I don’t remember what all was said that night but I do recall Kirk and Renee did most of the talking.  At one point Renee told Kirk he was going to have to stop playing games with us and make up his mind once and for all.  Kirk pointed to me and said “I choose her”.  I remember looking down and toeing the gravel with my boots…I was done, I had won!  

With that I called it a night~knowing I was pry pushing my luck not being back home yet.  I had a healthy fear of getting in trouble by my parents and wasn’t wanting to get in trouble for anything so minor.  

I would like to say that was the end of Renee~it wasn’t.  The next couple years I would find myself having to deal with her round about every six months.  Never to this degree though.  

Funny thing~a few years ago Kirk and I went on a double date with my brother and a gal his friends had set him up with.  You know who without my saying.  Our daughters were in the same dance classes for a couple years in junior high.  Our sons are both open enrolled from the school in Their Town where our girls went to the school in My Town where I went.  We are friends now, when we run into one another once every year or so we can sit and visit for quite some time.  

Funny how things turn out sometimes.  



In The Beginning #7


It’s the first Friday of October 1989, it’s been over a month since Kirk said, “it’s not you, it’s me”.  

I get home from school and dad says he’s going to the city to the horse sale.  Mom has to work so I ask if I can go too.  Before getting ready I run into His Town to the gas station and run into best friend Susan’s brother and mention my going with my dad to the horse sale.  

I go home and start to get ready~the phone rings  and it’s friends of my folks…my friend Becky and Kirk’s friend Bill The Trouble Maker’s parents.  Dad tells me plans have changed, Butch and Judy are going to go to the horse sale with him and when mom gets off work they are going out.  

I call Becky to see if I could come over and hang out since she’ll be home watching her little brother and sister.  I start getting ready to go when Kirk walks into the house, he’s going to the horse sale.  

I go to the basement to finish getting ready to go to Becky’s.  Dad hollers down the stairs to say he’s leaving.  Kirk is still up in the kitchen.  Winds up he learned from Todd that I was going to the horse sale, the only reason he was going.  

Kirk comes down stairs and asked if we can talk.  He sits down on the couch, I sit across the room.  He gives me the whole “I’m an asshole”, “I miss you”, “I made a mistake” talking points that he’s given me more than once.  

We talk for awhile and I tell him I have to call Becky to let her know I’m not coming over.  When I get up to call her he asks if he can give me a hug, I tell him no.  It’s not that I don’t want to, I just know I’ll lost my strength if he does.  

When I get off the phone I tell him we should go upstairs to talk.  Being in the basement alone with him is hard, we’d spent so much time over the summer down there, I couldn’t stay there with him and not want to give in to him.  

We sit at the kitchen table across from one another and continue our talk.  

“So, I hear you’re grounded.”  

“What?  No, I’m not grounded.”

“I knew it, I know you like a book and knew you weren’t.”

“What are you talking about?”  

“Talked to Paul….”  

Fuck, had completely forgotten about the story I’d made up to get away from Paul.  

Kirk gets up from the kitchen table~goes into the dining room and turns on the stereo~puts on a Randy Travis cassette~walks into the kitchen and up to me, holds out his hand and says, “Ma’am, may I have this dance”?  

In my head I’m having a battle, oh, I want to…no, don’t, you know you’ll be done…but I want to…no, don’t.  

I put my hand in his and he leads me into the dining room and we dance.


We dance without saying a word, his arms are so warm and strong around me and it feels so good!  

He quietly sings, my love is deeper than the holler, stronger than the river, higher than the pine tree…  

I was done, remember thinking I felt like butter in his arms.  

How would this new beginning end?  One more chapter to go…