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Wednesday 8. August 2018

Enjoying a peaceful evening (now) with Finn, working on my 1994 temperature afghan, playing a little solitaire and watched tonight’s new episode of Yellowstone!  Can’t get much better than that!

Had a pissed off 16 year old earlier in the evening…told him he could stick around home for a change and told him he couldn’t take the ranger out driving on the gravel roads at dusk.  Too stinkin’ dangerous and his buddies were down at a spillway not far from here and I said no because that’s too dangerous.  Yes, let’s play where there’s runoff from the fields, so basically, let’s go play in some herbicide and pesticide…fun times!  Boys!

Fair has been over a few days now, had much fun getting to go and visit…I tend to be a bit of a Chatty Kathy when I get out and about, spend about five hours walking and visiting on Saturday afternoon.  Old Boy called as I was leaving to see if I’d been abducted.  You know, as a stay-at-home mom it’s such a treat to get out and have a chance to socialize. 

We’ve had such a scare as of late, an Iowa college gal has been missing for over two weeks and it’s brought information out into the light about just how many Iowans have come up missing recently.  It’s really scared many in the area and has us keeping an even better eye on our kiddos.  Our Girl was planning on coming home for our fair and wound up not coming being her boyfriend was in the field bringing in wheat and traveling I80 has gotten so scary that she decided to stay out west.  As much as we missed her getting to come for a couple days, we agreed with her decision.  It’s gotten her to finally locate a concealed carry class.  I’ve had mine for years and never travel without my safety net….thankfully have never had to get it out. 

Had a good laugh today, after being startled…


Tess was barking up a fit, thought it was another snake being the bark was the same as the day she stumbled upon one not far from where I was weeding in my garden.


A damn bird came flying out after I walked out onto the porch…


Since she discovered this this afternoon, she’s been irritated…keeps going back and barking like a crazy kid.  Must be pretty new, hadn’t even noticed the sticks peaking out of my old boots.  Crazy how a little bitty bird can get these could sized sticks stuffed in there…would neat to see just how they do it.

Have two weeks left of summer vacation.  Been a couple decades since I’ve had a summer as this…no Girlie and Bubba has been going all summer.  Has actually seemed to have gone past quick.  Have enjoyed seeing the boy grow over the summer, not just to six foot, but in his work ethic.  Had wondered, being he’s 16 and has his license…he has a couple buddies who farm with their family that he’s helped most of the summer when he’s not working here or for Grampa.  My hope is that it carries over to school, he loves school for the social aspect, getting him to do and turn his work in is like pulling teeth…hard kid to make do what he doesn’t want to do without riding him constantly. 

There’s always something going on….


What A Week

(Tess, thinking she’s getting away with something, relaxing on the couch)

Thankful to see this week come to an end…thankful that we don’t have crappy weeks like this too often. One of those weeks where it seems like if one thing isn’t going wrong, then it’s another.
Today we had a bit over an inch of rain and a cold front moving through, we’ve had crazy unbearable heat and humidity this week…definitely most welcome! The past two days we’ve had 90 degree plus temps with heat index over 100. The type of heat that sucks the energy right out of a person.

Made the mistake of making the trio of chihuahuas vet appointments at the same time for yesterday. One loves to go, one doesn’t mind going but doesn’t want anyone looking at or touching her and another with extreme anxiety when it comes to going in a vehicle. The almost one hour drive each way left me with a headache before we even made the two miles to the highway, Finn does this aweful high pitched anxiety yap the entire time he’s in a moving vehicle, would make a silent monk cuss! Finn’s high pitched yapping made the little Gypsy Rose cry…Ruby just took it all in stride as she always does. The drive home was better, had all three in the kennel together, Finn’s constant anxious yapping wasn’t so high pitched as the drive to town. They are done with shots for the year, so we’re all good.

The first really hot day the air conditioner died, was 84 degrees in the house before we realized the fan was running but the outside unit was not running. Bubba spent the night with a friend, Old Boy, the dogs and I slept on and off with three fans blowing on us. Was a long night. Luckily the fix it man was able to come the next afternoon and had the part we needed, took several hours to cool down, but it was all good by evening!

The same evening we lost water. Old Boy went down into the well and was able to get it going again long enough to shower, was out again by the time I went to bed. The well man came in the morning and was able to get it patched up and feels it will be good until the new part comes in sometime this coming week.

The same evening as the air conditioner and water decided to take a vacation was the evening the bull snake told me I didn’t need to be out weeding the garden and when I went to the cellar that evening to watch my shows and crochet there was a big ass wolf spider on the wall….like the old Hee Haw songs goes…if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all, gloom, depair and agony on me….had been a really long time since we’d had such a crappy ass day.

On the plus side I was tickled beyond tickled that I was able to give my Uncle Peter Tim a grand surprise! Several months ago I’d taken some papers to my dad’s youngest brother, he’s a genealogy buff as I am….at the time he showed me an old family photo his mom, my Oma, had given him of her great grandparents, the writing in the back was in Dane, so we had not a clue…the beginning of the month I happened to remember friends of ours from our days living in northern South Dakota who moved there from Denmark….I contacted the wife and asked her if she’d be willing to translate and she did! Sometimes it’s the little things in life, right?

Looking for a good weekend. The cool front is supposed to stay with us for several days, that alone will make things so much better!


Happy Father’s Day

I have most definitely been blessed with one of the best dad’s out there! Few things bring me as much joy as giving him a hard time…keeps him young! Or something like that!

Always letting me ride along, letting me get away with things we both knew wouldn’t fly with mom, even taking the blame sometimes when mom was angry about something he saw as nothing to get worked up over. Maybe spoiling me more that my older siblings.

He taught me all I know about horses. He taught me how to give shots when working cattle and always said I was the best shot giver he ever had. He taught me how to sort and move cattle and how to get them in. Taught me how to fix fence and drive the tractor and how to drive a team of horses. Never treated me different than my brother out on the farm. Stood up for me when his father said I should study something besides agriculture in college.

This man wasn’t supposed to live to see my high school graduation day….he was in Nam and Agent Orange has been a part of our lives as long as I can remember…he’s too bullheaded, still works harder than the rest of us at age 74. So, I do know how fortunate and blessed we are to still have him to harass!

He’ll be out team roping today for Father’s Day, as he always does. So proud to call this trouble maker my dad!


Monday 4. June 2018

Bubba and I had dentist appointments in the city Monday…figured it would be a good time to head downtown to Milwaukee Wiener House, best in Sioux City!

Believe this summer they celebrate 100 years. At noon the line literally goes out the door, but so worth it.

A quick stop at the downtown museum to find it’s closed on Mondays.

Lastly, to add to the irritation level, a quick stop at Sgt. Floyd…the only death on the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Tomorrow, our day outing to Southern Iowa!


Wednesday 30. May 2018

Summer vacation has begun!  The kids last day was this past Friday and we are already loving not having the morning 7 am struggle.

The month of May has really flown by for this family.  Has been so nice to be able to get moving outside again.  Haven’t gotten much accomplished yet, but getting going.  If we can hold the rain off a few more days I may be able to get my garden in.  I’m always late getting it in.  Run on my own clock!

Our Girlie was able to come home the last two weekends!  We were so tickled she was able to get a couple days off work to be able to be home for FOUR NIGHTS!  It had been ages since she’d been able to be home for such a long stretch.

My brother’s twins graduation party was one evening, my sister’s oldest son and our dad’s birthday the next evening.

Although we missed her other half not being able to come back, was so nice for Girlie and Bubba to be able to have some much needed brother/sister time.  Little Brother has struggled quite a bit the past year plus with his sister being so far away and always having to share his time with her with Bonehead.

The past weekend Girlie was home to throw me and Old Man a party for our 25th wedding anniversary.  Bubba had her to himself an entire day before Bonehead came for one day, he was able to sneak away from planting for just a bit.

Our party was supposed to be a surprise, but our kids tend to have a hard time keeping secrets from mom.  They told me with hopes I could keep Old Boy from going roping, they also roped two of his roping buddies into keeping him from planning anything.  He wound up figuring it our a few days ahead of time.  They didn’t want him to know being he doesn’t like a fuss and feared he’d make them cancel it.

We had such a nice evening, although the mercury hit over 100 degrees that day.  The newly remodeled shelter house in town has a kick ass new air conditioner!  There was great foot, wonderful cake from our local Cake Lady and so many family and friends.  Many more people than we imagined would come.  Great night of visiting!  Something we should do a few times a year for no reason at all!

My dad’s sister gave me a beautiful gift that my great grandmother’s sister made…


Terrible of me to say, but so tickled her kids don’t like these family mementos…last year she gave me the same great grandmother’s china.  Yes, a little spoiled!

Memorial Day was uneventful, we had another 100 degree day and it was just too miserable to get out and visit the cemeteries.  I felt and and still feel badly about not getting to everyone, but about five days of 95 degrees and up, just couldn’t do it.  It’s nicer now, so hoping to get to see everyone this week.

Now, making plans with my mom and Bubba for a day trip to southern Iowa next week to a few towns I read about over the winter that I feel the need to go see.  Will fill in on that afterwards, my Danish friends may enjoy!

Much Love and Peace To One And All!