The End

When your world comes falling down around your feet…..where do you find it in yourself to pick yourself up and start all over again. 31 years….what the hell….I am now only The Farmer’s Daughter….


My Love

My wedding day doesn’t even hit the top five of best days in my life. We should have gone with our first instinct and have eloped and had a big party later…someone’s mother had a fit that her only son was not going to elope…so we gave in.

My favorite photo from our wedding, with my paternal grandfather…one of the biggest loves of my life. 19 years ago he left us, still one of the biggest influences of my life.

We have few pictures from our wedding…only one roll of pictures our photographer took turned out…the rest had somehow been exposed. This one a friend took, it hangs on our fridge.


He Gets Me

Listening to the movie Gone With The Wind while making supper…Old Boy walks in the front door and I holler from the kitchen, “Scarlett is at it again, making a fool of herself, trying to talk Ashley into not marrying Melie…”, without missing a beat he says, “you’d think she’d give up after so many years.”

Old Boy definitely gets my odd sense of humor.


He Gets Me

Listening to the movie Gone With The Wind while making supper…Old Boy walks in the front door and I holler from the kitchen, “Scarlett is at it again, making a fool of herself, trying to talk Ashley into not marrying Melie…”, without missing a beat he says, “you’d think she’d give up after so many years.”

Old Boy definitely gets my odd sense of humor.


Wednesday 30. May 2018

Summer vacation has begun!  The kids last day was this past Friday and we are already loving not having the morning 7 am struggle.

The month of May has really flown by for this family.  Has been so nice to be able to get moving outside again.  Haven’t gotten much accomplished yet, but getting going.  If we can hold the rain off a few more days I may be able to get my garden in.  I’m always late getting it in.  Run on my own clock!

Our Girlie was able to come home the last two weekends!  We were so tickled she was able to get a couple days off work to be able to be home for FOUR NIGHTS!  It had been ages since she’d been able to be home for such a long stretch.

My brother’s twins graduation party was one evening, my sister’s oldest son and our dad’s birthday the next evening.

Although we missed her other half not being able to come back, was so nice for Girlie and Bubba to be able to have some much needed brother/sister time.  Little Brother has struggled quite a bit the past year plus with his sister being so far away and always having to share his time with her with Bonehead.

The past weekend Girlie was home to throw me and Old Man a party for our 25th wedding anniversary.  Bubba had her to himself an entire day before Bonehead came for one day, he was able to sneak away from planting for just a bit.

Our party was supposed to be a surprise, but our kids tend to have a hard time keeping secrets from mom.  They told me with hopes I could keep Old Boy from going roping, they also roped two of his roping buddies into keeping him from planning anything.  He wound up figuring it our a few days ahead of time.  They didn’t want him to know being he doesn’t like a fuss and feared he’d make them cancel it.

We had such a nice evening, although the mercury hit over 100 degrees that day.  The newly remodeled shelter house in town has a kick ass new air conditioner!  There was great foot, wonderful cake from our local Cake Lady and so many family and friends.  Many more people than we imagined would come.  Great night of visiting!  Something we should do a few times a year for no reason at all!

My dad’s sister gave me a beautiful gift that my great grandmother’s sister made…


Terrible of me to say, but so tickled her kids don’t like these family mementos…last year she gave me the same great grandmother’s china.  Yes, a little spoiled!

Memorial Day was uneventful, we had another 100 degree day and it was just too miserable to get out and visit the cemeteries.  I felt and and still feel badly about not getting to everyone, but about five days of 95 degrees and up, just couldn’t do it.  It’s nicer now, so hoping to get to see everyone this week.

Now, making plans with my mom and Bubba for a day trip to southern Iowa next week to a few towns I read about over the winter that I feel the need to go see.  Will fill in on that afterwards, my Danish friends may enjoy!

Much Love and Peace To One And All!


Thursday 25. January 2018

Day two of sun and everyone out and about for the day, Old Boy working and Bubba at school!  Life is good at the moment!


Doesn’t look like it, but a perfect day to throw the snow boots on and hang laundry out to dry.  We have quite a bit of melting going on today.  Last I asked Google was told it was 34 degrees F.

The in-laws gave us a Google gadget for Christmas.  They have one they use a lot, they ask it to play modern country when they are going out and about and leaving the dog home.  We use it mainly for weather.  We have to laugh from time to time being it doesn’t know how to pronounce our three lettered town and spells it out each time we ask for the temperature.  Sometimes when I’m washing dishes or folding laundry I’ll ask it to tell me a story.  It’s interesting.


Having been working on a temperature afghan for Old Boy and my 25th wedding anniversary come the end of May.  This is all January 1 through March 1, 1993.  If you’ve never heard of temperature blankets, it’s a fun thing.  I set mine up in 15 degree segments although I usually do 10.  Take the high temperature for each day and make one row in the color that the temperature falls into.  15 and below is Ivory, 16 to 30 is Brown, and so on.

Have made one for my folks’ and Old Boy’s folks’ 50th and our closest friends’ 25th.  Something a little different and fun. I make out a chart with what each color stands for and a write out of the high temp for each day to go with each blanket.  They are time consuming, but fun!


Had Bubba drag out my Gramma’s box of albums the other day, was blessed to get several of them.  Gramma kept EVERYTHING, obviously where I get it!  Didn’t find the picture that I was looking for but found some amazing pictures I’d obviously never paid close enough attention to recall ever seeing although I’ve gone through these albums dozens and dozens of times since a little kid staying with her.

So glad she kept everything!  Letters I wrote her when we lived out in Lex when The Girl was a baby, cards I made her when I was in elementary school, some of my mom and her siblings report cards, pictures they drew and so on.  Obituaries, funeral papers, church letters, even her own graduation invitation from 1936.  I can lose myself for hours.

I remember my mom telling me about this fellow above.  My Grampa and Dom worked together in California at the Mare Island Naval Yard during World War II together.  After moving back to Iowa in the mid-1940’s the two continued to call one another every Christmas.  Wonderful memories!

Have been making great progress lately on Old Boy’s side of the family ancestry!  Wish my family lines would be more agreeable!  Most of his lines go back way further than mine here in the states, most starting out in the east and staying for many years before heading to Iowa.  I get so tickled by some of the things I find and no one here is interested in the least.  The past two weeks or so I’ve discovered two and three times grandparents on his side that are buried a county over in two different directions…so excited for the spring to come and go visit them.  Always bring flowers for them, figuring so far removed that they haven’t had flowers in ages and that they’d like it.

Yes, I’m one of those.  A year or so ago while talking with one of Old Boy’s aunts and uncles, we were talking about needing to decide where we were wanting to be buried and getting our plots.  Our close by cemetery where several of both our families are buried is where the four of us all decided was where we wanted to be.  Uncle said he wanted to be as close to his folks as he could, in the newer part of the cemetery…I said I wanted to be in the older section, it’s so beautiful over there.  Uncle asked why being we didn’t know anyone over there to talk to!  He gets me!  That’s the way I talk…Aunt and Old Boy just kinda shook their heads.  Our kids hate it when we get onto the cemetery topic and will tell us they’d like it if we changed the subject.  Part of life.

Suppose it’s about that time…perfect day to take out what needs to be burned and maybe take the big dog for a walk!


Thursday 24. August 2017

School is back in session!  This is the first year in many that we only have one yahoo in school.  The Girl graduated college this past December and now The Boy is a Freshman in high school.  Thinking it should be bothering me, but this summer seemed to last FOREVER, so I’m reveling in having the place to myself to actually get some work done.  As I told The Old Boy earlier today, time to get the place back in order after letting things go over the summer.

Days ago I sat down with my notebook and added to the list of afghans to make, adding the kiddos who will graduate in May who are special to make afghans for. Going to have to pick up my game and increase my crocheting time from two hours a day to three or four…two nephews, two nieces and two cousins, also want to throw together a temperature afghan together for our 25th wedding anniversary in May.  Going to have to do better at managing my time, which is a goal I have for this school year.  Something I was really good at before The Boy was born.  

So, big plans for myself starting now!  Yesterday was chomping at the bit, so much to do and of course the patience of one thing at a time and everything not being able to be done at once, kept having to remind myself.  Absolutely positive right now and hoping I can stay that way.  One small step at a time, right!?  

Best Wish to All!  Peace!

Garden Shoes

Have had these babies for just short of 10 years and they’ve more than seen their fair share of wear and tear, but I just can’t part with them…there is a meaning behind them, a turning point during a bad time in life…so the past few years they’ve been my garden shoes, I can till, weed eat…you name it, and there’s very little chance of my hurting myself…Yes, I am one of THOSE people…walking and talking and chewing gum at the same time can be risky at times!  XOXO  Peace!



KSCN0029-1_edited-2.jpg(Grandpa Raymond, Brother and dad in Montana late 70’s)

I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster a large part of today…started going through pictures last night for my brother’s big surprise 50th birthday party tomorrow.  Yes, I said it….50.  Doesn’t seem possible that the oldest of us is hitting such a mega milestone.  We’re entering a new era, we’re getting old and it kinda sucks the big one!  

Oh, my brother and I have had our ups and downs over the years, him being the oldest and me being the youngest.  He’s always been mom’s favorite, I’ve always been dad’s…sister would be our aunt’s favorite, okay, she wouldn’t find that as funny as I do, but you know….fact is that sister was born a town girl, she couldn’t wait to get off the farm and the rest of us are have farm blood running through our veins.  

When we were little mom said Brother hauled me around everywhere, that was before my memory begins.  As far back as I can remember he was doing his thing, we were all the type to do our own thing, we seldom played together.  When we did it was usually outside in the tree houses that Brother built.  Brother liked outside, farming with dad when mom would let him (allergies and asthma kept him inside until pry high school) and with his calves and building things.  

Krueger Grandkids_edited-1

cousin picture back in the 70’s, me, Brother and Sister in the back row

Although we weren’t close when we were little I obviously thought we was pretty cool.  When I could join band in the 5th grade I chose the trumpet because that’s what he played, didn’t even take Sister playing the sax into consideration.  When it was time for college I chose the same college and studied agriculture as he did.  Of course I never told anyone that, who does things like that?  Gosh, I remember bawling throughout his high school graduation because that meant he was leaving.  

No worries, he’s never left, he’s always been in the area…as a 6th grader I obviously didn’t realize that was an option.  

When Brother started his cow/calf herd he started with a Santa Gertrudis bull.  To this day I think they are among the most beautiful cattle breed.  As a little kid he had a Brahman, to this day I think they are the most beautiful animal and swear someday I will own one!  

Oma Christmas (44)_edited-1

Brother and his youngest LuLu

We had our issues as I got older.  I recall one summer we spent fixing the cattle yards fences, lots of yelling and bellering.  It was not a good experience, it was then that I learned we could not work together.  I recall a time or two it got ugly and dad gave me the okay to never have to work with him unless someone else was with us.  

But over the years we’ve gotten close in a not obvious to most people kind of way.  We aren’t a huggy family, we don’t say we love each other, we don’t show emotions around one another, we have little ways that let one another know that we care.  

He was the one to call when our Oma passed, he was the to call when our Uncle Gene recently passed, he’s the one that takes the helm during situations like that.  Instead of calling to tell our Great Uncle Bob about his nephew passing, Brother made the two hour round trip to personally tell him.  He said he would be the one to deliver the bad news.  When I was in high school and a family friend who was a few years older than me had killed himself, Brother helped the family get things in order, took donation cans to area business’ to help the family pay for the funeral expenses.  

IMG_3347_edited-1me, Dad, Mom, Brother and Sister

Makes sense then that when it came to my starting to date the guy he brought home as our hired man, Brother tried telling mom what my curfew should be.  Makes sense then that when Brother dated a girl I didn’t like and then married, I was none to happy.  Makes sense then that I wasn’t happy when she decided she couldn’t be married to a farmer that worked around the clock during haying and harvest season and during calving season.  We may be a little over protective of one another, we just don’t make it known to one another.  

It’s funny, since he and his ex divorced years ago, every time he’s started dating someone he’s gotten serious about he’s made sure to tell me in an off hand way.  He doesn’t do it to Sister, just me.  He won’t say that he’s dating someone, he’ll say, oh so and so and I went to supper the other night.  It’s subtle, but he’s letting me know.  It’s kinda funny in a kinda sweet way. 


the twins, Brother and LuLu

Seems impossible that we are now entering a new era, one we’ve always seen our parents in with their siblings.  Our parents have entered into the phase of how we always viewed our grandparents.  If we could just make time stand still.  

Happy 50th Birthday Big Brother and here’s to another 50!

Peace Always!

Thursday 10. March 2016 a.m.


Slowly getting moving this morning…who the hell am I kidding…it’s always slow moving in the morning for this Old Lady…maybe if I learned to go to bed before 2 a.m. and could sleep for more than three or four hours at a time, but not holding my breath on that ever happening.  My favorite time of the day is late at night/the wee hours of the morning, such a peaceful time.


The time of day I play the old shows Finn likes so much.  Kinda sad to say that I get such a kick watching my dog watch tv.  Something about the old black and white shows, shows with animals, the little bugger goes crazy barking and growling at the tv, jumping around like a Mexican Jumping Bean in front of the tv and running back and forth from the arm of the couch to the floor below the tv.  Yes, it’s a sad and pitiful life!  

This week I’ve been struggling dealing with the guys in my life…

First, really wish I could wrap my head around the way a 14 year old thinks!  Don’t know how many times this school year I’ve commented to my husband that I really wish I could get into a junior high aged boy’s mind….The Old Boy just laughs and doesn’t offer any insight.  The Boy just, is, well….GROSS!  Why?  

Is it really that hard to wash your face, brush your teeth and put on decent clothes every morning for school?  Seriously, the huffing and puffing about having to do the basic daily things in life. Getting the child to, oh, I don’t know, pick up the dirty clothes off his floor just once a week…next to impossible.  

This school year I’ve really come to feel like a failure as a boy mom.  I’ve been trying so hard to incorporate various things into our daily life that will strengthen him in mind, body and spirit, to teach him the importance of the basic day to day routines…so often I feel like a total and complete failure.  However, there are those occasional moments that make me feel like, wow…I’m getting through to him!  

Still, feel like raising a junior high aged girl was WAY easier than raising a junior high aged boy. Hope to get the hang of this boy thing at sometime in the near future…won’t hold my breath though.  

Then, my husband…LOVE him like no other, but there are times when I get so frustrated, as I’m sure he gets with me.  

Last weekend we were supposed to go to Guthrie, Oklahoma to the timed events at the Lazy E Arena, I’d mentioned it well before Christmas, we haven’t been in years and I was so excited about taking Bubba and going again.  Of course, as per usual, we weren’t able to find anyone to take care of horse chores, so it was a no go.  To tell the truth, don’t think The Old Boy looked too hard to find someone.  

I could have dealt with it better had a roping not come up that made me feel like he chose to not find someone to do chores so he could do something he would much rather do.  It wasn’t just a local roping, it was an out of state roping, he and his buddy left Friday afternoon and didn’t get home until late Sunday night.  BOOM!  Chore person for the weekend…right here!  

Spending the past almost 30 years with a cowboy, you’d think I’d be good with the routine of roping and rodeo coming first, most of the time I am…sometimes I’d like to come first.  I’d like to feel not guilty when I ask The Old Boy to cancel roping for something family related, which I seldom do.  Having grown up on a farm, one would think I’d be used to other things coming first.  Time for the fields to be put in, short window opening for getting the alfalfa down, baled and out of the field, ect.


My husband is the typical header, there’s no changing him…to tell the truth, I wouldn’t want to. He’s all mine, pain in the ass and all…sometimes I just get frustrated.  Figure it’s pretty even, I can be a royal pain in the ass too!  I’m a Petersen, it’s a given!

Well crap…suppose it’s about time I get a few things done for the day…

Take Care!