In The Beginning #8 (and the last…)

Sometime the week after THAT DANCE and spending time over the weekend together I received a phone call from THE EX, Renee~she wanted to talk.  Something needed to be done about Kirk~he was going to keep playing the both of us if we let him.  As she put it~neither of us were immune to him~all he had to do was wiggle his little finger and we came running.  She was right.

While visiting we did some comparing of love letters he’d written and not only did he have the same nickname for the two of us, but our letters seemed to say the same things.  We decided to meet in Their Town at the school parking lot to exchange our letters and talk more.  

Thankfully mom was working or I’d never been allowed to town again on a school night.  Dad let me go into town with my go to reason, to swap clothes with my friend Missy.  

Renee and I met and exchanged letters, the lighting was so poor we decided to drive uptown where there was better light.  

Not knowing if he’d come into town, which she was hoping for and I wasn’t, I told her I’d run to Missy’s and call him and see if he could come into town.  

I went to Missy’s and called.  I told him that if he loved me as he said he did, he’d stay out of town and let me handle things.  When pressed for information I only repeated myself and told him I’d call him later.  Don’t know why I thought that was such a good idea…

Renee and I went downtown and sat on the bench outside the bar~across the street from The Game Room.  Several kids were there that night and had to laugh and wonder what they were thinking and saying while making no attempt to hide the fact that they were standing at the big front window watching every move we made.  I’m sure we were a sight.  This is a town of less than 500 people, so pretty much everyone in town knew everyone.  

Reading one another’s love letters was a mixed bag of emotions, it hurt that her letters read the same as mine.  

Hell on four wheels came flying down mainstreet~Kirk pulled up to the curb~got out of his vehicle and bluntly asked “what the fuck is going on?”.  Guessing the kids across the street were dying to know what was going on on our side of the street.  

Remembering what my mother had said weeks earlier I said that we should go back to the school parking lot.  Renee and I got back in my car and vowed to stick together and stay strong.  

I don’t remember what all was said that night but I do recall Kirk and Renee did most of the talking.  At one point Renee told Kirk he was going to have to stop playing games with us and make up his mind once and for all.  Kirk pointed to me and said “I choose her”.  I remember looking down and toeing the gravel with my boots…I was done, I had won!  

With that I called it a night~knowing I was pry pushing my luck not being back home yet.  I had a healthy fear of getting in trouble by my parents and wasn’t wanting to get in trouble for anything so minor.  

I would like to say that was the end of Renee~it wasn’t.  The next couple years I would find myself having to deal with her round about every six months.  Never to this degree though.  

Funny thing~a few years ago Kirk and I went on a double date with my brother and a gal his friends had set him up with.  You know who without my saying.  Our daughters were in the same dance classes for a couple years in junior high.  Our sons are both open enrolled from the school in Their Town where our girls went to the school in My Town where I went.  We are friends now, when we run into one another once every year or so we can sit and visit for quite some time.  

Funny how things turn out sometimes.  



In The Beginning #7

It’s the first Friday of October 1989, it’s been over a month since Kirk said, “it’s not you, it’s me”.  

I get home from school and dad says he’s going to the city to the horse sale.  Mom has to work so I ask if I can go too.  Before getting ready I run into His Town to the gas station and run into best friend Susan’s brother and mention my going with my dad to the horse sale.  

I go home and start to get ready~the phone rings  and it’s friends of my folks…my friend Becky and Kirk’s friend Bill The Trouble Maker’s parents.  Dad tells me plans have changed, Butch and Judy are going to go to the horse sale with him and when mom gets off work they are going out.  

I call Becky to see if I could come over and hang out since she’ll be home watching her little brother and sister.  I start getting ready to go when Kirk walks into the house, he’s going to the horse sale.  

I go to the basement to finish getting ready to go to Becky’s.  Dad hollers down the stairs to say he’s leaving.  Kirk is still up in the kitchen.  Winds up he learned from Todd that I was going to the horse sale, the only reason he was going.  

Kirk comes down stairs and asked if we can talk.  He sits down on the couch, I sit across the room.  He gives me the whole “I’m an asshole”, “I miss you”, “I made a mistake” talking points that he’s given me more than once.  

We talk for awhile and I tell him I have to call Becky to let her know I’m not coming over.  When I get up to call her he asks if he can give me a hug, I tell him no.  It’s not that I don’t want to, I just know I’ll lost my strength if he does.  

When I get off the phone I tell him we should go upstairs to talk.  Being in the basement alone with him is hard, we’d spent so much time over the summer down there, I couldn’t stay there with him and not want to give in to him.  

We sit at the kitchen table across from one another and continue our talk.  

“So, I hear you’re grounded.”  

“What?  No, I’m not grounded.”

“I knew it, I know you like a book and knew you weren’t.”

“What are you talking about?”  

“Talked to Paul….”  

Fuck, had completely forgotten about the story I’d made up to get away from Paul.  

Kirk gets up from the kitchen table~goes into the dining room and turns on the stereo~puts on a Randy Travis cassette~walks into the kitchen and up to me, holds out his hand and says, “Ma’am, may I have this dance”?  

In my head I’m having a battle, oh, I want to…no, don’t, you know you’ll be done…but I want to…no, don’t.  

I put my hand in his and he leads me into the dining room and we dance.


We dance without saying a word, his arms are so warm and strong around me and it feels so good!  

He quietly sings, my love is deeper than the holler, stronger than the river, higher than the pine tree…  

I was done, remember thinking I felt like butter in his arms.  

How would this new beginning end?  One more chapter to go…

In The Beginning #6

The last month of summer break 1989 was like a dream.  I had the guy I’d been crushing on since January and I didn’t see or hear from his ex!  

Kirk would come to work all day and afterwards I’d ride home with him and visit with any family that was home while he showered and cleaned up for the night.  We were almost inseparable.  

The end of August hit and it was back to the real world.  I started my junior year at WC and he started his senior year at AO.  I’d still see him after school and on the weekends, BUT he’d be back to seeing Renee every day at school.  

The first week went fine.  The first weekend Kirk had a “guys night” with his buddy Bill and I had a girls night with my friend Susan.  Sunday morning there was a vibe in the air that made me uneasy~it only escalated when Kirk came over and had Bill with him.  Long story short, seeing Renee everyday at school had made him wonder~I don’t have to tell you, he wanted to give another go with Renee.  

Do you see a pattern yet?  

I was so heartbroken.  That fucking Bill, it was his doing, he’d been pissed that Kirk had time for him when he was dating Renee and didn’t when he was dating me.  

To top it off only the weekend before had I finally given in to the “if I were any other guy I would have already been gone” to my constantly saying no to sex.  This from a guy who had told me he’d been seeing an ex college girlfriend on the side for six while he was dating Renee because she was even more of a good girl than I was.  

I was so heartbroken in the days that followed that I had no want to eat.  I just went through the motions of living.  Didn’t help that at that time Kirk was taking a leave from working for dad to help his, uncle and grandpa on their farms.  

One afternoon as I got off the school bus he was driving out our lane.  Such a precious guy, leaving so he didn’t have to hear the shit he’d just stirred for me!

I walked in the backdoor and was met by my mother~mad as a hornet doesn’t even touch how mad she was.  Apparently a rumor was going around that Kirk was screwing a single mom~who was known to screw anything that moved.  He thought I’d started the story and instead of coming to talk to me~went to my mother.  I was informed to not do anything embarrassing or I’d never be allowed to go to his town and that no guy was worth not eating over.

Not long after I asked if I could take the car and go into his town to go to my friend Missy’s to swap clothes.  Mom said yes, but I was to go and get back.  

Don’t recall if I went there or not, I did go to The Game Room~the town’s teen hangout place~hoping Kirk would be in town.  Couldn’t call his home, he was seldom there and figured he wouldn’t call if I left a message.  

While at The Game Room I learned some information about Kirk and Renee’s goings on at school and that was about it.  Did hang out with two of the daughters of the lady Kirk was supposedly screwing.  While standing outside on the he did drive past and didn’t stop.  I dined around in town too long, my mom came looking for me, all she was “get your ass home”.  She didn’t say another word, message received!  

A Friday or so later while hanging out at The Game Room with my friend Susan, a friend of Kirk’s started chatting with me.  He asked if I wanted to hang out on Saturday night, why not, he seemed like a nice enough guy.  

I got the permission to spend the night with Susan the next night.  We went into The Game Room, both Kirk and Paul came in and both left without a word.  Susan and I went to C-Ville, the next town over where the kids went to “cruise the loop” and ran into Paul…we visited, planned a time to meet up with Susan again and we hit the loop.  

We hadn’t been driving long when guess who started driving opposite us on the loop.  Each time we met he and his buddy would flip us off and sometimes holler nasty things.  

At the set time we met up with Susan and she and I went to to their town and to The Game Room.  We no more get back to town and guess who was back in town driving up and down main street and this time with two girls.  He stopped in front of The Game Room at one point and motioned for me, Susan and I walked into the street to see what he wanted…he told me I needed to move on.  WHAT?  

The next week Paul and I talked every night on the phone for hours~long distance.  The more we talked the more he creeped me out.  By the end of the week I told him I’d gotten downslips from school in the mail and was grounded from the phone and from going out for the next month.  I’d gotten the downslips but hadn’t gotten grounded.  

A few nights later my dad and I had gone into town for supper at the bar because mom was working.  After eating I walked across the street to The Game Room, not thinking.  Paul showed up shortly after and I had to explain why I was in town while I was grounded.  Told him I’d call him when I was able to get out again.  

Wound up being a good thing I’d come up with a reason to not see or talk to Paul~he had a girlfriend~in this town~in Kirk’s class~and she’d found out I’d gone on a drive with Paul…she was not someone to piss with!  


In The Beginning #5

By the middle of June 1989 I had been on two dates with my big time crush, had held hands with a guy for the first time ever and had my heart broken.  To make matters worse, that Big Time Crush was the hired man on our farm.

Didn’t take long for Kirk and I to get into a friendship groove again.  Spending five and six days~sometimes seven days a week seeing one another and often during off hours working with the chuckwagon and chariot and going to chuckwagon races, we were bound to become friends again.

Renee, the girlfriend~ex-girlfriend and once again girlfriend didn’t like it.  Kirk made no attempt to hide the fact that she hated him working for dad and wanted him to quit.  She would go to the chuckwagon races~sit at his pickup the entire time and would make him leave once the races were over.  It hurt my heart and I missed my friend when he wasn’t around.

One afternoon when dad and brother had to be away it was me, my mom and Kirk.  It was a 100+ F. day and the only thing that needed to be done was making sure the cattle were kept as cooled down as possible.  We had a water tank we would fill and take out to the feedyards to spray the yards down.  I drove the tractor and tank and Kirk ran the hose on the tank.  Renee drove past all afternoon~she never had the balls to stop~Kirk knew he was going to get an earful later on.

We had so much fun that day!  We had water fights and hung out in the cool basement while the tank filled between loads.  That day I forgot about those horrid two first dates and just hung out with one of my best friends.

Before long Kirk was staying longer and longer after work.  He’d have supper and stay and play cribbage with me and dad.

Think it was towards the end of July when Kirk broke up with Renee and asked me to give him another chance.  His town was going to be having a large cookout and concert and wanted me to go with him. Well of course I’d give him another chance!

Friday night we went out~don’t recall what we did.  I do remember when I walked him out to his pickup to leave he asked for a kiss.  Again, who freaking asks?  Just do it already!  Nervous, I tripped over my dog Warsaw~told him the next night.  He gave me a mooch on the cheek and said goodnight.

Holy Crap!  I was never going to wash my cheek again!  Flying in Seventh Heaven!

The next evening we went into town to the community picnic and to watch The Forrester Sisters concert~which was good but would have been better had they not complained about being downwind of a cattle yard.

Plus for the evening….No Renee!

Afterwards we went home while the rest of my family stayed in town.  We turned on the tv in the livingroom and sat on the couch.  Kirk asked a number of times for that kiss I’d promised the night before~I was too nervous, I’d never been kissed before.  Why couldn’t he just do it already.

Nervous as hell, I mentioned being hungry and that we should go to my town to the drive inn.  He wanted his kiss first, I promised after the drive inn…so off we went!

We made it home to see the end of the local news and Saturday Night Live.  Elvis Costello was the musical guest on the summer rerun.  Kirk asked me to dance during Costello’s first number.

We slow danced in the dining room.  I remember being so nervous~we continued to dance after the song ended~I kept looking down at the floor~terrified of that kiss.  Eventually Kirk said, “We’re going to dance a hole in the floor”~I looked up at him and BAM~he finally kissed me!

We danced and kissed until the show was over then moved to the couch and stayed there until after The Beach Boys special that had been on after SNL was over.  We no more than came up for a breather and my sister drove in the drive, shortly followed by my folks.

What a night!

Oh, and Kirk eventually told me the reason for his continually asking for that first kiss.  My sister told him that if he even thought about kissing me that he’d best ask cause knowing me I’d pry punch him if he just did it!  What a goon!

Local Guys of The Guinnes Book of World Records

*pictures come from the internet*

Here in our little rural corner of the world we have all grown up hearing the stories about two special guys from our community who make it into The Guinnes Book of World Records.  These two fellows were born in two different towns, eight miles apart…towns who have schooled together for many, many decades and we all around here consider as a single community.  Both towns combined don’t quite make it to 500 people.

Bernard, I believe with his parents, outside of the local Catholic Church

Bernard Coyne was born in 1897 to Sylvester and Catherine Coyne.  Bernard was born with Eunuchoidal Giant, daddy long legs syndrome.

Bernard with a local family.

In 1918 Mr. Coyne registered for the army and was rejected, no reason was listed, but his height at the time was listed as 7’9″ and is believed to have been the reason.

Bernard with misc. men.

After being ill for a number of months, Mr. Coyne passed away at the age of 24.  At the time he was estimated to be 8’4″ and 300 pounds, wearing a size 24 shoe.  Mr. Coyne was buried in the local Catholic Cemetery in a specially ordered casket.

Ol’ Charlie Osborne was a celebrity in our community when I was a kid, having been on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson!

One day in 1922 Charlie was hanging a 350 pound hog carcas for butcher when he fell with the carcas.  Charlie began hiccuping and kept on hiccuping.

In the early days Charlie hiccuped an estimated 40 times a minute, slowing in time to about 20 times a minute.  

The doctor Charlie went to said he very likely broke a blood vessel in his brain when he fell and may have damaged the part of his brain that may have inhibited the hiccup response.

Oddly enough, Charlie stopped on the 5th of June 1990, stopped out of the blue.  He was given a reprieve the last 11 months of his life.  Charlie passed away at the age of 97 in May 1991.

Poor Charlie hiccuped 68 years of his life, an estimated 430 million times.  

It’s something else to think that such a tiny rural area could find themselves with at one time two Guinnes World Record holders!

In The Beginning #4

I do believe I forgot about the middle of the night phone call from Rus and Kirk the night off our FABULOUS first date.  

Kirk knew I slept in the basement where there was a phone and that my folks were in town, so knew he could pull off calling at 2:00 in the morning.  Who calls someone in the middle of the night after taking off with their ex at the end of a date with someone else? 

The phone rang and it was Rus.  Kirk felt really bad about how things had ended and was afaid to call himself.  Apperantly when Renee pulled up beside the pickup, she was bawling, he didn’t know what else to do….he thought we were just going to wait for him to get back.  Blah, Blah, Blah!  

I wound up forgiving him (again, and not for the last time) and agreeing to another date for Saturday night.  

After work that night he went home, got cleaned up and came back.  Mom and dad had taken off for the adult dance in town that night, my sister was gone to town for the night as well and my brother was home babysitting.  

Kirk and I went out driving.  Didn’t really do anything but drive and talk.  Back in the days when fuel was still cheap enough to just go out and drive the countryside all night.

At the end of the evening I walked to the backdoor with Kirk, he asked for a kiss goodnight, I said no…hell, I’d never kissed a guy before…didn’t want to asked, just kissed.  

We agreed to go out again Sunday evening.  He and his dad came over in the afternoon, we hitched up the horses to the chuckwagon and took to the alfalfa field to practice for upcoming races.  We finished, put the horses away and off they went without a word.  It was odd.  

I assumed Kirk was going to come back after going home and cleaning up.  My folks left for an anniversary party and I went down to the feed shed to sit behind the barn, watch the cattle in the feedlot and smoke, shhhh!  Time went and went and went without a word.  Something felt wrong.  

Don’t know how long I sat down at the shed when a horn sounded on the other side of the barn.  It was my brother.  Kirk wanted him to let me know that he’d run into Renee on his way home the night before and they’d gotten back to together.  F’er!  Who the f**k does that?  

I went into the shed and called his house, yes, we had a phone in the feed shed…his sister said he and his girlfriend had gone to the city to the teen dance club.  WTF?  I was devastated!

The next day he came to work like nothing.  Of course when he came in for dinner at noon, he was alone….GRAND!  Before he would eat he asked if I’d poisoned his food.  Damn, why hadn’t I thought of that!?

His story went as follows.  He was on his way home from seeing me on Saturday night when Renee pulled out on his gravel road by his house and stopped him…she convinced him into giving her another chance.  If I hadn’t already known she was a sworn virgin until marriage who didn’t even like “making out”, I’d have known what had gone on.

One great weekend!  My first date EVER, second date and all sorts of fun times with his ex!

Could things get any better?