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Monday 18. September 2017


Had a grand day today!  Met up with my high school art teacher for lunch, guessing the employees at Olive Garden LOVED our taking up a table for two hours.  Ms. H. was one of my most favorite teachers during my grade school years, we bonded and was always able to talk to her about any and everything.  We’ve stayed in touch on and off over the 26 years I’ve been out of school, she was at my wedding and she invited me to her wedding.  She’s kinda awesome!  One of the few people in my life who has always been blunt and point blank with me in any issue.

Been bonding with my cousin Brookie the past several days, being busy we hadn’t talked all summer.  Was pretty funny, about a week or so ago Bubba asked if Brookie and I were fighting, he said we hadn’t had any of our epic three hour phone conversations in ages.  Boys, they don’t get that the best of friends can get busy with life and go months without talking and then have time to get in touch and it’s like three months haven’t passed. 

During Hurricane Irma my father-in-law send Old Boy and others of us in the family this app called Marco Polo…if you haven’t tried it, it’s AMAZING!  I’m not a big fan of texting, it takes too stinking long and that speech to text thing doesn’t work for me since the damned thing seems to have issues understanding the words I’m spewing.  It’s a virtual walkie talkie, you hit the record button and can talk to your little heart’s content, hit stop and it goes to the person you want…and if they are on the app at the same time, they can listen to you in real time, or listen to at a later date.  Brookie and I have been having way too much fun talking at each other the past several days!

Sadly, woke up Saturday morning to read that a guy whom I rode the school bus with for many years and whom graduated from high school with my brother, passed away overnight of a heart attack, he was 51 years old.  One of the few guys whom Brother would have over from time to time, was always kind to me.  Really hating this getting older thing.  Daily I check the obituaries on line and hope to not read a name I know.  It’s getting harder and harder.

Now is time for my new daily thing to look forward to…have discovered a channel that has two episodes of Barney Miller on five days a week.  So loved watching those reruns when I was a little kid!  Comes on at midnight, perfect ending to the day, only wish it were on seven days a week.  Might have to order the DVD’s from Netflix!  It’s the little things in life, right? 

Take Care!  Peace!



Many moons ago when The Girl was just a little a series of events happened within a short time that from time to time we still get a good laugh about. 

When three years old a friend gave us a blue heeler pup, the runt of the litter, we named him Sam.  KSCN0028_edited-1.jpg

Girlie and Sam were inseparable from the start, they were quite the pair!  As they grew their bond became so strong that no one besides me, The Old Boy and the grandparents could get near her without Sam coming between.  In time we started calling him Brother, it fit.  Living in a small town of about 250 and with my working at the town’s small Mart and with Brother going with us almost everywhere, people knew Sammy at K’s Brother. 

Think it was the summer after K turned 5 that a new family to town bought and started up the small town cafe.  Often K and I would go to the cafe at noon with our friend Miss Velma, eat dinner and socialize.  Almost always we wouldn’t eat all our food, we’d get a box to take the leftovers home for Brother. 

One day Miss Velma was laughing as she said she had a hoot of a story.  The owners of the cafe were rather concerned about K’s brother, we never brought him in to eat with us and they never saw this brother any other time when they would see me and K.  The very kind people thought we had this little boy at home that we didn’t bring out in public and would take our leftovers home to!  Miss Velma told them that they had seen Brother, the blue heeler dog we often had with us when walking around town.  They’d never even thought that the dog could be the Brother we took our food home to! 

About that same time a young family moved to town, not far down the street from where we were living.  The mother came to me one day with a story.  This mom was teaching Vacation Bible School in town and K was with her group.  After the story she told she asked all the kids to raise their hands if they had siblings and K raised her hand.  Mrs. H. asked K about her siblings being she’d seen us many times and had never seen any other children.  K said she had a brother named Sammy, he was her dog! 

The love between a girl and her dog, absolutely priceless!




(our county fair royalty 2017)

Yesterday I was flipping through my Facebook home page and caught a post from a cousin of mine asking if Homecoming Royalty has passed it’s time and whether or not it’s fair to the non-popular kids.  One of his options to keeping the tradition and making it fair to everyone would be to put all names in a hat and draw names and asking for peoples opinions. 

All but one person who had answered his question stated they thought homecoming royalty had passed it’s time by 50 years, that it isn’t fair and homecoming should totally be gotten rid of, that homecoming itself had passed it’s prime.  One person whom I don’t know but know the name as being from our school agreed with my thoughts.  One.  There were more than 20 people who had posted their opinion. 

Seldom do I give my opinion on any Facebook HOT BUTTON type issue/social anything and I stay away from Twitter because my blood pressure would only go through the roof more than reading many posts of FB.  Yesterday I dared to give my opinion in a way that was as non-blood pressure raising to those who think differently than myself. 

Homecoming isn’t forced on anyone, those who wish to participate can do so and those who don’t wish to can stay home and let everyone else in the community enjoy themselves.  When I was a senior in 1990/91, I remember homecoming week as a time of unity (my graduating class was around 45) and bonding.  I belonged to neither the popular group, athletic group or any of the other groups in our school, I went to school and did what I had to do and went home.  I got along with almost everyone in the school but it wasn’t my thing.  At the end of the day I didn’t socialize with school people, had other interests.  With that being said, homecoming week was so different.  Everyone was ONE, we were the Wildcats, we were proud of our school.  Guessing things haven’t changed that much, why take that away from those who so enjoy homecoming week and all that comes with it. 

The gal that agreed with me stated that my drawing names out of a hat for homecoming court would be the same as everyone getting a participation trophy, absolutely 100% agree.  She said that her daughter hadn’t been chosen for the court and even though her daughter runs in the popular crowd, it was no biggie.  Her daughter was happy for those who were chosen and was planning on enjoying next week.  Why can’t we all think that way? 

My niece was chosen for court (above as our county fair queen) and we are proud of her, she’s been super involved in school and out of school activities and is kind and giving.  If CR hadn’t have been chosen we still would have been happy for everyone who had made court. 

I feel that in this day and age there is too much super-sensitivity going on.  As the other mother also stated, if these kids don’t learn in school how to deal with being chosen or not being chosen for things they want, how are they going to be as adults when things don’t go their way?  Spot on!  Kids need to toughen up and the older generations who have gotten soft also need to toughen up.  This world is a mighty tough place…taking offense to everything doesn’t get us too far in life. 

Let kids be kids and enjoy something as simple as homecoming week during their youth.  Adulthood comes too soon in life, let the kids enjoy their youth for the short time they have it.