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Monday 27. November 2017

Really hoping this week doesn’t go anything like today…seriously one of those Mondays.  Frustration, anxiety, irritation and a little bit of joy thrown in.  

20171127_2031221953323756.jpgFinn being so helpful while I’m working

The good news, my sister-in-law received the call to head to Omaha last night…after over a year wait she should as of now have her new kidney!  So many prayers going out to the family and loved ones of the person who lost their life…one of those happy occasions but then again, our happiness means another family is in mourning.  Shell has been in such rough shape for so long, really hoping and praying this kidney takes. 

The not good news is this morning Old Boy’s dad went to have his first radiation treatment, shortly after it ended he became nonresponsive.  CAT and MRI, again, he had this happen a few weeks ago while at home…don’t know the result to the MRI but the CAT came out showing nothing.  Grampa was admitted to the hospital for the night for observation.  Really wish and pray something will be found out soon.

This aging thing has really hit home, we are no longer the little kids…we are our parents and our parents are now the grandparents and the adjustment at times has not been so easy.  Thankfully our mothers are both healthy and going strong.  Old Boy’s dad has this cancer crap going on and he just seems to keep getting weaker and weaker and paler and paler.  The doctors seem to be befuddled as to these spells he’s been having. 

My dad has dealt with crap since coming home from VietNam, he’s one of those lucky ones having been dealt the Agent Orange card.  He came home in 1968 or 69, I was born in 73, so have never known him to not have raw patches on his body, wasn’t until the mid-1980’s when someone finally refered him to the VA and some answers started to be answered.  He was told he wouldn’t make it to see me graduate from high school…my oldest has graduated college.  Oh, dad is in better physical shape than the rest of us around her at age 73, still farming, but he’s started having issues with cancers popping up on his face.  The doctor just keeps hacking away, thankfully each time the spots heal real well.

Wouldn’t it be great if time could just stand still?


Monday 20. November 2017

Walking through the mall yesterday afternoon brought on one of those sadnesses that thankfully doesn’t hit too often. 

The girl was born a month before I turned 22.  The pregnancy went really well, but the having her part was so horrible that I swore never again.  We were a good five hours away from family and I was so alone.  No one came to the hospital to see us until we were checking out 24 hours after K was born, a cattle buyer Old Boy worked with.  We have always said it was a good thing she was born on a day off work because Old Boy’s boss wouldn’t let him off work the day after, so I was literally alone the entire day after K was born. 

Six years later I changed my mind, Old Boy was happy because he wanted another but knew the having K part was so tough that he wasn’t going to push it. 

K and Bubba are seven years and one month apart in age.  I remember telling Old Boy that I’d changed my mind about having another when we were at the hospital, he told me it was a little too late to change my mind.  Thankfully, the boy was much easier than the girl, what a difference having a pleasant hospital staff makes. 

Old Boy chose to get fixed about five or six years later even though I was starting to think we should try for one more.  A few years ago I had a partial hysterectomy, so we are and have been done, done for quite some years now. 

There are times I get the strong feeling that we have a missing family member, like we were supposed to have three kids.

Walking through the mall yesterday I happened to see a couple teeny tiny brand new babies and it really made me sad.  I’m only 44 and my oldest is a month from turning 23 and my baby will be 16 a month after that.  I really feel there is someone missing, guessing that’s why I treat my Chihuahuas like kids.  Much to the irritation of my human children! 

Sadly, Our Girl, at this point in time feels no want to ever have a child that isn’t a dog.  She feels this world is too scary a place to bring a child into being.  I wonder how much of that decision has to do with the birth control method I implemented when she was 16 and I found she was being a normal 16 year old.  The last three years of high school I made her help with church youth group for pre-school through fifth graders.  Almost 30 yahoos wound tight after a full day of school, perfect birth control for any high schooler! 

Sometimes I wish, but I know it’s too late for me. 



(our county fair royalty 2017)

Yesterday I was flipping through my Facebook home page and caught a post from a cousin of mine asking if Homecoming Royalty has passed it’s time and whether or not it’s fair to the non-popular kids.  One of his options to keeping the tradition and making it fair to everyone would be to put all names in a hat and draw names and asking for peoples opinions. 

All but one person who had answered his question stated they thought homecoming royalty had passed it’s time by 50 years, that it isn’t fair and homecoming should totally be gotten rid of, that homecoming itself had passed it’s prime.  One person whom I don’t know but know the name as being from our school agreed with my thoughts.  One.  There were more than 20 people who had posted their opinion. 

Seldom do I give my opinion on any Facebook HOT BUTTON type issue/social anything and I stay away from Twitter because my blood pressure would only go through the roof more than reading many posts of FB.  Yesterday I dared to give my opinion in a way that was as non-blood pressure raising to those who think differently than myself. 

Homecoming isn’t forced on anyone, those who wish to participate can do so and those who don’t wish to can stay home and let everyone else in the community enjoy themselves.  When I was a senior in 1990/91, I remember homecoming week as a time of unity (my graduating class was around 45) and bonding.  I belonged to neither the popular group, athletic group or any of the other groups in our school, I went to school and did what I had to do and went home.  I got along with almost everyone in the school but it wasn’t my thing.  At the end of the day I didn’t socialize with school people, had other interests.  With that being said, homecoming week was so different.  Everyone was ONE, we were the Wildcats, we were proud of our school.  Guessing things haven’t changed that much, why take that away from those who so enjoy homecoming week and all that comes with it. 

The gal that agreed with me stated that my drawing names out of a hat for homecoming court would be the same as everyone getting a participation trophy, absolutely 100% agree.  She said that her daughter hadn’t been chosen for the court and even though her daughter runs in the popular crowd, it was no biggie.  Her daughter was happy for those who were chosen and was planning on enjoying next week.  Why can’t we all think that way? 

My niece was chosen for court (above as our county fair queen) and we are proud of her, she’s been super involved in school and out of school activities and is kind and giving.  If CR hadn’t have been chosen we still would have been happy for everyone who had made court. 

I feel that in this day and age there is too much super-sensitivity going on.  As the other mother also stated, if these kids don’t learn in school how to deal with being chosen or not being chosen for things they want, how are they going to be as adults when things don’t go their way?  Spot on!  Kids need to toughen up and the older generations who have gotten soft also need to toughen up.  This world is a mighty tough place…taking offense to everything doesn’t get us too far in life. 

Let kids be kids and enjoy something as simple as homecoming week during their youth.  Adulthood comes too soon in life, let the kids enjoy their youth for the short time they have it.