Tuesday 4. February 2020

Starting to get the cabin fever…ready for winter to start loosening up a bit, although in all reality we haven’t had near the winter like the winters we had when I was a kid. The older I get the less and less I care for winter.

Have been filling in, subing at the junior high school a bit more lately. Has been nice getting out and talking to adults and seeing the kiddos. Last week the gal who was hired to take over when I left, put in her notice…there has been hinting going on about whether I would be interested in coming back full time….have to say that I am considering it.

Our small school has been hit pretty hard lately…in January we lost a teacher and two former principals, three in one month was tough…four days ago we lost a high school student to an accident…such a sad time.


True Story….Do You Believe?

Ruby and I went to the folks yesterday afternoon for a weekly weekend visit….dad told me this amazing story and it just hit me that I had to share it…true story…

Ol’ Bob passed away, gosh, can’t recall at the moment whether it was spring or summer…pry should have asked dad…anyway….Bob passed away while fixing fence…he was round about 90 give or take a year or so…good old guy.

When the ambulance folk came to take Bob away~a young calf came over and laid down in the same spot Bob was just removed. That alone touched my heart.

Dad was in town days ago and learned that recently Bob’s wife (who had been a school teacher of my 76 year old dad) and family had loaded up the herd to sell…guess who was never found? That calf…nowhere to be found. Those are the times that remind me, that to me, God is real….

Much Love and Happy Sunday….