Garden Shoes


Have had these babies for just short of 10 years and they’ve more than seen their fair share of wear and tear, but I just can’t part with them…there is a meaning behind them, a turning point during a bad time in life…so the past few years they’ve been my garden shoes, I can till, weed eat…you name it, and there’s very little chance of my hurting myself…Yes, I am one of THOSE people…walking and talking and chewing gum at the same time can be risky at times!  XOXO  Peace!

Tuesday 16. May 2017


When you realize…after over 25 years…that you’ve given and given and given to the point of losing who you are…having given up on all your hopes and dreams to give your all to your family…to make them better…to make them happy…that they wouldn’t do the same for me….another mother/wife taken for granted…awesome feeling!