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Fair Time

This week is our county fair, always tons of fun…one of the best county fairs in our area, but guessing I’m a bit prejudicted. Bubba and friends have been several times, Old Boy and I have only been once with only two days yet to go.

The rodeo was last night, the guys didn’t no any good. Was actually a pretty crappy night for most of our friends, but those nights happen. Old Boy and partner have had a fairly good year this year, so no complaints. Had a good time visiting with friends and harassing my father (he started it, so all’s fair!)…and of course the fair food, always so good and over the years I’ve learned to limit myself of the once a year treats.

Visited with one of my oldest and closest friends for a bit (something we don’t make much time to do) and with Pastor. Actually didn’t see too many of the year in year old regulars, which was fine being I wasn’t in a totally social mood.

Years like this it bothers me that Bubba no longer participates in 4H…he always enjoyed the monthly meetings and various activities throughout the year and he loved going to the fair, he just never could be motivated to do the work it takes to prepare for the fair. Sometimes mom has to put her foot down, got to the point a few years ago where I had to say we are done, if I have to harp and nag to get you to do projects….done. Wasn’t very popular that year, but isn’t that part of being a parent? I miss the fun of being active in the fair, but at least can still go and see all my nieces, nephews and cousins kids are doing…just not quite the same.

Have been in such an ugly mugly mood as of late. This is the first summer Bubba has his drivers license, he’s seldom home, always working for grampa or various neighbors, which is a good thing, just a new norm for ma and having a hard time adjusting to not being needed so much anymore. An almost empty nester after 23 years of being a stay-at-home mom, not easy. Old Boy is enjoying the slower pace, I would say quiet but anyone with a chihuahua or three knows that quiet seldom happens. A different type of quiet.

The boys had baling to do this afternoon, had to get a kick watching them unload bales. Two 16 year old boys who fancy themselves being such strong, hard working guys…47 year old Old Boy ran cirlces around them. The boys were on the rack unloading onto the elevator, Old Boy was grabbing and stacking up in the loft…he was continually standing and waiting. I just watched and took it all in. The year Old Boy first worked for Dad and Brother we baled 14,000 bales of alfalfa, we went through many high school kids who would work one day and wouldn’t be able to help again. It was hard work, Old Boy was only two years older than these two Yahoos are now. They couldn’t have handled it. I shake my head often when Bubba tried explaining various elements of baling to me and I just say yes, I know, I get it, been there, done that, I grew up on a farm with way more acres…of course now Dad big round bales everything and it’s fun for Bubba to haul bales and stack while inside an air conditioned cab tractor, wasn’t how we did it 30 years ago. Dad round baled very little back in those days…most of these fancy horse people who buy from him want the big round bales where we like the little so we can control how much the horses and cattle get when they start to put on too much weight.

I did give in afterwards when the guys went to load their second rack, took Tess into town for a treat. She’d been pouting all afternoon being stuck home with me and the minions.

She was far from happy when I told her no more licorice for her…she moved from the riders side of the pickup to the console and pushed on me while driving. Old Boy said that’s her trick and makes her get back on the riders seat. She seems to not mind me as well as she does Old Boy. She’s right at about a year old, so has a mind of her own, shuts her ears off when she doesn’t like what she’s being told.

Well, definitely past my bedtime. Hope to get to the fair tomorrow and see what all I missed last night. Sweet dreams!


Kids Day Weekend 1989 (1)

Baling season and once again only the hired “boys” are in for dinner (that would noon for those who call that meal lunch), mom was at work so I was in charge of dinner for dad, Brother Bart and the hired hands.  

“So, Kirk, you going to the Kids Day dance on Friday?”, “I suppose, are you?”, “Yeah, planning on it, you?” , “I’m going.”, “Who are you taking?”, “I don’t know, who you taking?” , “I don’t know.”, “You know, you could ask Brooke.”, “Yeah, and then you can take Mel.”, “Sounds good, Mel, what do you think?”

WHAT????  Holy Crap, did the guy I’ve been lusting over for the past six or seven months just say that he wanted to take me to our town’s Kids Day Dance?  What the….?  Thinking that boy has a girlfriend….

Wasn’t until later that I realized the boys had planned this conversation.  Looking back, they were like a couple of junior high aged girls and I have to laugh because it was hilarious!

PROBLEM!  Not only did Kirk have a girlfriend, but I was only 16 and I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 18 and my cousin was 14, Rusty was 15.  How was this going to work?  

Brooke had a major crush on Rusty, so when I told her, she did the jumping up and down squealing thing that all girls that age do when asked out by a guy that were lusting over.

A night or two later Rusty called for Kirk to see if I was really serious about going out with him.  A couple nights before the dance Kirk stopped by after going home and cleaning up after work to tell me that he’d just broken up with his girlfriend. HELLO!  This was getting real!  Never in all my life did I think someone as gorgeous as Kirk, who had girls chasing him on a regular basis, would want to go out on a date with someone like me.

Now to deal with the major problem…how was this going to work?  Neither Brooke nor I were allowed to go out on dates. (Brooke would be my cousin, we grew up like sisters, our mothers are sisters)  

We asked our respective parents if we could go to the Kids Day Teen Dance, just me and Brooke, and got the okay and a MIDNIGHT curfew.  This town has less than 600 people, so not exactly as dangerous of a thing in 1989 as now.  We arranged it so we would just meet the boys in town start our date from there.

Funny thing…we actually all got ready for this double date in the SAME bathroom.  Since we were baling, a crazy time, the boys asked my dad if it would be okay if they got ready for Kids Day at our house since after work Kirk would have to run Rusty home one town over, go to his place and clean up and then go back and get Rusty.  It would save a lot of time.  Just a bit awkward, although Brooke and I were ready to go before the boys even came in to get ready. 

We actually all had supper with my folks that night.  We thought we were so smart!  After eating we all got up and headed out the door at the same time.  As we were walking out my dad said, “Boys, take good care of the girls!”  BUSTED!

We met in town and walked around the carnival for sometime.  Nothing like a big mistake, several of Renee’s (ex-girlfriend) followed us around town.  The shit we were giving about Kirk taking out THE BOSS’ DAUGHTER and work benefits were coming at us left and right. 

It was some time before the dance started, so we wound up driving around town in Kirk’s little Chevy S-10 pickup, it was so small Brooke had to sit half on my lap and half on Rusty’s.  We didn’t stay in town too long because Renee’s friends started following us around.  We drove all over the countryside.  At one point in time the boys let us see their amazing air guitar skills when ‘Bad To The Bone’ came on the radio.  We laughed so hard!

The dance started out great!  Kirk and I danced and danced.  He had on a nice bright yellow t-shirt (looked awesome with his dark farmers tan), his belt and buckle, good cowboy boots and his good cowboy hat.  He was so gorgeous and having him hold me, the first guy other than my father, while we danced was just…words cannot express.  

At one point my “little brother” (the son of family friends) came up to say that several of the kids were having a hay day talking about us, where was Renee, were they not dating anymore and so on.  The didn’t hurt so much as hearing that one of my cousins had said she didn’t know Kirk had bad enough taste to go out with me!  OUCH!

Not too much later and Kirk and I were out dancing to “Walk The Dinosaur”, one of Kirk’s best friends and his girlfriend (One of Renee’s best friends) came up to us and talked to Kirk and then next thing I knew I was on the dance floor ALONE.  Strike one!

I went and sat down and shortly after, Brooke and Rusty came and sat down and asked where Kirk was.  Rusty went to find out what was going on and after I don’t know how long, seemed like ages, Brooke and I decided we were going to walk downtown to the car and go home.  Neither boy had come back.

As Brooke and I were walking out of the community center, Kirk was walking back to the building from the street.  As luck would have it, Renee had showed up to the dance, saw us together and had a major meltdown.  Mike and Tami had come to get him while we were dancing so he could go talk to her.  NICE!

Needless to say, we chose that time to leave the dance.  As we were pulling out of the community center we were stopped by the town cop, Bumpy told us what we already knew, we had one person too many in the pickup.  Kirk told him he was just driving us downtown to get our car and we were free to go.

We spent the rest of the evening out driving the country gravel roads and talking.  At one point Kirk had his hand rested on the stick shift and started rubbing his little finger on my hand, felt like I had styrofoam in my head.  Brookie noticed and from time to time would jab me in the side.

When it was time to get back to town to get my car and go home, Kirk decided he’d just take us home and we could get the car in the morning.  Before we left dad had reminded me that the car had been losing oil and we were to check it before we headed home for the night, if need be, we were to have someone bring us home.  We weren’t even a mile out of town when Kirk turned around and said that Brooke and I should pry take the car home so we wouldn’t have to take time out of the next day to do it.

When we pulled up on the left side of my car, another car pulled up on Kirk’s side of the pickup….he got out, leaned in the car window and talked to…surprise….Renee, and then walked around to her drivers side door, got in her car and DROVE OFF!  WITHOUT A WORD!  Strike two!

Rusty felt really bad and I assured him that it wasn’t anything against him, he said he’d stay in town and wait for Kirk to come back, we didn’t need to take him home.  

My heart was so broken…of the nine mile drive home I remembered very little of it when we got home.  An hour or two later the phone rang and it was Rusty, Kirk felt really bad about what had happened and wanted to apologize.  Renee was bawling and shaking when she pulled up beside the pickup and blah, blah, blah.  

I’m sure by now you have noticed that Rusty was the man each and every time Kirk wanted to say something to me.  He couldn’t do it himself, good or bad.  

And the weekend wasn’t over yet.


Baseball Anyone?

Shortly into the summer of 1989, my friend Stacy, from my town, and I went to her little brothers baseball game in the town Kirk was from.  

The way the ball field is set up, there is a circular drive around the field.  As Stacy and I and other M-town friends watched the kids play, I noticed Kirk driving around the field time and time and time again.  At one point I said to Stacy, lets walk to my car and see if he’ll stop and talk, you’ve GOT to see this guy!  

We got to the drive just as he drove past and waved…I remember stopping and looking at him drive away, somewhat shocked that he didn’t at least stop and say hi.  Before we had time to move too far, he backed up and stopped to say hi.  I remember asking him why he wasn’t with his girlfriend and he said something to the effect that he was taking his time, not really wanting to go see her.

After the game I went home and Stacy went home with her family.  About 10:00 or the phone rang, which wasn’t unusual at our place.  Mom was in bed and dad was out baling hay.  It was Kirk and he was asking if dad was still baling, wondering if he should come out and see if dad needed any help.  I didn’t know, so he said he’d come out to check on dad. 

Holy Crap!  When Kirk got there, he came down the basement stairs and we started chatting.  Of course, I was curious, he’d gotten tired while at the girlfriend’s house and told her he was going home to bed.  He went home and called our house and then told his folks that if Renee called, to tell her that he was sleeping and they didn’t want to bother him because he’d been working so hard.  He then drove around town to get from his side of town to mine, he didn’t want any of her friends seeing him and reporting on him.

We talked for what seemed like ages.  He sat on one side of the couch and I sat on the other and I was as nervous as a cat. I remember at one point he looked at me and said he was going to have to take me out on a date sometime, I told him I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 18…he said he was just going to have to talk to my mom and just tell her…MaryLou, I’m taking your daughter out.  

I didn’t think he was serious.

He stayed that night until all the tv channels were off the air.  The last show we watched was Billy Graham, we joked about that for years.  That’s how bad we wanted to spent time together, we were watching church on tv.

It was the best night!