In The Beginning #2

As luck would have it, Kirk showed up to work on the farm the next day, and the day after that.  We had ourselves a new hired man!  

The routine was that Kirk would start work at 8 a.m., just as dad was finishing morning chores. 

Mom was working in the city and always left for work by that time.  I slept in the basement that summer, which was just steps from the backdoor.  

Wasn’t long before Kirk started showing up early for work and would holler down the basement stairs to wake me up.  I’d come up and we’d play cards at the kitchen table until dad came up when the horse and cattle chores were done for the morning.  They’d go out to work and I’d haul my ass back to the basement and go back to sleep until it was time to get up and start dinner for dad, Brother and Kirk.  In our house dinner was and is at noon, supper at 6pm.

One day not long into the summer vacation my dad asked me if I would help Brother and Kirk work cattle, he had to go to the VA for a treatment and it would be so much easier with three people…my brother and I have never worked well together and he knew I wouldn’t help if he weren’t there, but asked if I would do it for him.

Hell Yeah!  I could deal with working with Brother if I was going to get to work with Kirk and get to look at him all day!  Since I’d be working outside we were to go into town for dinner.  

Have to say that I was pry the most dolled up shot giver, pour on giver, back chute running chick to ever work cattle!  

The first part of the day went fairly well.  Brother and I didn’t have any major blows. However, odd for me, I kept bending and breaking syringe needles.  At noon Brother sent Kirk and I into town to eat while he ran to the vet supply in the city to restock needles.

While driving out the drive Guns n Roses ‘Patience’ came on the radio.  Kirk whistled along, he couldn’t whistle, but I didn’t care…I was in a vehicle….ALONE…with Kirk!!!


The entire nine or so miles to town Kirk talked to me about his girlfriend.  She wouldn’t let him drink, she wouldn’t let him smoke, so he kept mouthwash and foo foo under his pickup seat.  She wouldn’t let him hang out with his friends.  We were at the S-curve when he looked at me and said….”you’re like a sister to me”.   WTF?!  Not what I wanted to hear!

While at the cafe, while waiting for our food to come, Kirk told me that he’d heard I liked his friend Chris, they were in the same grade.  Kirk told me to stay away from his friend, that we was hard on girls.  Didn’t know what that meant, but wasn’t about to say so.  Hell, Chris was ancient history, the guy across the table was the one I wanted! 

On the drive back home Kirk proceeded to tell me about the motorcycles he’d had and the accidents he’d had on said motorcycles.  As we were driving up the big hill to the landfill stop sign he looked at me and said, “you’ll have to ride on my motorcycle with me sometime and you’ll have to hold on real tight”.  Holy CrapBalls!  Absofuckinglutely!

Wish I could say the rest of the day went as well as the first half.  Long story short…Brother and I had a round, a shovel was maybe thrown at a person….it didn’t connect…and I said I was going to the house and maybe told Brother to “have fun”. There were were maybe some punches thrown, I may have gotten a chipped tooth and Kirk maybe threatened to kick someone’s ass if they threw another punch.  

Always GOOD TIMES working with Brother when I was a kid!  

The boys had to finish working cattle themselves the rest of the day.  Sweetly, at the end of the day Kirk asked if I was okay.  I was, I was more hurt that my brother would lay a hand on me than I was by the punches to the face.  Days later when it all came out I was the one blamed, mom’s baby boy could do no wrong…although was told he would be gone if he ever raised a hand to anyone ever again.  Dad said nothing and never asked me to help when he wasn’t around again.  

What would happen the next week?  Hmmmm…..