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Funny thing, sat down and wrote last night and just hadn’t gotten so far as to log in and write it out yet…this popped up on my FB page earlier today and this goes with what I’ll be following this video with…..

The family and I have been following this guy’s videos for a couple years now and would have to say can’t think of one that I’ve disagreed with thus far.  

Sitting here listening to The Greg Gutfeld show and the crew are talking about “The Day Without Women” that happened this past week~it triggered a long ago memory.  

Thinking I was just still junior high age~my dad, brother, my grandpa and I were out at one of the family’s pasture grounds to do something with the cattle out of pasture.  We had three horses and four people~can you see where this is going?  

Don’t recall much but I do remember my grandpa telling me to get down from my horse so he could use Charlie, I was to watch the gate.  My dad told his dad that I was good where I was and he was going to stand gate duty.  

That wasn’t the first time my dad sided with me over his dad~nor was it the last. Dad never talked disrespectfully to his dad or made a big deal, he would basically just say that I was fine and could keep helping.  

Many a time we’d be down at the yards working cattle through the chute (vaccinating or treating a sick animal) and grandpa would show up and tell me he could take over, that I could go to the house and help mom.  Dad would give him a different job and tell me I was fine and didn’t need to go to the house.  

When I was a senior in high school and told my grandpa that I was going to study agriculture in college he told me I needed to study something else~agriculture was for men.  I didn’t listen and after my first year in college and learning how kick ass my grades were he told me he was proud of me!  The only time in life I remember him ever saying that to me.  Never again did I ever hear him make any comment about my needing to sit back and let the guys do the work out on the farm.  

Don’t misunderstand~my grandpa was a kick ass man!  He supported him family and was the epitome of an awesome grandpa~he just grew up in another time and with that being said, looking back to him and my grandma, she worked beside him on the farm.  Recall my dad telling once how when he was old enough to drive the tractor and feed wagon, he’d drive and grandma AND grandpa were both scooping feed from the wagon into the feed bunks.  

I wonder now if all those times grandpa wanted to take my place working cattle was because he wanted to help and I was the youngest.  I see grandpa basically having treated all us grandkids the same.  When it came to the college thing, I wonder if it was him seeing agriculture being a mostly male dominated business that he thought there’d be no job for me in the field?

When I was younger I didn’t see a lot of women out farming~I did see a lot of wives, sisters and daughters our helping on the farm.  When it comes to farming I see it as a way of life more than a career.  When cattle get out it’s all hands on deck and the whole family goes out to get the cattle in and then find where they got out and fix fence.  Whenever it’s a big job where many hands are needed it’s all hands out the door.  

When it comes to field work it’s the same thing, each person doing what they are best at or most capable of.  When we baled I wasn’t out riding the rack~I was helping in the kitchen to feed the guys.  I didn’t have the upper body strength to be out stacking bales~but if an extra hand was needed I’d drive the tractor with the rack.  

In college we were all treated equally.  The few of us girls had to put in the same hours feeding at both the beef and swine units.  When we were working cattle Ron and Ty (instructors) didn’t assign the jobs, we either chose what job we wanted or we rotated and each person had to do each job as we went along.  When we processed newborn piglets it was all hands~each person just choosing what they were going to do and we worked to get the job done.

I have no experience outside of my rural life~don’t know how it works or has worked outside of my bubble.  I watch  the news and read historical books and that’s my only insight outside of my bubble.  I just don’t see in this day and age anything that screams unfair~like I said~I have only limited knowledge.

Lastly~when it comes to the whole woman as president issue~I couldn’t care less…I vote for whom I feel I relate to most in my belief system.  I think the majority of people are the same.  I point to Margaret Thatcher who led England back in the day.  When we have someone like Maggie run for the office, we’ll have a woman president!  

But~that’s my opinion.  


Wednesday 8. February 2017

Having one of those weeks.  Thinking I need to run away, maybe somewhere warm?  Oh hell, as long as no one can find me, guess it doesn’t really matter where!  

Long story short, Kaet wound up taking my jeep back to NebraskaLand with her this past weekend.  She’s wanting something more economical and roomy to drive on their trips home with the dogs and her pickup just wasn’t hitting either of those points.  

She was given the pickup to take to college and was told that if she graduated it would be her graduation gift to with as she pleased.  She graduated in December and we hadn’t signed off on the title yet, was waiting for her to decide if she was going to keep or trade it and to save up for licensing now that she has a full time job.  

Over the past number of months we’ve come to the realization that we’ve outgrown my jeep.  I downsized after Kaet went off to college, thinking I wouldn’t need such a large vehicle anymore. It’s a great vehicle, just not great with these tall boys I have riding along from time to time and not so great for going on our little overnight trips.  I do pack everything including the kitchen sink, even if only going to be gone overnight.  I have to have options!  It could rain or snow, be sweatshirt and coat or t-shirt weather…just never know.  

So, while home it was decided that Kaet wanted the jeep.  So now it’s vehicle shopping time…I’d much rather go to the dentist to get a tooth pulled or drilled on than go vehicle shopping.  Put me out of my misery now!  

Kirk thinks I should get a pickup and have a cover put on the back…he has two pickups and Leo has one and at the moment we have Kaet’s until we trade it off.  Do we really need another pickup?  I’ve had them in the past and like them and with the cover on the bed makes traveling easy…but, do we really need another pickup?  If I get a SUV he wants to make sure it’s something he doesn’t have to get down in like with the jeep. Doesn’t really matter, we’ve had big, medium sized and smaller SUV’s, he hasn’t liked any and we had almost always wound up taking one of his pickups on little trips if no rain has been in the forecast.  But he tells me to get what I’d like.  

We did go into the city to the Ford dealership this afternoon, he’d like me to stick with a Ford being the pickup we have to trade in is a Ford and figures that’s where we’ll get the best trade in.  I did find a pickup with the tonto cover over the bed that I liked, not loved, but liked…but they didn’t want to give a trade in price that Kirk would even consider, it’s only four or five years old.  My keeping the pickup is not something I want to do, didn’t like it when he first got it for his work vehicle.  

I really, really, really don’t like shopping for vehicles!


Monday 5. December 2016

So enjoying spending some time in my chair tonight!  Went to Nebraska City with a friend today for a bit of Christmas shopping!  Up by 7 a.m., running crazy to get ready while Kirk and Leo were getting ready to get out the door.  We are really lucky that this isn’t an everyday thing…two bathrooms are not enough for the three of us.  Not sure, but one would think two guys could work with one bathroom, but what do I know.  

Most know I’m NOT a morning person, once upon a time I was, but that was before working night hours at Wal-Mart when I was a young newly wed and then kids and being a stay-at-home mom…I just work better at night when people are sleeping.  The Old Boy doesn’t like it, but such is life, not getting enough sleep is what I’m doing to myself.

Jo was here about 8 this morning and off we went.  It was nice getting to drive through Omaha after the morning work rush.  I don’t do Omaha well, I can get to the zoo and to where Kaet used to have dance competitions each spring and I can drive through on I80 and I29, but don’t actually like doing any of the above because I don’t do well in intense traffic.  Last time I drove through during rush hour and swore next time I drove through that I was going to put a sign up on my back window warning that I was a RURAL DRIVER!  God Bless everyone who can drive in the wall to wall traffic, my nerves just can’t handle it.

There’s a nice western store in Nebraska City.  Jo and I possibly went a little crazy!  We were able to make a good dent in our Christmas shopping though.  

We asked the people working as The Fort about a good place for lunch and they sent us to the neatest little tea room with the best soup and paninis.  We sat and visited and shopped a little more in their neat shop, tons of Christmas do-dads and what-nots.  Picked up three beautiful glass ornaments.

By the time we headed back north Omaha was starting to pick up, was a bit more stressful but Jo let me know when I could and couldn’t make lane changes.  

Kaet started her new job today, a big girl job with benefits!  She also started her last week of college today! Seems crazy that we have a child old enough to be done with school.

The really crazy thing hit me last night while washing dishes…Kaet is a couple weeks short of the age I was when I had her.  My mom and Kirk’s mom both had two kids kids already by the time they were her age.  It blows me away, she’s so young and I didn’t feel that young at the time Kirk and I got married and then had her more than a year-and-a-half later.  

We actually got married two weeks after I graduated from college. Thankfully she’s listened to me and my mother over the years, how to not settle down too soon, to live life a little before even starting to think about it.  I was 20, mom was 19, Kirk’s mom was 16, her mother was 15, when we got married and we all have thus far remained married to the love of our teen lives.  Of course Gramma Max passed away a handful of years ago.

I’m so happy to see how Kaet has changed over the years and so proud of how she’s turned out thus far and so proud of her mindset about so many things in life.  We worried when she was in junior high and high school and early college, somewhat of an airhead…sorry Kaet…she had her moments when it didn’t seem as though she knew up from down.  She’s made a lot of good decisions and we’ve talked about down the road and I’m so impressed with her throughts for the future!  

Know if she’ll only change her mind about someday having a grandbaby for me to spoil!  The granddogs just aren’t the same, although I’m in no hurry….have one of her high school boyfriends who has two little girls I can spoil at the moment!

With all that being said, suppose it’s about time to get off my duff and get a few things accomplished tonight.


Saturday 26. November 2016

We’ve been having a great Thanksgiving weekend at the Homestead!  Family time at The Lakes with my mom’s side of the family on Thursday, and the big kids were able to make it home from NebraskaLand on Friday morning!  

Kirk and one of his roping buddies went out to Nebraska on Friday for a team roping and brought home a little money to take both families out for supper last night!  We all met up at our local steak house/lounge, kids and all.  Ran into several people we knew and was able to get in a lot of visiting!  

Grampa showed up before we left, Kaet and Dallas had a few drinks with him and then Liz showed up and I wound up going home alone!  The kids hung out in town and then went home and spent the night with my folks.  I’m sure dad was tickled, he and Kaet have a bond unlike with any of the other grandkids and he’s always so happy to get her to himself! 

Bubba wasn’t too happy.  He was excited to have his sister home and was hoping for as much time with her as he can get with her boyfriend along.  We wound up finishing up watching a Christmas movie with me and he and Finn crashed and wound up sleeping on the couch in the basement.  

We were able to make some time to go to the city to do some shopping.  She has a new job at a bank she starts in a week and was needing some business clothes.  Was really shocked the city wasn’t near as busy and crazy as it usually is this weekend of the year, guess on-line shopping has really changed things.  Definitely not complaining!  It was nice to get in and out fairly quick!

This evening we did go down to The Godfather and Aunt Kathy’s.  They missed Kaet and Dallas not being able to make it  home last weekend for Thanksgiving, so we wanted to get down so they could see each other.  We had grabbed meat, cheese, crackers and cupcakes at the grocery store in the city, so we took supper to them and sat and visited and told stories for a few hours.  

The kids are back at Gramma and Grampa’s tonight.  Spending a little extra time with them before heading back out west in the morning.  Gramma hadn’t gotten to see much of Kaet yet, and like Grampa, they have a special bond.  First grandchild!  

Although it was only a short trip, it was great having her home!  Going to be even tougher now that she graduates college in two weeks and starts her new full time job in one week.  

We knew when she went away to college that there would be a chance that she would maybe like it enough to stay when she was done with school, or meet a guy out there that would also keep her from moving back home.  Ag college, most of the guys are family farmers who will be going back home once they graduate and there aren’t too many people from this area that go to school out there.  We don’t have the large cattle operations here like there is out where she is.  

It’s all good though.  When we were her age we were married and living not far from where she is living now.  Actually, at her age, I was less than a month away from having her…day after Christmas Nebraska Baby.  Being young and away from home is actually something I would recommend to every young adult…you have to stand on your own two feet and learn how to take care of yourself and can’t go running home to mom and dad every time you stub your toe.  Kirk and I have said many, many times that it’s the best thing we could have done when we first married…we had to depend on one another.  That was the main reason we encouraged her to go away to school.  

As long as she’s happy, that’s the only real thing that mattters.  She has enjoyed most of her school experience.  The first half year was tough.  Since May she’s worked two and three jobs at a time, the girl is a worker!  She is one strong gal and we are so proud of her!  She was always strong minded, going back to when she was a little girl…she was never afraid of meeting new people and trying new things.  It’s reassuring that she has really fit in with her boyfriend’s family, she has people to go to if she needs…there is a support system for her, something that I wish we would have had when we lived out there.  Sometimes you do need a couple people to lean on on a bad day. 

But, now…back to NebraskaLand for the kiddos.  They are ready to get back to their children…the dogs had to stay home this time because they cound themselves with ringworm and had to stay with their other grandparents.  


Tuesday 22. September 2015

So excited!  Bought this book today!


Feeling SOOOOO frustrated!  I am NOT smarter than a 7th grader!

I’ve been on Bubba’s backside the past couple weeks to bring his homework home!  My niece is in the same grade at the same school and she has homework…he should have homework.  I get e-mails everyday for the classes he has below an 80%, so I’ve known the classes he’s need to work harder at.  

The social studies teacher e-mailed me today to tell me the work that he has that he’s supposed to redo.  We sat down at the supper table tonight, he had all his papers out and I helped him to the point of explaining what the question was and what he was looking for in order to find the answer, I refuse to give him the answers or do all the work for him, not a way to learn.

We use the physical dictionary at our house.  Yes, I know it’s easier to use the internet, but how does a child learn how to spell in the day of spell check?  Every time he needed to know how to spell a word I made him look it up in the dictionary and explain how to look for a word he’s not completely sure how to spell.

We were doing really good until his social studies vocabulary sheet.  I was so frazzled that I told him to work on his map worksheet while I tried to figure out the vocab paper.  There was a list of pry seven or eight words and then a list of definitions, one of those deals where you put the letter of the definition in the blank behind each vocabulary word.  

Really thinking this worksheet came from a different book or something.  I’d look each of the words up in the glossary of the book, none of the definitions were even close to any of the words.  After about a half hour I told him that he was going to have to go talk to the teacher in the morning, maybe she could help.  I was even looking up the word in the text and reading the entire paragraph…nothing!

Had Kirk look at it when he got home from roping.  He looked in the glossary, we got out the dictionary…he thought he would be able to say, duh…well, he went so far as to ask Siri and she couldn’t even help!  

We’re talking the words scale, latitude, longitude…shouldn’t have been so hard.  

So, the phone is gone, along with the tablet and ipod…the boy has to get his homework under control, he’s a smart kid, he needs to push himself and when there is something that he can’t get, like this worksheet, he has to talk to the teacher.  He hates asking for help, but he’s just going to have to learn how to give in and ask for help.

Never would have thought 15 years ago that the entire education would be so stinkin’ hard.  Guess I don’t remember having to have my folks help me too much when it came to school work.  My folks also weren’t strict when it came to grades, mom has said several times over the past several years that they didn’t push grades because neither she nor dad liked school.  I remember when we’d get downslips in the mail we’d hear, time to buckle down, and that was it.  Think that’s why my brother, sister and I push our kids so hard with their grades.  

Thankfully, Kaet is having a lot easier time so far this year with her classes.  Last year she struggled so hard just to pass. There were so many times last year that she call me upset, telling me that she knew she was going to flunk out and that she was trying so hard and just couldn’t seem to catch a foothold.  Several times she called and would say she wanted to change what she was studying, which was an impossibility where she is because she goes to an agriculture college, that’s it. We just kept telling her she needed to finish the year, that by going to school so far from home was a learning experience in itself that was just as important as her schooling.  One of our big goals was her learning she could survive on her own, take care of herself out in the real world and that learn that she doesn’t need to focus on having to have a man to take care of her.

It has been so wonderful watching Kaet blossom over the past month.  She’s gotten out and done more outside of school than she was able to last year.  Of course the learning part needs to be first and foremost, but it’s so nice seeing her get outside of her bubble.  

Love our kids to pieces and push them to succeed so that they can be the best people they can possibly be!  Don’t want to see them half ass it.  They have so much in them and want to see them fly!


27. August 2015

We have the first four days of school down!  One yet to go, and we are so ready for the weekend!  As usual, takes time to get the old body used to the change in routine.  

Of course, this year we are driving Bubba to school each morning since we are open enrolling to a neighboring school.  We actually only live maybe three miles from the end of the bus route, so when we actually get used to the morning run, thinking I’ll talk to the school and our neighbor about maybe Bubba catching the bus there.  Afternoon is no issue, he takes the bus to my folks place.

Bub actually seems to be doing really well with this change.  Seems to be making friends and liking the difference of this school.  Can’t get him to agree to joining the football team.  He keeps bouncing back and forth between yes and no, seems to be leaning more towards no.  He seems to want to play, but it seems as though there’s something holding him back.  Can’t get it out of him.

Tonight I told Kirk that I think we should just make the boy play this year.  Kirk grumbled.  Told him that made I Kaet try several activities that she didn’t want to.  How do you know if you are going to like something if you don’t give it a try, and if you can’t decide on yes or no, just go and do it, you may regret not giving it a shot one day.  Step out of that ol’ comfort zone.

UGH!  Sometimes being a parent can be so difficult.  When to make and when to not make a child do something can sometimes be a really tough decision. 

The girl is doing really well at college!  Kirk and I wish we would have known about this ag college when we studied agriculture in college.  Agriculture is all that’s studied where she is, Veterinary, Horticulture, Livestock Management and Ag Business are the only courses at this school.  It’s an amazing place!

Last year Kaet had a longtime boyfriend when she went off to college and all she did was go to class, study and sleep.  She didn’t go outside of her bubble, didn’t do things with friends unless it was running to the city for groceries or supplies, not wanting to endanger her relationship.  This year she is single and willing to get out and live a little.  These girls have been out to a lake and fished and have done the rope tied to a tree and swinging and jumping into the lake, they’ve even been out doing the slip n slide thing.  Obviously, school is number one, but getting out and socializing and living is also a part of being young and living.

It’s so hard to look at Kaet and realize that I’d been married a number of months by the time I was Kaet’s age.  It’s crazy to think that Kirk and my folks didn’t throw a shit fit about our marrying so young, I mean, Kaet is so young!  Then again, my mom and Kirk’s mom were 19 and 16 when they married, our dads were a titch older.  Craziness!

Watching me some Celebrity Wife Swap…Holy Crap!  This Old Lady so could not swap families for an experiment!  I can see the temper tantrums I’d be having when I had to step out of my routine.  The show really shows just how different all people and all couples and families really are.  What things are important and what things are not important to various people.  I like my life the way it is…


23. August 2015

Starting to think it’s about time to just chop my ear off!  Have dealt with some massive pain, several meds and a couple of shots the past few weeks and I swear the sucker is just getting worse!  Saw Doc twice last week, Friday she said to give the second shot and meds until Wednesday and we’ll see how things are going….yeah, going to have to be going back tomorrow.  I can handle quite a big of pain, this is just ridiculous.

I AM DONE WITH PIERCINGS!  In January I got a helix (where the ear meets the head area of your ear).  I have nine other ear piercings and a tenth (conch) that I let grow close a few years ago because it was causing issues and needed meds, but it was NOTHING compared to this S.O.B.  Mix in a little bit of swimmers ear and we are having a great time!  Looking like an a Keebler Elf!

The daughter is completely settled at school!  Was able to get all her books for this term for just over $200.  Kirk and I were thinking about the need to do the Happy Dance!  Her roommate made it this afternoon and hopefully this year all will do well down that yellow brick road.  Won’t hold me breath!

Last year Kaet and Chey chose to be roommates, against Kirk and my better judgement.  You know how it goes though, sometimes you just have to tell your grown child what you think and let them make their own choices and then they also have to deal with them.  We’ve ran in the same circle as Chey and her parents for several years.  Really nice people, we’ve always gotten along with them, but the girls never became friends.  They found out they were both going to the same college 400 miles away from home and decide to room together…we told Kaet that they shouldn’t room together, that there was obviously a reason they never became friends all the years they’d known each other.

Kaet and Leo are seven years apart in age, Chey has siblings who are quite a bit older as well.  Both girls basically grew up with a single child type mentality.  Both are very hard headed and want things done their way.  Both have tempers.  Both are used to having their own rooms and really not having to share a whole lot.  

Think they lasted maybe a month.  From the calls and texts I got, there were a lot of yelling and screaming and throwing things and slamming doors.  Oh the joy!  The RA actually came to them to say there was an unused room if one of them was interested.  They got along a lot better living across the hall from one another.  They were able to get to know one another and have actually become really close while learning each other’s triggers and signs that tell the other that it’s time to leave the other alone.  Hopefully, this year will go better!



The funny thing is, the girls dorm in a remodeled NURSING HOME.  To me, that would be no big deal…really shocked that Kaet applied to get into that dorm.  The girl is freaked out by pictures in our home of people who are no longer living.  For years she’s feared that they look at her.  Where I find cemeteries a relaxing and peaceful place to go for a walk and visit with the relatives, she gets extremely anxious about being where dead people are.  How she’s going to live in a building where many people have passed away, not so sure.

Last one starts tomorrow!  7th Grade!  New School!  Mom is nervous!  Shouldn’t be nervous, we were at the school last week, he knows his way around the school, has talked to most of his teachers, knows several kids…mom is still nervous. He’ll be fine, he always is, the child has a way about it that draws people in.  I’m sure once I know the bell has rung and the school day has started that I’ll calm down.  

Had a very productive day!  The boys went roping and I tore Bubba’s room apart, washed all the blankets and bedding, moved things around and threw a bunch of crap away that never would have hit the garbage had he been home.  Wonder where he gets his hoarding from?  Don’t look at my boxes of boxes of boxes and bags of bags in my basement!  They may come in handy one day!

Even made dinner AND supper today!  That doesn’t happen too often…Bubba is such a picky eater that he’s taken the joy out of cooking.  Throwing things together is what usually happens, we had actual MEALS today.  Craziness!

Well, crap…should pry get some work down on the baby afghan I’m almost done with for my crazy cousin, baby number 5! Love her to pieces and I’ve told her time and again that she’s crazy, but she is an awesome mom and loves kids.  I like to spoil them and send them back to their parents!  This mama likes her funky screwed up internal clock!

Makes life interesting!