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Fair Time

This week is our county fair, always tons of fun…one of the best county fairs in our area, but guessing I’m a bit prejudicted. Bubba and friends have been several times, Old Boy and I have only been once with only two days yet to go.

The rodeo was last night, the guys didn’t no any good. Was actually a pretty crappy night for most of our friends, but those nights happen. Old Boy and partner have had a fairly good year this year, so no complaints. Had a good time visiting with friends and harassing my father (he started it, so all’s fair!)…and of course the fair food, always so good and over the years I’ve learned to limit myself of the once a year treats.

Visited with one of my oldest and closest friends for a bit (something we don’t make much time to do) and with Pastor. Actually didn’t see too many of the year in year old regulars, which was fine being I wasn’t in a totally social mood.

Years like this it bothers me that Bubba no longer participates in 4H…he always enjoyed the monthly meetings and various activities throughout the year and he loved going to the fair, he just never could be motivated to do the work it takes to prepare for the fair. Sometimes mom has to put her foot down, got to the point a few years ago where I had to say we are done, if I have to harp and nag to get you to do projects….done. Wasn’t very popular that year, but isn’t that part of being a parent? I miss the fun of being active in the fair, but at least can still go and see all my nieces, nephews and cousins kids are doing…just not quite the same.

Have been in such an ugly mugly mood as of late. This is the first summer Bubba has his drivers license, he’s seldom home, always working for grampa or various neighbors, which is a good thing, just a new norm for ma and having a hard time adjusting to not being needed so much anymore. An almost empty nester after 23 years of being a stay-at-home mom, not easy. Old Boy is enjoying the slower pace, I would say quiet but anyone with a chihuahua or three knows that quiet seldom happens. A different type of quiet.

The boys had baling to do this afternoon, had to get a kick watching them unload bales. Two 16 year old boys who fancy themselves being such strong, hard working guys…47 year old Old Boy ran cirlces around them. The boys were on the rack unloading onto the elevator, Old Boy was grabbing and stacking up in the loft…he was continually standing and waiting. I just watched and took it all in. The year Old Boy first worked for Dad and Brother we baled 14,000 bales of alfalfa, we went through many high school kids who would work one day and wouldn’t be able to help again. It was hard work, Old Boy was only two years older than these two Yahoos are now. They couldn’t have handled it. I shake my head often when Bubba tried explaining various elements of baling to me and I just say yes, I know, I get it, been there, done that, I grew up on a farm with way more acres…of course now Dad big round bales everything and it’s fun for Bubba to haul bales and stack while inside an air conditioned cab tractor, wasn’t how we did it 30 years ago. Dad round baled very little back in those days…most of these fancy horse people who buy from him want the big round bales where we like the little so we can control how much the horses and cattle get when they start to put on too much weight.

I did give in afterwards when the guys went to load their second rack, took Tess into town for a treat. She’d been pouting all afternoon being stuck home with me and the minions.

She was far from happy when I told her no more licorice for her…she moved from the riders side of the pickup to the console and pushed on me while driving. Old Boy said that’s her trick and makes her get back on the riders seat. She seems to not mind me as well as she does Old Boy. She’s right at about a year old, so has a mind of her own, shuts her ears off when she doesn’t like what she’s being told.

Well, definitely past my bedtime. Hope to get to the fair tomorrow and see what all I missed last night. Sweet dreams!


Rodeo and Rain

And once again, we have rain!  Starting to think we have just about enough.  Had an inch earlier this week and we were just getting dry enough again to get out and work in the gardens.  

We’ve had horrendous humidity this week, where it hits you in the face as soon as you open the front door.  We went to the rodeo at the fair the next county south from us tonight, it didn’t take long before my clothes felt like I’d taken them out of the dryer damp and put them on.  I stayed long enough to watch Kirk and Dave make their run and I headed home. They both caught and even with penalties for breaking the barrier and catching only one hoof, they were in third place when we left.    

The kids have been fired from taking pictures and video.  We have some great pictures of video of the arena fence and you can just see that something is going on on the other side of the fence.  UGH!  Guess I didn’t teach them how to do the picture/video thing worth a crap.  With the guys luck this summer, it’s too bad we didn’t get some good pictures.  


(Leo, Kayla and Kaet)

It was nice spending time with the kids tonight.  Always nice when the kids choose to spend time with the old folks! Kaet’s ex rode bull for the first time tonight, I didn’t stick around to watch him but thankfully he didn’t get hurt, he only lasted about three seconds, but with his luck, I’m just tickled he didn’t get injured.  

The boys called a little while ago to say they were heading home, they headed to rodeo number two as soon as they were done with their first run tonight.  They were rained out, rescheduled for 8:00 tomorrow morning.  Fun times!

Now it’s time to get the place in order this weekend, get things ready for the kids and my vacation we are taking my mother on.  Have the daycare lined up for two of the three dogs, he has to deal with the little one on his own while we are gone, she’s too young to go to daycare.  Laundry is actually almost done, now it’s to get the kids to get their rooms cleaned and get the fine tuning done.  

Always something going on around here.  Wouldn’t want it any other way.