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Fair Time

This week is our county fair, always tons of fun…one of the best county fairs in our area, but guessing I’m a bit prejudicted. Bubba and friends have been several times, Old Boy and I have only been once with only two days yet to go.

The rodeo was last night, the guys didn’t no any good. Was actually a pretty crappy night for most of our friends, but those nights happen. Old Boy and partner have had a fairly good year this year, so no complaints. Had a good time visiting with friends and harassing my father (he started it, so all’s fair!)…and of course the fair food, always so good and over the years I’ve learned to limit myself of the once a year treats.

Visited with one of my oldest and closest friends for a bit (something we don’t make much time to do) and with Pastor. Actually didn’t see too many of the year in year old regulars, which was fine being I wasn’t in a totally social mood.

Years like this it bothers me that Bubba no longer participates in 4H…he always enjoyed the monthly meetings and various activities throughout the year and he loved going to the fair, he just never could be motivated to do the work it takes to prepare for the fair. Sometimes mom has to put her foot down, got to the point a few years ago where I had to say we are done, if I have to harp and nag to get you to do projects….done. Wasn’t very popular that year, but isn’t that part of being a parent? I miss the fun of being active in the fair, but at least can still go and see all my nieces, nephews and cousins kids are doing…just not quite the same.

Have been in such an ugly mugly mood as of late. This is the first summer Bubba has his drivers license, he’s seldom home, always working for grampa or various neighbors, which is a good thing, just a new norm for ma and having a hard time adjusting to not being needed so much anymore. An almost empty nester after 23 years of being a stay-at-home mom, not easy. Old Boy is enjoying the slower pace, I would say quiet but anyone with a chihuahua or three knows that quiet seldom happens. A different type of quiet.

The boys had baling to do this afternoon, had to get a kick watching them unload bales. Two 16 year old boys who fancy themselves being such strong, hard working guys…47 year old Old Boy ran cirlces around them. The boys were on the rack unloading onto the elevator, Old Boy was grabbing and stacking up in the loft…he was continually standing and waiting. I just watched and took it all in. The year Old Boy first worked for Dad and Brother we baled 14,000 bales of alfalfa, we went through many high school kids who would work one day and wouldn’t be able to help again. It was hard work, Old Boy was only two years older than these two Yahoos are now. They couldn’t have handled it. I shake my head often when Bubba tried explaining various elements of baling to me and I just say yes, I know, I get it, been there, done that, I grew up on a farm with way more acres…of course now Dad big round bales everything and it’s fun for Bubba to haul bales and stack while inside an air conditioned cab tractor, wasn’t how we did it 30 years ago. Dad round baled very little back in those days…most of these fancy horse people who buy from him want the big round bales where we like the little so we can control how much the horses and cattle get when they start to put on too much weight.

I did give in afterwards when the guys went to load their second rack, took Tess into town for a treat. She’d been pouting all afternoon being stuck home with me and the minions.

She was far from happy when I told her no more licorice for her…she moved from the riders side of the pickup to the console and pushed on me while driving. Old Boy said that’s her trick and makes her get back on the riders seat. She seems to not mind me as well as she does Old Boy. She’s right at about a year old, so has a mind of her own, shuts her ears off when she doesn’t like what she’s being told.

Well, definitely past my bedtime. Hope to get to the fair tomorrow and see what all I missed last night. Sweet dreams!


Monday 7. November 2016

Don’t know where October went…doesn’t feel like the beginning of November, we are having such a mild fall.  We’ve had no rain in about two months, even the farmers working on getting the crops in have been saying we could use a little rain.  The weatherman in calling for a chance this evening, but isn’t sounding like he thinks it’ll happen.  We are taking every day as it comes though, knowing winter will show it’s ugly head before we are ready.


Have been watching the neighbors this morning…Kirk talked to one of the brothers recently and believe he said this field and the one across the road from us are their last two fields this year.  Usually they are one of the first areas they harvest.  Must be shaking things up a bit this year.


Always enjoy watching our neighbors harvest.  It’s a family operation…mom, dad, sons and daughters.  They have more land than dad farmed as we were growing up.  Dad never used trucks, just a tractor and wagon and one hired combine man.  The corn was just brought down the hill to the silos and unloaded at our place because we fed what we raised.  Not sure if the neighbors raise livestock or not.  Pry should know since one of the granddaughters is one of our “extra kids” that spent a lot time here while growing up.


Dad has his own combine now.  He only farms the one field at our place now, my brother has the other field among others he now owns and rents.  He farms some with his former brother-in-law, they have the combines and trucks like our neighbors here do.  Different generation.  Dad still does everything the way he always has and there’s no changing him, although I know it frustrates my brother.  If it makes him happy, that’s all that matters!



Today I’m going to start trying to get myself built back up after being down the past five weeks with the chest crud.  Was feeling quite a bit better last week but wasn’t able to get much accomplished, after being down for so long, doesn’t take much for me to get worn down…so frustrating.  Have never been sick like this ever, to my knowledge.  Thirty minutes of house work and I’m done.  Makes me feel like my age is catching up with me.


Our girl came home from college for the weekend, hadn’t seen her in two months.  She brought her boyfriend and their two dogs with them…talk about mass craziness.  We have three chihuahuas (that don’t like other dogs) and they have two cow dogs that don’t like other dogs or cats…we have a house cat that is seldom seen, as all cats should be…she has a job and she does a great job of it, haven’t seen in mouse in many years.  Needless to say, they wound up staying the weekend with my folks.


As it happened, Grampa Leo’s birthday was on Saturday, so we stopped by to a get a picture.  As I asked Kaet’s boyfriend, don’t all families take family pictures at the cemetery?  He just smirked and shook his head…it’s not something we did growing up…it’s just me.  Leo was named after Kirk’s favorite grampa, started taking a picture of Little Leo every Memorial Day weekend way back when L.L. was little.


Leo was so tickled to see that he’s now taller than his sister, and by several inches.  In August she was still a titch taller.  A bit of a sore spot with her…her freshman year in high school she fell asleep while driving and flipped her vehicle…fractured two vertebrae and lost 1 1/2″ in height…very touchy subject.


We were thankfully lucky enough to have gorgeous weather and were able to get out for the afternoon on Saturday…we took Dallas to Jolly Time, always a fun place to stop.  


We celebrated my mom’s 70th on Saturday evening.  Everyone but one grandchild was able to make it…that doesn’t happen often now that Kaet lives so far away in NebraskaLand.  She didn’t want a big party like we had when dad turned 70, she wanted low key and immediate family only.  Was a nice evening…no fighting…always a good thing!

IMG_7679.JPG(Little Leo, The Godfather…Uncle Steve, Aunt Kathy and Great Aunt Phyllis)

Yesterday we celebrated Kirk’s Great Aunt Phyl’s birthday…she does not like being called Aunt Phyl, but that’s what I call her…but not when she’s around, the name seems to fit. She’s the only sibling left in her family, an awesome lady!  Had a great time visiting with family and celebrating a wonderful young lady!  

Now it’s on to putting the house back in order after being sick for so long and on to getting ready for Thanksgiving!  We are having Kirk’s side of the family gathering the Saturday before at The Godfather’s.  Kaet and Dallas will be able to make it back for that!  My in-laws and two uncles will be home from Florida as well!  

Kaet will be staying out west this year for Thanksgiving, last year she and Dallas were here, so they are going to be with his family this year.  I’m not thrilled about it, but I get it…it’s going to be hard, but it’s just something I’m going to have to get used to.  Been there are done that way back when Kaet was a baby and we lived out in south central Nebraska.  We couldn’t make it home to every holiday and it was tough.  All our family and friends lived back here.  Have to do what you have to do though, no matter how hard.

I suppose I’ve rattled on more than enough.  Think I’m stalling on my housework.

My Best To All!


Tuesday 27. October 2015

Painting the living room ceiling today….AH, the fun!  Listening to a little bit of Hannity and hollering at the kiddos…that would be the minions, the dogs…they are having too much fun running around the plastic sheets on the floor.  What do you do?  Just hoping they don’t oops into the ladder…not wanting to land on my ass too badly…

21. June 2015

We have summer going in full swing now!  Long days and too short of nights.  After a good month of way too much rain, we’ve finally dried up and have been able to get into working and playing outside.  


My Oma’s famous daisies are in full bloom.  A few years before she passed away she made me take some because she had so many.  So thankful that I did, my cousins who bought the house tore them out and it made most of the family sick to see them gone.  They’ve finally spread enough that I’ve finally been able to start sharing them with the cousins.  Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make people so happy!


After years of looking, we were finally able to find me a horse.  Meet Emmett!  We have been bonding and getting used to one another. This evening I took him around the barrels for the first time.  We had a rough first trot or two around, but he was starting to get the pattern down and stopping wanting to go back to the gate between the first two barrels.  Kirk and Kaet have been working on team roping with him and say he’s making progress.

Bubba got a horse too, LeRoy, don’t have a picture of him yet.  He even looks like a LeRoy.  We are tickled that Leo is starting to show some interest in the horses.  He’s our little gear head!  Kirk and I grew up riding horses on our farms, yet never have pushed the kids towards them.  We’ve seen too many families who have pushed and pushed their kids to rodeo and wound up hating anything to do with horses.

Haven’t been to too many rodeos/ropings yet this summer.  The crew ropes several times a week at a few different arenas around here.  In about a week the season is really going to kick into gear.  Looking forward to it even more this summer since Kaet doesn’t have to work weekends on her internship, so she’ll be able to come along to most trips this summer.  She wasn’t able to go to any last year with working two jobs most of the summer.


(Kaet and Cole)


(Kirk and Kaet)


(Mom and Kaet)

We were able to hit a local professional rodeo a few weeks ago.  It was a good start to the summer.  Memorial weekend and we couldn’t get enough clothes on to keep warm.  That was a first.  It was really nice to go and not melt!


(Kaet and Kayla golfing)


(Nicole and Kaet out with the bows)

We’ve actually had a lot of time to spend doing family things this past month and it has been so nice.  We’ve hit some movies, have gone to the mall to just do something together and have gone out for supper.  Having Kaet away at college has made us realize how we should be doing more things together as a family.


Kaet and I actually took our first mother/daughter weekend last weekend.  Went up to Sioux Falls and did some sight seeing. Didn’t realize just how much there was to see there.  I started going to Sioux Falls back when I was in junior high when my dad started going to the VA there, I knew there was a zoo…there’s so much more than a zoo there.  We had a gal point us to the older section of town where there are so many things to see….


We just walked and talked and had a really good time.  

Dad and Leo weren’t overly thrilled about having to stay home and have to babysit the dogs.  It was a hot weekend and they mowed and weed eated and emptied out our old barn that was being torn down a few days later.  Kirk said that next time I go anywhere and he stays home, that the dogs will be going to doggy daycare!  We have three chihuahuas and they are a bit needy.  Kirk said he didn’t sleep well, they were on him and up against him and would grumble at him when he’d try to roll over or move in bed.  I thought it was pretty funny.  Big tough guy!

This week Leo will be going to church camp, three nights, so not so bad.  He’s far from thrilled, haven’t made him go the past two years, the last time he went he had mommy issues even though I was on the property for the 24 hours of his camp. Hoping this year goes better.  When Kaet was his age she was going to seven day church camp.  

My goal for the week…with Leo away at camp and Kaet working during the day, maybe I’ll be able to get this house in order! With working on the garden and yard work and roping a few times a week, this place looks like more than one tornado has blown through.  Dishes?  Who wants to do dishes?  We have no counter space!  When we don’t eat supper until after 10 p.m., no one wants to wash any dishes.

Time for a little bit of Greg Gutfeld and thinking about winding down for the night…


What’s Next?

I’ve been a stay-at-home wife and mother for most of my adult life.  There have been times in our early years when I had to work, mostly before the first and before the second, when we just couldn’t make it on one income alone.  Our youngest just turned 13, so it’s been a really long time since I’ve had to work outside the home.  We have been very fortunate, our kids have been very fortunate, especially in this day and age when it’s getting harder and harder for families to get by on one income.  It’s not something we take for granted, we know we have been greatly blessed to raise our kids as we were.

We now have one away at college and our boy, although I am truly fortunate to have a son who still likes to go out on mom/son outings, is doing more and more guy things with his dad and the guys.  It’s the way it goes, of course, and that’s fine with me, I am not a GREAT boy mom.  I have friends who are awesome boy moms, they can take a car load of boys to a water park for the day and have no stress at all, I am not even close to being that way.  On the rare occasion I let the neighbor boy come over for a few hours I am stressed.  Why is it that boys this age are just….gross?  Seriously?  I just don’t get it.

For so many years I was the stay-at-home mom that did the majority of the running with our daughter and her friends.  I enjoyed it.  Softball, volleyball, dance, the mall.  When they wanted their hair curled and done up for school pictures or for going to a dance, I was the one they called.  When there was something one of them needed to talk about and were too embarrassed to talk to their moms, they’d come talk to me.  I enjoyed it!  They all called me Mama Mel, most still do on the rare occasion I get to see any of them being that they are all away at college now.  I could take a pickup load to the mall for the day and it would be enjoyable.  

Now I am at a point in my life when I don’t feel so important.  The girls don’t need me anymore.  There are still two that still need me on a weekly basis and that makes me feel good, but with one being five hours one direction and one being seven hours the other direction, it’s not exactly the same.  That’s okay.  I’ve really worked on weaning our daughter, she’s making really good progress on learning how to make decisions on her own.  Sometimes some of the things she comes to me for are really things that she needs to learn to do on her own and she doesn’t always like hearing that, but she knows she can still use me as a sounding board although I won’t give her my opinion.  

I spend a large amount of time alone, which doesn’t bother me so much being that I love my quiet time.  My brother and sister were just enough older than me that they didn’t give me much of their time, I was just the annoying little sister, so by the time I was our sons age, one was a junior and one was a senior and they were seldom home.  I just learned how to entertain myself and learned how to be on my own.  

This is a different kind of alone though, a kind I’m not used to…no one really needing me on a regular basis besides the basics of clean clothes, food in the belly, that kind of thing.  It’s to the point of my needing to find myself, needing to find something for myself.  With being the only female in the house now I’m tired of picking up dirty clothes off the living room floor, shoes from under the kitchen table and dishes up out of the bedroom.  I live with pigs…I really did a disservice to my husband and children by always doing EVERYTHING for them, I always just walked behind them and picked up after them. 

Part of me has thought about getting a small time job for something to do, but then I start to feel claustrophobic, I’ve always been able to stop and go when someone needed picked up at school, taken to a guitar or dance lesson or to go to a roping with the family.  With a job I couldn’t do that, the thought makes me feel panicked…my husband likes it when he wants me to go with on an overnight cattle buying trip or an overnight roping that I can just drop and go, he doesn’t like the thought of my getting a job for that very reason.

I’ve thought about going to school.  I love politics.  I’ve thought about teaching but my children both said I wasn’t the teaching type, not a lot of patience when someone isn’t getting it.  The thought of studying and having to retain information kind of makes me feel nervous as well.  It’s been a lot of years since I’ve had to memorize and remember much of anything of major importance.  

The first step has been figuring out that there has to be more out there.  I’m missing something and it’s time I try to figure out just what it is.  

Still working on it, although I do believe I made a major break through today, with Kaet now away at school and only being home about once a month and will pry only live here full time during the summer until she graduates and then still will pry never live here full time again, it’s time to do something with her room.  She’ll still have her room, but with our small house, it’s time to do some painting and downsizing of her things and turn that room into one that can be used for something else as well.

Seems as though once you get comfortable in one phase of life, the next phase comes along and throws a person for a loop.  

That phase would include two chihuahuas that may think they are human…it’s always something!  🙂