Tuesday 4. June 2019

Summer is here! Last day of school was this past Thursday…the longest day EVER! You know how when you are so wanting something and time slows to a crawl…that was last Thursday. Was a perfect send off of the year too…three couples had to be broken up for inappropriate touching on school property, seventh and eighth graders…they all looked at me like I was out of bounds telling them to STOP TOUCHING! Hauled four sixth graders to the office to spend the last part of the day in detention for out and out rolling on the ground, punching each other. What the hell? It’s probably wrong of me to do so, but I’m constantly telling them what my high school principal used to tell us back in the late 1980’s…take it off school property…fight all you want, but not on school property. Yeah, we had a pretty cool old cat for a principal back in the day!

So tickled to be on a three month vacation! Or three months of recouping from the last nine months. Definitely need some time to find my sanity again and get caught up on the house! Have two rooms, almost three rooms CLEAN! A few days ago I didn’t even know where to begin, that’s how far behind and how bad of shape the house had gotten. Told myself I’d start on our bedroom, the sheets needed washing…so a good place to start. Now I’m just moving to the next room from the one just finished and it seems to be working well. Actually feel like I’m starting to accomplish something. Have even started on the weeding. Feels good!

The past month we’ve had a few ups and downs in the family. The kind of events that makes one appreciate life and those we love most. We lost my amazing great uncle a few weeks ago, 87 years old and one of the loves of my life! We didn’t grow up close with my gramma’s youngest brother and family, but after marrying and having our first child our family dynamics seemed to change, Uncle Bob and Aunt Norma started coming to more and more family functions and became a part of our lives. This guy was an absolute rock star! Big time tough guy with a heart of gold. So glad that we got to know him and love him and so happy to have been able to talk to him on the phone a couple weeks before he passed. The funeral was tough, had the fire fighters and veterans there. Fellow fire fighters were the pall bearers, a huge American flag was hanging from a crane at the cemetery, the 21 gun salute, the playing of Taps…absolutely beautiful send off to an absolutely great man!

Two weekends ago out daughter made it home from out west…we celebrated my dad’s 75th birthday…almost all the grandchildren were able to make it…something that doesn’t happen too often anymore. We are so blessed to still have that old cowboy with us. Dad was in VietNam in 1969…his life has been affected by Agent Orange. When I was in junior high in the mid-80’s he finally gave up on the regular doctors and went to the VA. For many, many years he drove the 90 minute each way to the VA for radiation treatments. I don’t recall a time he has ever spent in the hospital or a time when he was ill to the point of keeping him from doing his farm work. If and when he felt too sick he didn’t let us see it. He still team ropes, he still farms…can still lean off the side of a horse to pick a hat up off the ground and can outrun some of the older grandchildren. 75 years old. After I was married in 1993, I was told his doctors at the VA had said he would never see my graduate from high school, I graduated 28 years ago. Tough old bird. So blessed to still have him still with us and doing so well! He says it’s the whiskey! Could be!

Three days ago we lost our Godfather, Old Boy’s uncle. After a few year fight with cancer, he lost his battle. We knew it was coming, but it was still a sock to the gut. Uncle Steve had no son, Old Boy was always like the son he never had. After losing his brother three years ago in May, Uncle Steve rallied the family together and became the leader of the family. The family became so close and strong, it was all because of him. When Uncle Steve summoned us, we came running…his daughter one day said, you guys jump whenever he says jump, it’s like he’s The Godfather or something…the name stuck and that’s how we refered to him and saw him. 67 years old, too young. The biggest joker and one hell of a hard worker. He was like another father to Old Boy and I and like a grandfather to our kids, hating the thought of having to say goodbye to him on Friday. Thankfully The Girl has an understanding boss and is getting the time off to come home for a couple days. The Boy (17 years old) is having such a hard time, have never seen him so heart broken…breaks my heart even more. As hard as it is I’ve learned how to look at death in a new light. He’s not suffering, he’s with his mom and dad and with his two younger brothers again. We can always talk to him…maybe get to tell him a new joke from time to time.

Life is a dance! Dance!

Until Again…melmpf

Uncle Tage

I see myself as somewhat of a family historian, my dad’s youngest brother is also one as was my Grandpa Pete’s cousin Marvin.  Seems to be only one per generation in our family. I can bore just about anyone to tears with information I’ve dug up on Ancestry, My Heritage, Family Search and various other data sites.  My father refused to go cemetery hopping with me this year because he has field work to do and no time for my meandering for hours.  His words were along the line of, I want to go and visit the few I go to see and go home and not wander the entire cemetery.  Ugh, parents…what do you do with them?

Ruby insisted I not leave her home although it was 90+ degrees outside, we didn’t get very far.  She’s here visiting with my Great Great Uncle Tage. 

This man, I wish I could have really known, he passed when I was three.  The stories we’ve been told about this man, feel we could have been kindred spirits. 

Uncle Tage came to America in May 1917 along with his sister (my great grandmother) and her husband.  Shortly after settling down in Iowa he was drafted into WWI, my mother has said he was fiercely proud of his having fought for his new country…was even buried in his uniform.   

(Great Great Uncles Otto and Conrad, Great Great Grandfather Conrad and Great Great Uncle Tage)


Tage never married, worked as a hired man for my Great Grandfather and one of his brothers.  My Oma used to say that he would get down on the floor and play with her and her siblings and was much more fun than their father…once they asked their mother (Tage’s sister) why they married their dad when Tage was much more fun…and that they obviously didn’t understand. 

Over the years since learning more and more about this precious man, I’ve made a point to visit with him from time to time…there’s just something about him that draws me to him. 



Monday 25. December 2017


We’ve made it through another Christmas season.  We were all off this year, no one even the least bit jolly.  With The Girl not being able to come home, kind of tough.  Didn’t have all the birds home and under one roof.  Too much change, mom isn’t good with change.

Busy weekend, all of my own making.  Too much dinking around, putting things off since the mood wasn’t there.  Of course Old Boy was able to go to a roping on Saturday.  Can’t miss one of those ya know.

We were able to get together with all the family on all sides save Old Boys sister’s family, the nephew has the nasty flu Bubba had earlier in the week, so hopefully next weekend we can do a supper one evening.


Sisters four kids and the one with the hat on the end is my Bubba

Church two times on Christmas Eve, which is always the highlight for mom.  In the morning was a baptism and Old Boy is Godfather and the evening was church at our childhood Lutheran church with my brother, sister and five of the nine kids.

Now, onto a new year, hopefully a better year for one and all.  Hopefully a better year for all mankind!


Tuesday 14. November 2017


We’ve added to the family, this is Tess, a seven month old Australian Shepherd.  Long story short, she was given to us a few weeks ago by friends who just didn’t have the time to give her, after one of Old Boy’s visits and her absolutely loving on him each time she saw him.  She is an absolute handful and the Chihuahuas don’t love her, but they are making progress and she is so sweet…just one more piece to our craziness!  

Wednesday 1. November 2017

For years I’ve seen people do the Thankful thing for each day of November.  Decided to give it a go this year~what with the world falling apart as it is~I’m needing to remember the good.  Then again~don’t we all? 

Today I am choosing family~both blood and chosen family.  Each and every day I am so clessed for the amazing family I was born into~was married into and the chosen family in our lives. 

Nothing seems to stress a person’s love of family as much as when someone is severly ill.  Two weeks ago my in-laws moved home from Florida for the time being~Grampa’s cancer is unfortunately progressing.  We are so thankful they decided to come home to spend time with the family and work with a new doctor who will maybe be able to see something the other doctor didn’t. 

Have to say that I really lucked out in the family department, my childhood was pretty darn good and only a few family members annoy me.  My best friend is my cousin whom we grew up more like sisters than cousins.  My in-laws and their families are all great and treat me like one of their own~when Old Boy’s grandmother passed away it felt just like losing my own grandmother and watching Grampa Phil fight this cancer~feels like watching my own.

Of course, we have many family members who we do not share the blood connection with whome we love as our own family.  The place to land for The Girl and her friends when in junior and senior high school was our house and I so treasure all our extra kiddos!

I started writing this earlier today while sitting in the doctor’s office (ear infection) and a little while ago I was blessed with a note from a fellow on Ancestry.com.  This fellow was going through his father’s things from WWII and found my Great Uncle Booty’s name in a letter from a fellow soldier who had been standing behind Uncle Booty when he was shot and killed.  He gave me the name of the fellow who had written the letter and said he would not go into details but “you can tell his parents as much as you see fit”.  This fellow is researching, looking for the connection between the three men.  Thankful!

Uncle Boody's grave

Blessings and Peace!

Christmas 2016

This Christmas season I’ve really struggled with remembering the “Reason For The Season”.  Had some moments of feeling sorry for myself when I’ve had to tell myself to get over myself and remember the meaning of the season and just why we are celebrating.  Have had a few moments of wanting to break down bawling and once wanting to yell and scream and throw things.  

‘Tis The Season!

Kaet and Dal made it back to Iowa late Friday night.  They just went straight to my folks to spend the night and came home yesterday morning.  I had more than enough to get done for the evening and for today, but I made time to sit down with the kids a few times and visit and laugh! 

By the “skin of our teeth” we made church last night.  Brother walked in minutes later, after the service had just begun.  As always, pastor had a wonderful sermon and the kiddos had a cute little program.  Everyone behaved until lighting candles for ‘Silent Night’ when our extra daughter kept turning around and blowing out our candles…she 27, so I had to tell her she was going to go to hell for jacking around in church.  

In all reality, we are all always stunned when we don’t spontaniously combust when we walk into church.  We were really bad this year and last night was the first time since last Christmas that any of us went to church.  Well, except for Brother, he does go from time to time.

Afterwards we all headed back to our place for Oma’s futtjens!  We did them for the first time last Christmas Eve when we found one of my cousins actually had her recipe.  We decided to make them a yearly tradition on Christmas Eve and after doing some research recently, found that they are a common Christmas Eve thing from the area of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany that my paternal great greats came from.  

It was so nice, we had a house full!  Brother followed us home after church and mom and dad came after church where they went.  We turned on Christmas Vacation, ate futtjens and just spent time together.  We gave Kaet her birthday gifts, she turns 22 tomorrow…doesn’t seem possible.  

Gave my folks an early Christmas gift, a stuffed life sized stuffed dog…they lost their 12 year old dog the day after Thanksgiving, dad wants to get another, mom does not…there’s a long story that goes with and being told not to get them live animals anymore.  I’m the youngest, I tend to be naughty from time to time!

Usually Brother Bear hits the bar crawl on Christmas Eve, this year he stayed around and watched a movie and thought about crashing.  His kids always spend Christmas Eve with their mother, he’s all about his kids, so I know it’s always tough for him.  I like being able to bring him into our annual doings of the night.

We started Christmas at my folks about 1 today.  Think it was at least 4 before everyone arrived.  Seems I forgot to tell The Sister that the time changed from 4 to 1…that one is totally on me, I could have sworn I told her, obviously forgot during our almost nightly phone visits over the past week.  The adopted brother’s kids showed up early and their parents showed up later, they had two family Christmas’ today, the kids have more cousins on our side, so when they were done with their Grammy they headed over early.  

Kaet and Dal left for Out West about 7 this morning so they could get to his family gathering.  They didn’t make it until about suppertime.  Their pickup broke down almost half-way between here and there and had to wait until Dal’s dad showed up with a car trailer to haul them home.  Had to remind myself when my brother-in-law pissed me off that things could be so much worse, to calm my ass down.  Just so thankful they were able to get back Out West safely. 

We really did have a good afternoon with the family.  This year mom had us all bring snack foods instead of having a big meal.  It was nice, but we sure missed the big feast.  It was definitely easier.  Enjoyed bonding with my brother’s girls and our “other” brother’s girl and wife.  We played Go Fish, snuggled…was just nice!  The family had never actually spent as many hours at a family gathering before, we’ve usually “had enough” by two hours and start leaving one by one.  The teens hung out in the basement and watched a rodeo, the boys actually behaved themselves as far as we witnessed!  

So excited to finally get to sleep in tomorrow before starting back in on this house.  Told the Old Boy last night that I wasn’t going to go any cleaning up until Monday…it was the holidays and we could do crazy mess until then.  

Hope everyone had a good one!