Tuesday 7. April 2020

Are we having fun in quarentine yet? As an introvert and a person who enjoys being home, this is even getting to be a little much for me. Being farm people we are able to get out and do things, the guys more than me, be feeding time is more enjoyable now.

The guys have started fertilizing at Gramma and Grampa’s, keeps the boy from getting too stir crazy. We would hate to have to work on school work…

The weather has warmed up and the few rainy days we had have passed, so getting outside and doing a little picking up around the place…another nice thing about being out in the country, our nearest neighbor is half-a-mile as the crow flies…so it’s just me and the dogs.

Being one who doesn’t get too worked up about these type of things, haven’t been worrying, but have been being cautious…watching how things develop. We are thankfully in an area of the country where we are having cases of the virus but not many, less than 10 in our county and less than 10 in the county to the south of us…haven’t heard on the other surrounding counties. Think it may give some of us a false sense of being able to get out more than we should.

I try to continue to look at things on the “glass half full” side…at least at this point. It is a scary time, but I continue to pray…what else to do but look to the Lord for guidance and comfort.

Until Again,


Monday 31. October 2016

Another Halloween come and gone, this year we had no trick or treating, no pumpkins…just another day of the year.  Didn’t miss not doing the trick or treat thing, it’s something Leo never did like to do, so we haven’t done that around this house in years.  Did really miss not getting the pumpkin patch put in this year, next year hopefully we’ll get our asses in gear early enough in the season to get the new garden plot tilled up before the wet season begins.  There are few things I enjoy more in life than watching the pumpkins, gourds, ect., come to life as the months creep past.

Had a productive day today, getting my energy level back up as I’m starting to feel better.  Did some baking, some laundry…rode out with Bubba to put salt blocks out to the far yards at my folks’ when picking Bubba up after school.  It had been years since I’d walked the ol’ feedline bunks…memories came flooding back.  Visited with dad and Bubba while they unloaded bags of feed, salt and mineral blocks from dad’s pickup before heading south.  Beautiful fall day to just spend some time outside and do some remembering!

Bubba and I did head down to Hornick to The Godfather and Aunt Kathy’s to drop a treat off for Aunt Kathy for Halloween.  He usually gets the treats, this time we treated her!  When we were in Mitchell, SD at The Corn Palace a couple months ago she picked up some candy corn salt water taffy and loved it and has been after Kirk to stop and get her more on one of his drives through Mitchell for work…he keeps forgetting, so I ordered her some and we got it in the mail today.  Not many things are more fun than to do a little something like that for someone you care for and see their eyes light up!  It’s the little things in life!

Two of Kirk’s younger cousins were down visiting at their grandparents, so we had supper with the family, showed the one cousin the pictures we took a month ago for his senior pictures, met the girlfriend, Leo played basketball with the other cousin.  We tried to get Leo to go trick or treating with Leah, but he wasn’t thinking that sounded like fun.  She’s only maybe two years younger than Leo, they are second cousins…told him they could go as cousins…he didn’t get the humor.  Funny is something that I’ve not been often described as.

Had a really nice couple hour visit with the aunt and uncle.  We talked about the uncle who passed away in May, his headstone was installed last week…about family and how we’ve all changed since Uncle Jay was first diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago.  We laughed, we teared up…had a really great night!  

As we went to leave Bubba said he was going to jog the 1/4 mile or so to the highway…had to take a shot and laugh…he’s jogging down a long driveway, between two just harvested cornfields, after dark, on Halloween…less than a mile from The Children of The Corn house!  You couldn’t have paid me enough!  Got to love him!

Love and Peace!



KSCN0029-1_edited-2.jpg(Grandpa Raymond, Brother and dad in Montana late 70’s)

I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster a large part of today…started going through pictures last night for my brother’s big surprise 50th birthday party tomorrow.  Yes, I said it….50.  Doesn’t seem possible that the oldest of us is hitting such a mega milestone.  We’re entering a new era, we’re getting old and it kinda sucks the big one!  

Oh, my brother and I have had our ups and downs over the years, him being the oldest and me being the youngest.  He’s always been mom’s favorite, I’ve always been dad’s…sister would be our aunt’s favorite, okay, she wouldn’t find that as funny as I do, but you know….fact is that sister was born a town girl, she couldn’t wait to get off the farm and the rest of us are have farm blood running through our veins.  

When we were little mom said Brother hauled me around everywhere, that was before my memory begins.  As far back as I can remember he was doing his thing, we were all the type to do our own thing, we seldom played together.  When we did it was usually outside in the tree houses that Brother built.  Brother liked outside, farming with dad when mom would let him (allergies and asthma kept him inside until pry high school) and with his calves and building things.  

Krueger Grandkids_edited-1

cousin picture back in the 70’s, me, Brother and Sister in the back row

Although we weren’t close when we were little I obviously thought we was pretty cool.  When I could join band in the 5th grade I chose the trumpet because that’s what he played, didn’t even take Sister playing the sax into consideration.  When it was time for college I chose the same college and studied agriculture as he did.  Of course I never told anyone that, who does things like that?  Gosh, I remember bawling throughout his high school graduation because that meant he was leaving.  

No worries, he’s never left, he’s always been in the area…as a 6th grader I obviously didn’t realize that was an option.  

When Brother started his cow/calf herd he started with a Santa Gertrudis bull.  To this day I think they are among the most beautiful cattle breed.  As a little kid he had a Brahman, to this day I think they are the most beautiful animal and swear someday I will own one!  

Oma Christmas (44)_edited-1

Brother and his youngest LuLu

We had our issues as I got older.  I recall one summer we spent fixing the cattle yards fences, lots of yelling and bellering.  It was not a good experience, it was then that I learned we could not work together.  I recall a time or two it got ugly and dad gave me the okay to never have to work with him unless someone else was with us.  

But over the years we’ve gotten close in a not obvious to most people kind of way.  We aren’t a huggy family, we don’t say we love each other, we don’t show emotions around one another, we have little ways that let one another know that we care.  

He was the one to call when our Oma passed, he was the to call when our Uncle Gene recently passed, he’s the one that takes the helm during situations like that.  Instead of calling to tell our Great Uncle Bob about his nephew passing, Brother made the two hour round trip to personally tell him.  He said he would be the one to deliver the bad news.  When I was in high school and a family friend who was a few years older than me had killed himself, Brother helped the family get things in order, took donation cans to area business’ to help the family pay for the funeral expenses.  

IMG_3347_edited-1me, Dad, Mom, Brother and Sister

Makes sense then that when it came to my starting to date the guy he brought home as our hired man, Brother tried telling mom what my curfew should be.  Makes sense then that when Brother dated a girl I didn’t like and then married, I was none to happy.  Makes sense then that I wasn’t happy when she decided she couldn’t be married to a farmer that worked around the clock during haying and harvest season and during calving season.  We may be a little over protective of one another, we just don’t make it known to one another.  

It’s funny, since he and his ex divorced years ago, every time he’s started dating someone he’s gotten serious about he’s made sure to tell me in an off hand way.  He doesn’t do it to Sister, just me.  He won’t say that he’s dating someone, he’ll say, oh so and so and I went to supper the other night.  It’s subtle, but he’s letting me know.  It’s kinda funny in a kinda sweet way. 


the twins, Brother and LuLu

Seems impossible that we are now entering a new era, one we’ve always seen our parents in with their siblings.  Our parents have entered into the phase of how we always viewed our grandparents.  If we could just make time stand still.  

Happy 50th Birthday Big Brother and here’s to another 50!

Peace Always!

Farmer Girl

Driving through Omaha last week, of course smack dab in the middle of rush hour…Scared the living crap out of me!  I had mom and Bubba keeping an eye out on whether or not I had room to change lanes, mom kept saying I was doing fine and to stop worrying and Bubba was freaking out and kept asking if I was okay.  Several times I said that next time I have to drive through Omaha I was going to have to write FARMER DRIVER on the back window!  On the way back home we dropped off the interstate at Lincoln and took the back roads home, added an hour to the drive BUT it was way less stressful!


Has made me realize just how glad I am that I grew up on a farm in the middle of no where!  This Old Girl is just not up to the city thing.  Possibly a little set in my ways?  

I’ve thought about just how blessed I was to grow up on our farm, surrounded by a great family and extended family.  We had fields surrounding our home where we could roam and we had parents who allowed us to roam.  How they didn’t go crazy with worry when I’d disappear for hours while out riding my horse or just out walking the fence lines of the fields, I’ll ever know.  There were no cell phones, no gadgets to listen to music, it was just me and the world!


I remember summer days lasting forever.  We were allowed to sleep until we woke up on our own, mom was a stay at home mom, so we basically only had to keep our rooms picked up, she made out beds and did any major cleaning.  Definitely a different time!  

Of course we didn’t have cable or satellite tv, we weren’t allowed to sit around and watch tv.  We could watch late afternoon kids programming on the local channels, we didn’t schedule our activities around those shows either, we watched only on occasion during the summer and most school days when we got off the bus and were having our after school snack.  

My brother and I lived outside, my sister was born a town girl, she didn’t venture outside too often.


I started riding horses alone in the first grade when my dad bought a green broke black horse at the cattle sale.  Charlie was my first taste of freedom, we could and just be.  He could take me anywhere in the world I wanted to go, in my imagination we went back in time with the wagon trains and were scouts, so many places we went.  He was my first best friend!

My first experience driving was the Ford 7000, I’d ride with dad to feed cattle and he’d let me drive on the straightaway.  I’d walk the fence line feedbunks, clean out anything that wasn’t edible that had found it’s way into the bunks, eventually I’d run the tractor and feedwagon and dad would walk the bunks.  

In time I’d learn to drive the old van when driving the five miles to the cafe in The Hill for afternoon coffee.  From there dad set me out in the alfalfa field with the old green pickup and said I had a tank full of fuel, by the time it was empty I should have the clutch and shifting down, then off he went back to work.  


Have to say that I had a pretty charmed childhood on the farm with the horses and cattle, riding along in the fields while planting, harvesting, helping work cattle, taking the horses out to get cattle in when they’ve found their way out onto the highway.  Wide open spaces and parents who trusted us to remember what we were and weren’t allowed to do when we were on our own outside.  Sometimes I wonder how my brother and I survived some of the dumb ass things we did when no one was watching.  


Close Your Eyes

Don’t you ever close your eyes and wish that you could go back to your childhood?  I know most people say that if they could go back, that they wouldn’t.  I’m of the camp that says, if I could still have my children, and still have the lessons I’ve learned in my adulthood, than yes…sign me up!


I had an almost magical childhood.  The early years anyway.  The first negative I really remember was 5th or 6th grade and that was because of family crap, not so much peer related crap, although that came shortly after.

Growing up on a farm was the best I can imagine childhood ever being.  We had so much freedom, no electronics, only a few tv channels and no 24 hour cartoon channels.  How my mother was ever able to keep her sanity while we were out on the farm, exploring and experimenting, for hours on end, seldom checking in, I’ll never know.

I grew up on a farm that was on a major blacktop road in our area, our fields were on both sides of the highway.  We were always going back and forth, walking the fence line around both fields just for something to do.  That was a couple hour walk right there.  My sister and I would walk to the stop sign and back, about three miles round trip.  We wouldn’t always say we were going, we’d just get a wild hair and go.  Imagine kids these days going on a walk like that, just for something to do?  My kids would have the big one if I asked them to go with me on a long walk like that.  Last time I sent the kids out on a walk on a nice winter day they took their b.b. guns with them for protection, they were 12 and 19 at the time.

This past summer I was taking pictures of my daughter and her best friend before they headed off in different directions for college and asked them to get up on the big round bales, an 18 and 19 year old that didn’t know how to climb up on a round bale, I was shocked.  My friends and cousin and I were always out climbing the stacks of hay bales, the big round ones and small rectangle ones…it was fun.  We’d run over the long lines of stacked bales, jump off them and climb right back up and go again.  It’s amazing we never broke any body parts doing that, we were like monkeys.

A friend of mine and I would go and sit in the cab tractor and pretend we were farming, we’d talk on the cb, which got us in trouble a time or more.  We’d go sit in mom’s blazer at night and pretend we were on a road trip.  We had imaginations, something I’ve seldom ever seen in my children.

We would get a wild bur and get the horses out and ride them bareback around the farm, we didn’t need saddles.  We’d saddle the horses in the winter and go out to the pasture and pretend we were cattle rustlers and chase my brothers Santa Gertrudis herd, and would get in trouble for running them.  We’d pretend we were scouts for a wagon train.

When I see my children now, I feel so bad for them.  Growing up in this day and time with all the gadgets and tv channels, they’ve lost so much.  Arguing with the kids to go out when the weather is nice is exhausting.  I’m sure they get tired of the, when I was a kid, stories.  But, damn it, they’ve missed out on so much…we live on 11 acres with a grove that would be great for building forts, yet they can’t find anything to do.

Sometimes it’s just great to sit back and remember when and wish, if I could only go back for day!

Cattleman of the Year 2015

This is my dad…talk about an honor!  The beginning of January my sister-in-law asked for my cell number, saying that my little brother wanted it.  (he’s the one talked about at the end of the video)  I thought, what in the hell did my husband do now, couldn’t think of any other reason why Marty would want to call me.  He never did, but a few days later I did receive a call on my cell and a voice mail asking me to call this guy when my dad wasn’t around.  (I’m one of those people who leaves their cell volume off, people are always cussing that I’m next to impossible to get hold of.  Leave a message people!)

Anyway, I called this fellow and he said that my dad was chosen to be our counties Cattleman of the Year!  This goes to one guy each year at our annual banquet and it’s supposed to be a surprise.  My little brother knew, but my older brother, (actual brother) wasn’t to know, they wanted him to be surprised too…didn’t know how they were pulling it off being that he’s a board member as well…

So, as the month wore on I dug through pictures.  Had our daughter who’s going to college for agriculture “interview” dad for a paper she had to write for one of her classes.  

Dad had to have been wondering, I have never gone to the banquet, just the dance afterward…my sister and her husband came and they don’t ever come at all, even my mother, who hasn’t gone in years, came.  We used the excuse that my birthday was the day before and that was what I asked for for my birthday.

Dad sure looked surprised when his name came up on the screen.  When they called him up to the stage, he couldn’t even speak, he just waved a thank you.  A week later, Kaet and I are still on the “list”…he feels that there are so many others that should have been honored.  Needless to say, we felt he deserved it…he’s a pretty awesome guy!