Back At It

Have been at work recently on some new writings, getting back to what I was wanting to do when I first started this blog. Growing up on the farm…farm life, marriage, family and the like.

(My dad and I back in the day…the farmer and the farmer’s daughter)

Peace Out!


Night Train


First off, nice ass!  Don’t tell my Old Boy I said that, comments like that tend to make him a bit grunchy.  (one of our extra daughters word meaning grouchy and grumpy)

This song always brings back memories of some twenty-some odd years ago when The Old Boy and I were in high school and he was working for my dad and my brother on the farm.  We didn’t have any trains around, but boy did we go off out in the night and we weren’t playing any guitars!  

Oh, I had the best intentions of being a good Christian girl, but in time I realized that we wouldn’t be hit by lightning and the plan I had for waiting until I married went right out that window.  But, that’s neither here nor there, is it?  

On mom and dad’s farm there’s a grove of trees just on the other side of the clothes line where we used to go at night after mom and dad had gone to bed.  To think of the hours we spent back there making out and him trying to get me to go further.  Took him several months to talk me into going out behind the machine shed and do more than make out.  The crazy things farm kids will do!

As time passed we made the rounds, his grandfather’s corn field, the old dirt road by his folks’ farm, the old guy’s field down by the river.  Oh the places we were able to find to spend a few hours on a Saturday night.  

The funniest thing of all, well, now it’s funny.  After four years years of dating we married, one trip back home we thought we’d hit a field just for the shits and giggles of it.  We got caught!  After all the years of field hopping in our dating years we didn’t get caught so much as once.  The one time once we were married….and by teenagers!  That was the last time for me!  

The joys of being young and fancy free!  And of being The Farmer’s Daughter!  


23. August 2015

Starting to think it’s about time to just chop my ear off!  Have dealt with some massive pain, several meds and a couple of shots the past few weeks and I swear the sucker is just getting worse!  Saw Doc twice last week, Friday she said to give the second shot and meds until Wednesday and we’ll see how things are going….yeah, going to have to be going back tomorrow.  I can handle quite a big of pain, this is just ridiculous.

I AM DONE WITH PIERCINGS!  In January I got a helix (where the ear meets the head area of your ear).  I have nine other ear piercings and a tenth (conch) that I let grow close a few years ago because it was causing issues and needed meds, but it was NOTHING compared to this S.O.B.  Mix in a little bit of swimmers ear and we are having a great time!  Looking like an a Keebler Elf!

The daughter is completely settled at school!  Was able to get all her books for this term for just over $200.  Kirk and I were thinking about the need to do the Happy Dance!  Her roommate made it this afternoon and hopefully this year all will do well down that yellow brick road.  Won’t hold me breath!

Last year Kaet and Chey chose to be roommates, against Kirk and my better judgement.  You know how it goes though, sometimes you just have to tell your grown child what you think and let them make their own choices and then they also have to deal with them.  We’ve ran in the same circle as Chey and her parents for several years.  Really nice people, we’ve always gotten along with them, but the girls never became friends.  They found out they were both going to the same college 400 miles away from home and decide to room together…we told Kaet that they shouldn’t room together, that there was obviously a reason they never became friends all the years they’d known each other.

Kaet and Leo are seven years apart in age, Chey has siblings who are quite a bit older as well.  Both girls basically grew up with a single child type mentality.  Both are very hard headed and want things done their way.  Both have tempers.  Both are used to having their own rooms and really not having to share a whole lot.  

Think they lasted maybe a month.  From the calls and texts I got, there were a lot of yelling and screaming and throwing things and slamming doors.  Oh the joy!  The RA actually came to them to say there was an unused room if one of them was interested.  They got along a lot better living across the hall from one another.  They were able to get to know one another and have actually become really close while learning each other’s triggers and signs that tell the other that it’s time to leave the other alone.  Hopefully, this year will go better!



The funny thing is, the girls dorm in a remodeled NURSING HOME.  To me, that would be no big deal…really shocked that Kaet applied to get into that dorm.  The girl is freaked out by pictures in our home of people who are no longer living.  For years she’s feared that they look at her.  Where I find cemeteries a relaxing and peaceful place to go for a walk and visit with the relatives, she gets extremely anxious about being where dead people are.  How she’s going to live in a building where many people have passed away, not so sure.

Last one starts tomorrow!  7th Grade!  New School!  Mom is nervous!  Shouldn’t be nervous, we were at the school last week, he knows his way around the school, has talked to most of his teachers, knows several kids…mom is still nervous. He’ll be fine, he always is, the child has a way about it that draws people in.  I’m sure once I know the bell has rung and the school day has started that I’ll calm down.  

Had a very productive day!  The boys went roping and I tore Bubba’s room apart, washed all the blankets and bedding, moved things around and threw a bunch of crap away that never would have hit the garbage had he been home.  Wonder where he gets his hoarding from?  Don’t look at my boxes of boxes of boxes and bags of bags in my basement!  They may come in handy one day!

Even made dinner AND supper today!  That doesn’t happen too often…Bubba is such a picky eater that he’s taken the joy out of cooking.  Throwing things together is what usually happens, we had actual MEALS today.  Craziness!

Well, crap…should pry get some work down on the baby afghan I’m almost done with for my crazy cousin, baby number 5! Love her to pieces and I’ve told her time and again that she’s crazy, but she is an awesome mom and loves kids.  I like to spoil them and send them back to their parents!  This mama likes her funky screwed up internal clock!

Makes life interesting!


The Farmer’s Daughter


I was born in 1973, into a farm family, in Iowa.  

I was the ultimate daddy’s girl…if dad was doing something in which I could go along or help…I was out the door.  I was attached at the hip.  

Growing up, I was a tomboy…I lived on my horse, helped dad feed the cattle, climbed the silos and sat out at the feedlots and chatted with the cattle.  

I went to town with dad when he’d go for coffee in the afternoon, I went to the sale barn every opportunity I had.  I’d ride along on fertilizer runs.

When I was 16, I started dating our 18 year old hired man!

When I graduated from high school I went to college for agriculture.

After graduating from college, I married that hired man.

I love the farm, the beauty of the outdoors, and am a complete animal lover.

I am a mother of two and a stay at home mom.

When it all comes down to it…I am The Farmer’s Daughter and The Cowboy’s Wife!

Until Again!