Thursday 25. January 2018

Day two of sun and everyone out and about for the day, Old Boy working and Bubba at school!  Life is good at the moment!


Doesn’t look like it, but a perfect day to throw the snow boots on and hang laundry out to dry.  We have quite a bit of melting going on today.  Last I asked Google was told it was 34 degrees F.

The in-laws gave us a Google gadget for Christmas.  They have one they use a lot, they ask it to play modern country when they are going out and about and leaving the dog home.  We use it mainly for weather.  We have to laugh from time to time being it doesn’t know how to pronounce our three lettered town and spells it out each time we ask for the temperature.  Sometimes when I’m washing dishes or folding laundry I’ll ask it to tell me a story.  It’s interesting.


Having been working on a temperature afghan for Old Boy and my 25th wedding anniversary come the end of May.  This is all January 1 through March 1, 1993.  If you’ve never heard of temperature blankets, it’s a fun thing.  I set mine up in 15 degree segments although I usually do 10.  Take the high temperature for each day and make one row in the color that the temperature falls into.  15 and below is Ivory, 16 to 30 is Brown, and so on.

Have made one for my folks’ and Old Boy’s folks’ 50th and our closest friends’ 25th.  Something a little different and fun. I make out a chart with what each color stands for and a write out of the high temp for each day to go with each blanket.  They are time consuming, but fun!


Had Bubba drag out my Gramma’s box of albums the other day, was blessed to get several of them.  Gramma kept EVERYTHING, obviously where I get it!  Didn’t find the picture that I was looking for but found some amazing pictures I’d obviously never paid close enough attention to recall ever seeing although I’ve gone through these albums dozens and dozens of times since a little kid staying with her.

So glad she kept everything!  Letters I wrote her when we lived out in Lex when The Girl was a baby, cards I made her when I was in elementary school, some of my mom and her siblings report cards, pictures they drew and so on.  Obituaries, funeral papers, church letters, even her own graduation invitation from 1936.  I can lose myself for hours.

I remember my mom telling me about this fellow above.  My Grampa and Dom worked together in California at the Mare Island Naval Yard during World War II together.  After moving back to Iowa in the mid-1940’s the two continued to call one another every Christmas.  Wonderful memories!

Have been making great progress lately on Old Boy’s side of the family ancestry!  Wish my family lines would be more agreeable!  Most of his lines go back way further than mine here in the states, most starting out in the east and staying for many years before heading to Iowa.  I get so tickled by some of the things I find and no one here is interested in the least.  The past two weeks or so I’ve discovered two and three times grandparents on his side that are buried a county over in two different directions…so excited for the spring to come and go visit them.  Always bring flowers for them, figuring so far removed that they haven’t had flowers in ages and that they’d like it.

Yes, I’m one of those.  A year or so ago while talking with one of Old Boy’s aunts and uncles, we were talking about needing to decide where we were wanting to be buried and getting our plots.  Our close by cemetery where several of both our families are buried is where the four of us all decided was where we wanted to be.  Uncle said he wanted to be as close to his folks as he could, in the newer part of the cemetery…I said I wanted to be in the older section, it’s so beautiful over there.  Uncle asked why being we didn’t know anyone over there to talk to!  He gets me!  That’s the way I talk…Aunt and Old Boy just kinda shook their heads.  Our kids hate it when we get onto the cemetery topic and will tell us they’d like it if we changed the subject.  Part of life.

Suppose it’s about that time…perfect day to take out what needs to be burned and maybe take the big dog for a walk!


Thursday 28. December 2017

Have been doing a lot of thinking about my ancestors this year.  Have been working most of the year on Old Boy and my family lines`~trying to build a history down the line~as far as possible~until a brick wall ends each line.  Still have some open lines yet to find a wall, and still work on trying to break through walls on other lines.  It has become a passion that can make hours disappear like a blink of an eye most nights.

Have taken a break since around Thanksgiving, too much other stuff going on and a few puzzles had my mind floating, so a break was needed.

It is amazing to find and see records from generations back, seeing the handwriting, finding stones that tell the ends of one person’s story.  The frustration of finding a great grandparents baptism record in Denmark and not being able to find their marriage record when both were in the same church.  Knowing where a great-great grandfather was from in Germany and not being able to ding anything before he came to America.  The same great-great grandfather whom I’ve visited with at the cemetery, asking for him to throw me a bone, however small.  He’s been uncooperative thus far.  The same with another two times great grandfather from Scotland.  They are just so unwilling to work with me!

The military information I’ve found has really touched me.  I grew up very patriotic, knowing my father served in Vietnam and that my Oma had a younger brother who was killed in Europe during World War 2.  Over the years I’ve learned of additional relatives who served in Korea and World War 2 and The Great War.  I found a nephew of my great grandfather who passed in Europe in The Great War.

Old Boy’s family line proved even more, two down the line great grandfathers who fought and died in The Revolutionary War and The War of 1812 are buring at Arlington National Cemetery.  Found a paper on one of them that lists where he was killed and the name of the farmer who’s field he was killed.  Fascinating information.

Irritated at myself for not asking questions of my grandparents before they passed.  My dad’s folks both spoke German and Dane and visited both countries often to see relatives.  Have a photo of my grandfather standing in front of the house his grandfather was born and raised in in Hattstedt, Germany.  We have none of that information.  My folks remember family coming from Europe coming to visit, but none that would still be living, never got to know the younger family whom would still be living.  

My dad’s baby brother recently gave me a photo of my grandmother’s grandparents, the grandfather having working for royalty in Denmark, unknown as to what he did.  Wonderfully, he is into ancestry and has had a few tidbits for me.

Time to get back to digging!  Hopefully find something new that will break down a brick wall or two.


27. November 2015

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about family, those you have gone on before, those who are still with us and those whom we choose to be family.

Guess I’m known as the family historian, when family members have questions, they come to me…when my siblings and cousins children have had genealogy projects at school, they call me.  Learning about those who have come before us makes my heart feel alive.

Growing up, those who had crossed the great river of life were seldom ever mentioned in our family.  My maternal grandfather passed away when I was only a year-and-a-half old.  He’d been ill for many years before I was born, no pictures, not so much as one, was ever taken of the two of us in the same photo.  One of the few things in my life that truly saddens me.

Grampa was seldom ever mentioned when we were kids.  We knew he was a school custodian and head bus driver at the small school in the small town my mother grew up in and that he was the sexton of the cemetery in that town.  That was all we knew.

About 20 years or so ago I was curious enough to ask Gramma for some family photos.  About 16 years ago I became wrapped up in and interested in genealogy when my paternal grandfather’s first cousin started sending around questionnaires to the family to put together a family genealogy going back to my Great Great Grandparents.  I was hooked and so honored when he allowed my help through the internet ancestry site, there wasn’t much I was able to contribute compared to everything he already had.  He was an amazing man, my cousin Marvin.

A couple days ago I hit two of the family cemeteries to lay flowers for Thanksgiving, I’d already hit four and still didn’t get everyone visited.  The other cemeteries will need to be the first hit at Christmas flower time.  It’s what I call cemetery hopping, makes my daughter roll her eyes.

To me, one of the very most important things a person can do for their loved ones who have left this earth is to at least once a year go to visit , pull any weeds or trim any grass the lawn people have missed, getting rid of the dried and caked on grass stuck to the stones and getting rid of the weather worn flowers.  Flowers or new pretties are always nice to add, but not as important as being respectful enough to clean up.

My daughter called from college one afternoon this fall when I was putting out fall flowers and cleaning around stones, she made the noise she makes when she doesn’t like what I’ve said.  I told her that decades from now, when I’m gone, I want her to take care of me and dad, clean up and set flowers at least once a year.  Kaet grumbled and said no, she didn’t plan on living around here.  She wasn’t humored when I asked if she could at least fly home one a year.  No, she didn’t think so.  Leo said he’d take care of me, he’s not freaked out by cemeteries like his sister is.

My sister-and-law and I had a talk not too long ago about having gone to put flowers down at her and Kirk’s materal grandparents and a few other of their relatives.  She is like Kaet, she doesn’t feel the need or want to go see the family at the cemeteries and her thought process is that, they aren’t there, which I can completely understand.  To her, she thinks to the family and that’s more than enough for her.

We all have our various ways in which we relate with this who have gone on before us.  Kaet just prefers to not think about it, they are gone and in Heaven and with their loved ones and that’s the end.  I can totally understand that thought process as well.

To me, going and giving of myself that little bit to show some respect is something that makes me feel good and it’s something I feel honored to do.