Heritage Days #1

Found myself alone heading up north to Heritage Days, hadn’t been in a few years and felt the call of the old school house filled to the brim with local artifacts and all types of antiques. Was a beautiful day, not too hot and not chilly.

I have an affinity for old schools, having gone to junior high in the 80’s in a school built in 1918. The grandfather I never knew cared for that building for a great many years, my mom and her siblings grew up having to help after school. Feels as though it’s in my blood.

This gem used to be two towns north of us. Still miss seeing it on the corner coming into town. So nice to see it fixed up.

Visiting the 2x great grandparents just down the road from the Heritage Days.

My great grandfather’s sister and nephew as well.

Each room in the old school has a different theme.

The old stage.

The old gymnasium, can’t even imagine basketball games were once held here.

Will share more later…best hit the sack if I want to function come 6:30.



Tuesday Funny

Too funny not to share. Seems to be about spot on!


Local Guys of The Guinnes Book of World Records

*pictures come from the internet*

Here in our little rural corner of the world we have all grown up hearing the stories about two special guys from our community who make it into The Guinnes Book of World Records.  These two fellows were born in two different towns, eight miles apart…towns who have schooled together for many, many decades and we all around here consider as a single community.  Both towns combined don’t quite make it to 500 people.

Bernard, I believe with his parents, outside of the local Catholic Church

Bernard Coyne was born in 1897 to Sylvester and Catherine Coyne.  Bernard was born with Eunuchoidal Giant, daddy long legs syndrome.

Bernard with a local family.

In 1918 Mr. Coyne registered for the army and was rejected, no reason was listed, but his height at the time was listed as 7’9″ and is believed to have been the reason.

Bernard with misc. men.

After being ill for a number of months, Mr. Coyne passed away at the age of 24.  At the time he was estimated to be 8’4″ and 300 pounds, wearing a size 24 shoe.  Mr. Coyne was buried in the local Catholic Cemetery in a specially ordered casket.

Ol’ Charlie Osborne was a celebrity in our community when I was a kid, having been on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson!

One day in 1922 Charlie was hanging a 350 pound hog carcas for butcher when he fell with the carcas.  Charlie began hiccuping and kept on hiccuping.

In the early days Charlie hiccuped an estimated 40 times a minute, slowing in time to about 20 times a minute.  

The doctor Charlie went to said he very likely broke a blood vessel in his brain when he fell and may have damaged the part of his brain that may have inhibited the hiccup response.

Oddly enough, Charlie stopped on the 5th of June 1990, stopped out of the blue.  He was given a reprieve the last 11 months of his life.  Charlie passed away at the age of 97 in May 1991.

Poor Charlie hiccuped 68 years of his life, an estimated 430 million times.  

It’s something else to think that such a tiny rural area could find themselves with at one time two Guinnes World Record holders!