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27. August 2015

We have the first four days of school down!  One yet to go, and we are so ready for the weekend!  As usual, takes time to get the old body used to the change in routine.  

Of course, this year we are driving Bubba to school each morning since we are open enrolling to a neighboring school.  We actually only live maybe three miles from the end of the bus route, so when we actually get used to the morning run, thinking I’ll talk to the school and our neighbor about maybe Bubba catching the bus there.  Afternoon is no issue, he takes the bus to my folks place.

Bub actually seems to be doing really well with this change.  Seems to be making friends and liking the difference of this school.  Can’t get him to agree to joining the football team.  He keeps bouncing back and forth between yes and no, seems to be leaning more towards no.  He seems to want to play, but it seems as though there’s something holding him back.  Can’t get it out of him.

Tonight I told Kirk that I think we should just make the boy play this year.  Kirk grumbled.  Told him that made I Kaet try several activities that she didn’t want to.  How do you know if you are going to like something if you don’t give it a try, and if you can’t decide on yes or no, just go and do it, you may regret not giving it a shot one day.  Step out of that ol’ comfort zone.

UGH!  Sometimes being a parent can be so difficult.  When to make and when to not make a child do something can sometimes be a really tough decision. 

The girl is doing really well at college!  Kirk and I wish we would have known about this ag college when we studied agriculture in college.  Agriculture is all that’s studied where she is, Veterinary, Horticulture, Livestock Management and Ag Business are the only courses at this school.  It’s an amazing place!

Last year Kaet had a longtime boyfriend when she went off to college and all she did was go to class, study and sleep.  She didn’t go outside of her bubble, didn’t do things with friends unless it was running to the city for groceries or supplies, not wanting to endanger her relationship.  This year she is single and willing to get out and live a little.  These girls have been out to a lake and fished and have done the rope tied to a tree and swinging and jumping into the lake, they’ve even been out doing the slip n slide thing.  Obviously, school is number one, but getting out and socializing and living is also a part of being young and living.

It’s so hard to look at Kaet and realize that I’d been married a number of months by the time I was Kaet’s age.  It’s crazy to think that Kirk and my folks didn’t throw a shit fit about our marrying so young, I mean, Kaet is so young!  Then again, my mom and Kirk’s mom were 19 and 16 when they married, our dads were a titch older.  Craziness!

Watching me some Celebrity Wife Swap…Holy Crap!  This Old Lady so could not swap families for an experiment!  I can see the temper tantrums I’d be having when I had to step out of my routine.  The show really shows just how different all people and all couples and families really are.  What things are important and what things are not important to various people.  I like my life the way it is…


12. May 2015

Family life has been a bit on the busy and crazy side lately.  Actually enjoying a little slow/quiet time at the moment.  Feels great! 

A couple weeks ago Kirk, Leo and I went to Bethany, Missouri with friends/family to a USTRC team roping.  We took our living quarters trailers and camped out for the weekend.  The only thing that would have made the weekend better would have been if we wouldn’t have had the rain and cold.  The boys did really well, won a first place buckle in the one roping and made a fast time in another roping.




First team roping weekend in the books for this season.  Hoping we start getting some drier weather around here soon. These weekend trips aren’t near as fun when we are all soggy.  Makes dad cranky too!  Imagine, tracking mud and water in…crazy!

The day after getting home from Missouri, Kirk and I headed up to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for my hysterectomy.  A funner time has never been had and we’ll just leave it at that!  This whole healing thing is about to drive me batty though…I’m wanting to get this, that and the other thing done and I’m just not able to do near as much as I’m wanting.  Having to depend on the family to do for me is really hard being that I’m one of those people who likes things done my way and that’s pretty much the only way that things can be done.  My family would be the type to do things quick and fast and just done enough to be fine.

Of course this would have to be the time that my head is going round and round in circles of things that don’t need to be done right now, but all of a sudden, I want to do.  Like painting the kids’ bedrooms.  Perfect time, right!?  The bathroom needs painting too.  Actually, the living room and kitchen really need painting as well.  Have a cousin that does an awesome job painting and I have her lined up, but obviously now isn’t the most opportune time.  

Kaet has been home from college for almost a week now.  So far, so good!  Today was her second day of her internship. She is so exhausted after just two days, way different than school hours, no breaks in the middle of the day for a nap, so no staying up until the middle of the night tonight.  Going to take her some time to reset her inner clock.

Dad and I are really happy, about a month ago, she and her long time boyfriend decided that it was time that they just be friends, that over the past year they realized that they’d become more of friends than being two people in love.  Yes, dad and I did the Happy Dance!  I know, that mean…we like him, he’s a nice guy, but as time went on we just didn’t see them as being compatible.  He works out of town a lot, so she’s taking over taking care of their dog.  It’s great that they have been able to stay friends.

Now, Bubba has seven more days of school before his summer break begins.  Really looking forward to being done with the year.  We had a bit of a bump in the road at school last week, Bubba had a break down before school on Friday and let it be known that some of the kids at school have been giving him a hard time about his weight most of the school year.  Of course, that breaks mom’s heart.  Yes, he is overweight, but he’s not fat.  

Then it’s the whole, what do I do?  Do I call the school?  Do I let him continue to work it all out on his own?  I went through the same thing when I was in junior high.  The funny thing is, when I look back at pictures, I wan’t fat, maybe one or two sizes bigger than the other girls.  We had to deal with those things ourselves back then.  However, I know how the whole 0% tolerance most schools have going on now days, so I did call the school.  Our school is a small one, think there are around 40 kids or so in his grade.  

The principal was in a meeting what I called, so I talked to the secretary and she said, we don’t allow that here and it will be taken care of by the end of the day.  I felt a great relief but at the same time hoped that I hadn’t made things worse.  I’ve asked him about it and he hasn’t said anything negative.

Next year he’ll start school at my old school.  He’s been excited about it all year, so I’m hoping it winds up being a good change.  The school is a little bigger, not by much.  It is a preppier school, a more athletic school and a lot more community supported.  Thankfully, Leo already knows many kids there, family and friends.  I’m hoping it will be the beginning of a good change!

Sometimes being a parent can be so challenging, so stressful.  We are really fortunate to have a couple of really good kiddos that still like to spent time with their old mom and dad!


Life gets pretty willy nilly around here at times, but we are definitely blessed!