Morning Drive

Had a beautiful drive this morning heading to school. Expecting more snow and ice over the weekend.


Monday 7. March 2016

Putting one foot in front of the other today…still taking some doing getting my ass moving…this Old Girl is a horrendous night owl while the majority of the rest of the world ARE NOT night owls…first parts of days always suck!  I could conform to the way the rest of the world ticks…but after over 20 years, thinking that’s never going to happen…irritates my husband to no end, but such is life…yes?!


Yesterday afternoon Bubba and I made a trip to see my Oma, it was the 7th year since she crossed the great river to go see Grandpa again…


We took care of Grandpa’s older sister as well, told Bubba it was time to name her…we agreed on Poppy, there’s a ring there…everyone should have a name whether they were born alive or not, so Poppy Petersen it is now after over 100 years.

Seriously REALLY need to get my ass moving for the day, the mid-day local news is over and it’s pry about time to swap loads of laundry again.  

Normally Mondays are my lazy day of the week, first day back to school and work for my guys after a weekend looking at one another, BUT Kirk was in Missouri roping ALL weekend and to retaliate for not getting to go to Oklahoma for the weekend as I’d been saying I’d wanted to do since before Christmas, Bubba and I didn’t do much besides livestock chores…long story, we’ll just say Old Girl was more than a little pissed as once again, roping came first and someone had to stay home and take care of the livestock!

ANYWAY…chat more later!