One Of Those Memories

When Kaet was four/five, she used to sing this all the time, instead of saying the word run, won is what came out of little mouth.  She’d run all over singing….won away, won away, won away…it’s those little things like a song that can bring back those happy memories!


Sweet Dreams Daughter!

Thinking of My Girl so far away.  As a little girl she loved the old Disney Davy Crockett movies, don’t know how many VCR tapes we went through of the two movies.  Was tickled to find DVD’s of them for give her for Christmas this year!  She absolutely LOVED this song and still does.  



Yearly Three Generation Vacation


Such a happy looking group, yes!?  This year for our annual “take Gramma on vacation” trip, we chose southern Nebraska.  I know, not too many people would chose the flat lands, but our Kaet lives out there and Gramma hadn’t been out that way yet, so we changed our plans of eastern Iowa along the Mississippi and hauled butts out west.  Kaet has two jobs, so hasn’t had the ability to come home since the first of May…it was time to go to her!  

We went out a day early so we could go to Minden to the Pioneer Village, Kaet wasn’t interested in going and I knew Leo would enjoy the old wagon, cars and farm equipment and I knew mom would basically like all the old stuff.  We only stayed a couple hours, didn’t make it through half the place, but we had places to go, people to see and were starting to get short tempered with one another.  

I tell the kids repeatedly that I know we always wind up getting irritated with one another, we don’t always want to do what others want to do, but we will continue taking these yearly mini vacations because when they are older they are going to be glad for these trips and have some wonderful memories they will carry through their entire life.


Many say that Nebraska is the most dull country to drive through, and it is when you’re driving along I-80…but where Kaet lives is absolutely beautiful.  This shot is fairly flat for the area she lives.  Lots and lots of pasture land out west, ground way too rough to be able to farm.  Don’t know how many times I’ve thought that I would have loved to have had places like that to ride horses when I was a kid, so many rolling hills, drop offs, places a kid could just run and run and run.  

We hit Fort Kearney the second day we were there and took Gramma and Leo to the Archway museum.  Amazing place to visit for anyone who enjoys history…you wear ear phones and just diddle your way through the place.  It’s amazing, you start by going up a very tall escalator (not my favorite part) and it’s 1830 or 1860, can’t remember…the girl telling the story is sitting in the rocks, you hear her story as you are going up to this entryway that’s a big movie screen.  You go your way through from that starting date and moving across the country and you walk through time until you get to present day.

Of course no visit out to Gothenburg can happen without stopping to visit the Swedish grave markers.  The first time Kirk and I went out there was 22 summers ago when I was pregnant with Kaet.  Such a sad and beautiful story.  These markers were made by these sweet babies grandfather.  


More than anything, on this trip we just spent time together.  The day we trekked Kearney we made it back to the hotel late afternoon and we did NOTHING the rest of the day.  We watched tv, napped, visited and just did absolutely nothing, and it was great!  

Sometimes the best time spent together is just spending time together!  



I remember…

I remember going on walks with my mother through the alfalfa field, oh how I hated it, the taller the alfalfa, the harder it was on my little legs.  

I remember taking off on walks around the fields on either side of the highway, no ipod, no phone, just myself to entertain myself.  I’d walk for a couple hours, walking through the corn, down the grass waterways, along the fence line and through the oats and alfalfa.

I remember going for runs from one side of our property, up to the feedlots and up and down the drive.  I’d stop to sit in the fence line feed bunks and talk to the cattle. 

I remember hitching up the little wagon to the back of our Ford riding lawnmower and packing up a lunch and blankets and pillows and driving around the farm with my little cousin.

I remember climbing the tree house my brother built, just sitting and looking out into the great beyond.

I remember my cousin and I setting up courses around the yard, using logs and whatever else that sparked our imaginations, to use at hurdles and just running and jumping and running.

I remember using the stacked wooden feed bunks as a secret hide away.

I remember sitting in the cab tractor and pretending I was farming and pretending to talk on the CB.

I remember playing house in the auger shed.

I remember playing in the old corn crib that we were told not to go into because of rabid coons and never seeing one and never telling mom or dad we’d been there.

I remember swimming in a horse tank.

I remember putting on my tap shoes and dancing on the front porch with my younger cousin.

I remember climbing up on the big round hay bales and running from one end to the other and climbing as high as I dared. 

I remember walking down to the stop sign on our blacktop road with my sister when there was nothing else to do.

I remember sitting on the back of the pickup at noon, peeling fresh sweet corn before dinner with my dad and my brother and my sister for my mom to boil fresh!

I remember so much…so many wonder, beautiful memories of a beloved childhood.


The Beginning…Part 1

My husband always likes to say that I have a memory like a steel trap, but I only remember what’s not so important. 

Well, that would be to a man’s mind…I remember what’s important to me, the memories of happy times, not so happy times that taught a life lesson or just memories of things that have really pissed me off over the years!  You know…the kind of things women like to remember…

The first time I saw him was in November 1988 when a friend of mine and I went to a school play at a neighboring district in which another friend of mine was in.  After the play we had to wait for my folks to be ready to go home, they were at the local bar…(I spent a lot of time in this town, it’s where my father and his family came from)

…so my M-ville friend of mine and I went to the Game Room (local teen spot across from the bar) to play pool.  I knew several of the kids in the place, through my friend Beck, but not enough to visit with without her.  So…we’d been playing awhile when Steph pointed out this really HOT cowboy, I’d never seen him before, but HELLO…was he F-I-N-E, FINE!

In the weeks following I’d see this guy from time to time when I was in town on the weekend with my folks.  I’d walk down to the General Store and get movies or pop to take home, something to do while waiting to go home.  This guy would drive past often, in his little white Chevy S-10 pickup with rollbars with flood lights and a red tool box…can you say redneck pickup? 

Very Sexy!

One evening the first part of January 1989, I was in town with my brother, at the B-A-R, he’d just broken up with a longtime girlfriend and was running high on NoDoze (remember that stuff?), Dr. Pepper and little sleep, I’d been sent to town with him as an undercover babysitter.  

We were playing pool when this REALLY STINKIN’ HOT guy came in and came over and started talking to my brother.  This guy had a ball cap on, so it took me awhile to realize that THIS WAS THE GUY!  Holy Crap Bat Man!  I’d been playing fairly well at that point, but once this guy came over, I was done…couldn’t play to save my life.

When the game was over the guy took over playing with Brother and I went to sit with my aunt…she knew who this guy was, he was her neighbor, and she knew his name…finally I had a name to go with the face!  That was it, I was in love at age 15.

About a week or two later I was in town with Beck for a ballgame, this stinkin’ hot guy came in to the game, holding the hand of another girl…my heart did a nose dive.  

When I asked my fried about this girl, I was told to stay away from this guy, that girl was one of her closest friends and Beck didn’t want to see her heart broke.  Thanks Beck!  

In all reality, I knew I’d never get a guy like him anyway, I had a really low self worth and figured I’d grow old out in the backwoods with a house full of dogs, never having been able to attract a guy.  Of course my older sister telling me that I was fat and ugly and had a bad attitude really helped with that whole self esteem thing!

Funny thing is, shortly after that, every Sunday afternoon this guy started coming out to the farm with my brother, they’d fix fence, work cattle, sit in the kitchen and talk to my folks.  I loved it!  I didn’t have the guts to talk to him, but I could sure look at him.  

One Sunday afternoon he left after he and brother finished working and then showed back up later all cleaned up.  I was in the kitchen washing dishes when he walked in the house, he went down to the basement and talked to my brother and came back up to the kitchen to wait, they were going to the city for a movie…(see, these are the kind of things I remember). He actually started chatting with me, nothing of any importance until he told me that he’d heard I liked his friend Chris.  Holy Hell, yeah, I have the hots for your friend and not to mention, you too!  I tried to dismiss it as hearsay when brother finally came up the stairs for them to leave.

For the rest of the school year, he was there every Sunday except the one I knew he wouldn’t show up…the day after his junior prom, my heart was so sad because not only was I not going to get to see him, but I knew that he was taking his girlfriend to prom and it tore my heart to pieces.