The Neighbor



Neighbor knocking down his first cutting of alfalfa for the season.



I will totally admit that I am THAT relative that expects everyone to show up for each and every holiday function and damn it, everyone had best be happy or at least pretend to be happy or Crazy Aunt Mel comes out and hell hath no fury like family not getting along and being happy on a holiday!  Damn It!

Yesterday it hit me that Kaet won’t be able to come home for Easter this year.  I’m okay with that, I understand that the college isn’t giving the kids the time off, school just started back today from spring break.  Actually she’s going to go to church with a few friends from college.  Should be an interesting experience for her, we are Lutheran and her friends are Mormon, always enjoy learning something new in various religions.  

It also hit me yesterday that I have no one to color Easter eggs with.  I am big on ritual, the whole, we’ve always done it this way and damn it, we are always going to do things this way!  A little stuck in my ways.  Bubba is 13 now and he more or less said I was crazy thinking he was going to humor mom.

Messaged the neighbor lady a little while ago, her daughter is in the 11th grade, so asked her if she’d want to color eggs with me.  We’ve decided to get together Friday and have the kids sit with us while we color eggs.  Maybe they will decide to join in!  Should be fun!

What makes me sad is that Kirk doesn’t want to do anything with his family.  His folks moved to Florida a couple years ago and won’t be home.  He has one sister, she’s married and has two kids.  He’d said for years that when his folks finally moved down south, that he was done with family gatherings on his side.  It makes me so sad because Kirk and his sister where so close when they were kids.  

The first holiday his folks weren’t home was two Thanksgivings ago and I ignored Kirk and invited his sister and her family because my siblings were all busy with their other sides and it was just going to be us and my folks and it depressed me.  Afterwards I told him that I would abide by his wishes, I wouldn’t force it again, if he didn’t want to do things with his family, I would be quiet and honor his wishes.

I’m the person that wants every person possible to join in, the more the merrier.  I come from huge families on my mom and dad’s sides and every gathering there were dozens or people and now we are lucky to get a dozen together.  Makes me sad.

To me, family is the most important…family doesn’t have to be blood, although I did once believed differently.  Family is who make it!  We can choose our family!

I’m also the one that irritates everyone by insisting that EVERYONE should go to church for the holiday.  I want to say jump and I want the family to ask, “how high?”, while they are in the air jumping!  

Yes, I can be a royal pain in the ass!  But…that’s my job!