Wednesday 8. August 2018

Enjoying a peaceful evening (now) with Finn, working on my 1994 temperature afghan, playing a little solitaire and watched tonight’s new episode of Yellowstone!  Can’t get much better than that!

Had a pissed off 16 year old earlier in the evening…told him he could stick around home for a change and told him he couldn’t take the ranger out driving on the gravel roads at dusk.  Too stinkin’ dangerous and his buddies were down at a spillway not far from here and I said no because that’s too dangerous.  Yes, let’s play where there’s runoff from the fields, so basically, let’s go play in some herbicide and pesticide…fun times!  Boys!

Fair has been over a few days now, had much fun getting to go and visit…I tend to be a bit of a Chatty Kathy when I get out and about, spend about five hours walking and visiting on Saturday afternoon.  Old Boy called as I was leaving to see if I’d been abducted.  You know, as a stay-at-home mom it’s such a treat to get out and have a chance to socialize. 

We’ve had such a scare as of late, an Iowa college gal has been missing for over two weeks and it’s brought information out into the light about just how many Iowans have come up missing recently.  It’s really scared many in the area and has us keeping an even better eye on our kiddos.  Our Girl was planning on coming home for our fair and wound up not coming being her boyfriend was in the field bringing in wheat and traveling I80 has gotten so scary that she decided to stay out west.  As much as we missed her getting to come for a couple days, we agreed with her decision.  It’s gotten her to finally locate a concealed carry class.  I’ve had mine for years and never travel without my safety net….thankfully have never had to get it out. 

Had a good laugh today, after being startled…


Tess was barking up a fit, thought it was another snake being the bark was the same as the day she stumbled upon one not far from where I was weeding in my garden.


A damn bird came flying out after I walked out onto the porch…


Since she discovered this this afternoon, she’s been irritated…keeps going back and barking like a crazy kid.  Must be pretty new, hadn’t even noticed the sticks peaking out of my old boots.  Crazy how a little bitty bird can get these could sized sticks stuffed in there…would neat to see just how they do it.

Have two weeks left of summer vacation.  Been a couple decades since I’ve had a summer as this…no Girlie and Bubba has been going all summer.  Has actually seemed to have gone past quick.  Have enjoyed seeing the boy grow over the summer, not just to six foot, but in his work ethic.  Had wondered, being he’s 16 and has his license…he has a couple buddies who farm with their family that he’s helped most of the summer when he’s not working here or for Grampa.  My hope is that it carries over to school, he loves school for the social aspect, getting him to do and turn his work in is like pulling teeth…hard kid to make do what he doesn’t want to do without riding him constantly. 

There’s always something going on….


Thursday 25. January 2018

Day two of sun and everyone out and about for the day, Old Boy working and Bubba at school!  Life is good at the moment!


Doesn’t look like it, but a perfect day to throw the snow boots on and hang laundry out to dry.  We have quite a bit of melting going on today.  Last I asked Google was told it was 34 degrees F.

The in-laws gave us a Google gadget for Christmas.  They have one they use a lot, they ask it to play modern country when they are going out and about and leaving the dog home.  We use it mainly for weather.  We have to laugh from time to time being it doesn’t know how to pronounce our three lettered town and spells it out each time we ask for the temperature.  Sometimes when I’m washing dishes or folding laundry I’ll ask it to tell me a story.  It’s interesting.


Having been working on a temperature afghan for Old Boy and my 25th wedding anniversary come the end of May.  This is all January 1 through March 1, 1993.  If you’ve never heard of temperature blankets, it’s a fun thing.  I set mine up in 15 degree segments although I usually do 10.  Take the high temperature for each day and make one row in the color that the temperature falls into.  15 and below is Ivory, 16 to 30 is Brown, and so on.

Have made one for my folks’ and Old Boy’s folks’ 50th and our closest friends’ 25th.  Something a little different and fun. I make out a chart with what each color stands for and a write out of the high temp for each day to go with each blanket.  They are time consuming, but fun!


Had Bubba drag out my Gramma’s box of albums the other day, was blessed to get several of them.  Gramma kept EVERYTHING, obviously where I get it!  Didn’t find the picture that I was looking for but found some amazing pictures I’d obviously never paid close enough attention to recall ever seeing although I’ve gone through these albums dozens and dozens of times since a little kid staying with her.

So glad she kept everything!  Letters I wrote her when we lived out in Lex when The Girl was a baby, cards I made her when I was in elementary school, some of my mom and her siblings report cards, pictures they drew and so on.  Obituaries, funeral papers, church letters, even her own graduation invitation from 1936.  I can lose myself for hours.

I remember my mom telling me about this fellow above.  My Grampa and Dom worked together in California at the Mare Island Naval Yard during World War II together.  After moving back to Iowa in the mid-1940’s the two continued to call one another every Christmas.  Wonderful memories!

Have been making great progress lately on Old Boy’s side of the family ancestry!  Wish my family lines would be more agreeable!  Most of his lines go back way further than mine here in the states, most starting out in the east and staying for many years before heading to Iowa.  I get so tickled by some of the things I find and no one here is interested in the least.  The past two weeks or so I’ve discovered two and three times grandparents on his side that are buried a county over in two different directions…so excited for the spring to come and go visit them.  Always bring flowers for them, figuring so far removed that they haven’t had flowers in ages and that they’d like it.

Yes, I’m one of those.  A year or so ago while talking with one of Old Boy’s aunts and uncles, we were talking about needing to decide where we were wanting to be buried and getting our plots.  Our close by cemetery where several of both our families are buried is where the four of us all decided was where we wanted to be.  Uncle said he wanted to be as close to his folks as he could, in the newer part of the cemetery…I said I wanted to be in the older section, it’s so beautiful over there.  Uncle asked why being we didn’t know anyone over there to talk to!  He gets me!  That’s the way I talk…Aunt and Old Boy just kinda shook their heads.  Our kids hate it when we get onto the cemetery topic and will tell us they’d like it if we changed the subject.  Part of life.

Suppose it’s about that time…perfect day to take out what needs to be burned and maybe take the big dog for a walk!