Wednesday 8. March 2017

Feeling like the week could end now, have had a major clumsy/runnng late kind of day.  Spilled a glass full of pop and ice on me and between the front seat and console of the pickup while trying to put the screw top lid back on and while I was running late already for an appointment this afternoon.  Made the appointment with minutes to spare.  Made it back from the city to pick Leo and Ruby up from my folks and made it home in enough time for Leo to change before he and Kirk had to leave to go roping. However, just a play roping so they could have been a little late!

Wasn’t just me, our little five pound Gypsy Rose has these legs that get in the way at times, she tends to miscalculate jumps at times, running full bore this morning she jumped on the porch and landed like Bambi on ice…always happy, she was up and running again.  Such a goof! 

The past close to a month around here has been topsy turvy in general.  Part of it has to be the weather, this part of the country can be so unpredictable this time of year.  Then again, seeing tornadoes hitting around the country already, seems like we are all having Mother Nature issues.  Not a big time man made climate change person, although I do believe we contribute to a point…my belief system is more tuned to climate has been changing since the beginning of time…but weather craziness like we’ve had the past number of years really does make me rethink some of what I believe.

One of the big things on my mind lately has been urban sprawl.  Since the weather has been getting better I’ve been making more trips to the city and no matter which way I go into the city it seems the city is growing in all directions.  Have I ever said I don’t like change?  I’m a firm believer in the fact that God only made so much ground and He’s not making anymore, so seeing farm ground turn to city makes my stomach turn.  

One way I come into the city has a huge new housing development coming up.  Maybe half a mile from there there’s what was a farm and is now an acreage, Kirk worked a little for the guy way back during his college days, he had cattle then.  There are still horses there but this area is now technically city and once the place is sold no future owners can have farm animals.  On top of the hill from his house is a gorgeous acreage.  Last summer a road was put in on the other side of this family’s driveway and now there are several large apartment buildings and a bank across the street from this acreage.  All I can think when I drive past is that those people built this place out in the country and now they have city across the street that a year ago was a farm field.  At the bottom of the hill from that new building complex is a street only a couple years old and across the street another bank, a medical complex, dentist, ect.  

I get that cities grow.  The population of this city hasn’t gone up much since I was in high school and college in the early 90’s.  I understand growth, people wanting to build these huge fancy new homes, but I hate to see the farm ground disappearing.  One of those things that gets my dander up.  I just wonder about the areas of the city has gone downhill over the past several decades and why can’t some sort of something be done in some of these areas…a renewing so to speak?  I don’t have the big, fancy words, but you can catch my jist.  Farm girl would just like to see farm land stay farm land.

We did learn some good new with Kirk’s dad’s cancer.  Still not great, he has cancer and a mass in each lung.  The results have come back that it’s a slow growing cancer, should be able to be controlled to a point for quite some time of course unless things change.  We all know things can change in the blink of an eye.  Take advantage of what we have while we have them!

Lastly, so tired of all the BS going on in this country!  Almost nightly I’d like to scream at some of these people I don’t agree with politically.  So sick and tired of my way is the only way and I refuse to budge an inch attitude, some of this what I call over-the-top displays that to me make some of these people look like fools…can we just work together for the good of this country, for the good of the people of this country?  My guess is that the majority of the people would just like to see our lawmakers stop with the it throwing, temper tantrums and all that goes with it and just do their freaking jobs.  In the working world people have to work together, cooperate…UGH, anyway…if my kids acted the way some of these lawmakers are acting they’d be living in their rooms with no gadgets, they’d maybe be writing The Lord’s Prayer repeatedly or The Ten Commandments repeatedly until they start to learn something! Or like we had to do in junior high when we got in trouble in study hall…copy dictionary pages word for word until they learn something!  I know I learned to stop talking, or at least stop getting caught talking in study hall!