Saturday Morning

K and Amos Moses moving cattle in southwest Nebraska this morning.  Kinda miss her!

In The Beginning #2

As luck would have it, Kirk showed up to work on the farm the next day, and the day after that.  We had ourselves a new hired man!  

The routine was that Kirk would start work at 8 a.m., just as dad was finishing morning chores. 

Mom was working in the city and always left for work by that time.  I slept in the basement that summer, which was just steps from the backdoor.  

Wasn’t long before Kirk started showing up early for work and would holler down the basement stairs to wake me up.  I’d come up and we’d play cards at the kitchen table until dad came up when the horse and cattle chores were done for the morning.  They’d go out to work and I’d haul my ass back to the basement and go back to sleep until it was time to get up and start dinner for dad, Brother and Kirk.  In our house dinner was and is at noon, supper at 6pm.

One day not long into the summer vacation my dad asked me if I would help Brother and Kirk work cattle, he had to go to the VA for a treatment and it would be so much easier with three people…my brother and I have never worked well together and he knew I wouldn’t help if he weren’t there, but asked if I would do it for him.

Hell Yeah!  I could deal with working with Brother if I was going to get to work with Kirk and get to look at him all day!  Since I’d be working outside we were to go into town for dinner.  

Have to say that I was pry the most dolled up shot giver, pour on giver, back chute running chick to ever work cattle!  

The first part of the day went fairly well.  Brother and I didn’t have any major blows. However, odd for me, I kept bending and breaking syringe needles.  At noon Brother sent Kirk and I into town to eat while he ran to the vet supply in the city to restock needles.

While driving out the drive Guns n Roses ‘Patience’ came on the radio.  Kirk whistled along, he couldn’t whistle, but I didn’t care…I was in a vehicle….ALONE…with Kirk!!!


The entire nine or so miles to town Kirk talked to me about his girlfriend.  She wouldn’t let him drink, she wouldn’t let him smoke, so he kept mouthwash and foo foo under his pickup seat.  She wouldn’t let him hang out with his friends.  We were at the S-curve when he looked at me and said….”you’re like a sister to me”.   WTF?!  Not what I wanted to hear!

While at the cafe, while waiting for our food to come, Kirk told me that he’d heard I liked his friend Chris, they were in the same grade.  Kirk told me to stay away from his friend, that we was hard on girls.  Didn’t know what that meant, but wasn’t about to say so.  Hell, Chris was ancient history, the guy across the table was the one I wanted! 

On the drive back home Kirk proceeded to tell me about the motorcycles he’d had and the accidents he’d had on said motorcycles.  As we were driving up the big hill to the landfill stop sign he looked at me and said, “you’ll have to ride on my motorcycle with me sometime and you’ll have to hold on real tight”.  Holy CrapBalls!  Absofuckinglutely!

Wish I could say the rest of the day went as well as the first half.  Long story short…Brother and I had a round, a shovel was maybe thrown at a person….it didn’t connect…and I said I was going to the house and maybe told Brother to “have fun”. There were were maybe some punches thrown, I may have gotten a chipped tooth and Kirk maybe threatened to kick someone’s ass if they threw another punch.  

Always GOOD TIMES working with Brother when I was a kid!  

The boys had to finish working cattle themselves the rest of the day.  Sweetly, at the end of the day Kirk asked if I was okay.  I was, I was more hurt that my brother would lay a hand on me than I was by the punches to the face.  Days later when it all came out I was the one blamed, mom’s baby boy could do no wrong…although was told he would be gone if he ever raised a hand to anyone ever again.  Dad said nothing and never asked me to help when he wasn’t around again.  

What would happen the next week?  Hmmmm…..


30. June 2015

So off kilter today.  Really in need of a day where NO ONE is home for the afternoon so maybe I can get some things done. God Bless my mother and my oma who were stay at home farmer’s wives, but then again, the guys were out working all day and as for mom, us kids knew to not be underfoot and spent most of our days outside playing.  

Playing?  Outside?  Hmmm, now who would have ever thought of such a thing?  Bubba has gotten to the point of saying, “yeah, mom, I know, you’ve told me this before” when I start on how we used to keep ourselves busy outside and were able to come up with all sorts of things to do, on our own!  Craziness!  

Just trying to make a point.  We don’t have a farm but we have 11 acres, tons of trees, horses and a gator and we live on a gravel road…what else does a redneck child need to entertain themselves?  Hell, I’d take off by myself and walk around the perimeter of the fields on either side of our farm just because and usually wouldn’t think to let anyone know where I was going. Things are so different today, now I’m constantly riding him to get off the electronics and having to take them away so he’ll find something to do.  

Kirk has been able to be around home quiet a bit lately, cattle buyers now days are able to do a lot of their work via the phone, fax and e-mail.  He works for a company that only deals with natural cattle, no hormones, antibiotics, ect., it’s a lot of paperwork, following each head from birth to heading to town.  Everything has to be down on paper, for each head of cattle. He never really shuts down, he works even when he’s on vacation.

But, he’s been able to be around more and he’s been working Bubba.  He’s been cutting weeds, mowing, basically following Kirk around and sweating a lot OUTSIDE working.  He’d love to help grampa bale hay but gramma has put her foot down and has said “ABSOLUTELY NOT”…he’s 13, he could be riding the rack, but we’re not about to make gramma stress out.  

When I talked to my dad about it awhile back he said my brother wasn’t allowed to help on the farm at that age either, being allergic to everything and an asthmatic, but he eventually stop up to mom when he got to the point of wanting to be out working on the farm.  Think it’s different when it’s a grandchild, Leo can argue, but he wouldn’t win.  No one but my husband argues with my mother.  The rest of us just say okay and then don’t let her see us doing what will piss her off.  Isn’t that the way we all do it?  Well, at least that’s the way dad and I do it 🙂

I so need to get off my ass and get something accomplished…Kirk and the kids went across the river to Nebraska to rope tonight.  I worked on editing roping pictures for a good hour….took way too many pictures the other night, and then made the mistake of turning the tv on and snuggling with the dogs for a little while…woke up 2 1/2 hours later…could be why I don’t sleep well at night.  My yahoos came home from roping, showered and hit the beds, they were all exhausted.  Dogs went back to bed too. 

Actually watching a movie instead of my usual political talk shows tonight.  So tired of all the B.S. and find myself talking to the t.v., like they can hear me telling them they are a dumb asses and need to get their head out of their asses!  Get tired of everything having to be so P.C. and all the apologizing for giving their truthful opinion.  We should be able to disagree and accept that we aren’t all going to agree on anything and we can agree to disagree and not throw shit fits about everything…but that’s only my opinion.  Take me back to the days of Ol’ Teddy Roosevelt.

With that being said….once again…Happy 4th!


The Beginning…Part 2

When I got off the school bus on the last day of my sophomore year in high school I had the biggest thrill…oh yeah baby, there was a little while Chevy S-10 parked in our drive!  

As it wound up, mom was at work, dad was in Sioux Falls at a VA appointment, my brother was hauling cattle for someone and Kirk and our little brother from another family (they’d gotten out of school the day before) were working on the corral.  

Hmm, now to find a reason to go down the hill to see Kirk, being that we didn’t speak I couldn’t just walk down there.  As luck would have it, my Old Man, Charlie, was saddled and tied down at the loading chute.  There was my reason to go and see the boy!  


Kirk and I had a bit of a, I don’t know what you’d call it, smart ass back and forth…got my blood to stirring.  He told me to not let Charlie throw me, I informed him that I indeed knew how to ride, he let me know he had a horse that could throw my ass and my response was taking off full bore to show him that I could ride his ass into the ground!

From that day on, Kirk was at our house every morning, he was our new HIRED MAN!  He still had a girlfriend, but by that point I really didn’t care, I knew someone like him would never be interested in anyone like me, but I could just enjoy his being around.

It didn’t take long before we became friends.  He’d show up to work an hour early and would holler down the basement stairs and we’d play cards while dad was out feeding cattle.  It was the best!

One morning a week or two into the summer my dad had to go to for a treatment at the VA and cattle needed to be worked and he asked if I’d help my brother and Kirk.  Working together was something my brother and I didn’t do well, hell, pry still wouldn’t, but I bit the bullet so I could spend the day with Kirk.  

At noon my brother had to run to the city to get more vet supplies, so he sent Kirk and I into town for dinner.  Patience by Guns n Roses was on the radio as we were pulling out the lane and Kirk attempted the whistling part…major fail!  

The drive to town was blood pumping and frustrating…he told me all about his girlfriend and how they just didn’t have much in common and how he wasn’t allowed to spend time with his buddies, or to drink or smoke and how he had to sneak around behind her back…and how she would only give him chaste kisses and would hold his hand and that was it.  He told me how he’d sneak up to where his sister went to college and would spend the weekend with his ex-girlfriend.  

I actually remember where we were when he looked over at me and told me that I was like a SISTER to him…SISTER!  I remember thinking, I so don’t want to be your sister.  

Eating in town was just as uncomfortable.  Kirk proceeded to tell me about his friend that he knew that I liked, telling me how hard this guy was on girls and that I really needed to stay away from this guy.  Great!  Advice from my big brother…not what I was wanting.  

The around 15 minute drive back home was just as interesting.  Kirk told me about the several motorcycles he’d had over the years and the number of accidents he’d had as well.  We were just driving up the hill to the landfill stop sign when he looked at me and told me that I’d have to take a ride with him on his motorcycle sometime and that I’d have to hold on real tight!  

Hello!  I could do that!  It took a friend to tell me that he was flirting with me.  I found that hard to believe, but I was excited none the less.  Never in a million years did I think Kirk would maybe like me.  

The day went all downhill from there.  My brother and I wound up getting into one hell of a fight, I threw a shovel at him…it missed, that should count for something!  He got me back, he belted me a good one and chipped a tooth.  As horrible as that was, the best part was Kirk standing up for me…he told my brother that if he didn’t back off he’d be over the fence and would kick my brother’s ass!  Later in the day he even asked how I was doing, having him be concerned was the highlight of my day!  

Oh, this was the beginning of a very interesting summer!  There were many ups and downs, lots of joy and tears of misery. Each time he broke my heart I swore it would be the last time and each time he came back saying he was sorry I would bow at his feet.

I would tell more, but Walker, Texas Ranger is on…so more later!