Hermann and Marta

Enjoying the beautiful morning.



The Chihuahua and The Angus

Finn and Marta’s first meeting went well.

Hermann had to get in on things.

She’s getting used to us.

Tess loving the mud on the first day of spring.

Monday 19. June 2017

Enjoying summer at the homestead, going whichever the way the wind blows lately.

Have been enjoying taking over cattle chores.  The four longhorns aren’t very nice to Herman, our little guy, don’t like to let him up to the bunk until the corn is gone…have been bonding with him, Kirk would say SPOILING him, such a sweet little guy!

Slowly getting the weeding done among all the flowers, loving watching them start to bloom.  The lilies are going crazy right now.

Enjoyed an entire weekend to myself this past weekend, the boys had a two day roping in southern Iowa.